Swift-Vote Veterans For Truth

Barring unforeseen developments (these Freepers are sneaky, and it’s generally a mistake to encourage them in their campaigns), we would like humbly to endorse Jon Swift for Funniest Blog in the 2007 Weblog Awards.


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Is that the old bait and switch?

Smiling Mortician

Well played. Also, Jon Swift is funny, so that’s nice too.


while not as sad as the horrible treatment of a dying man, I would like to say that it is sad that DuFu purports to do what Sadly No does, i.e. take the specific words of someone and make fun of them. DuFu – empirically so not funny. If it weren’t for the afore-mentioned, I would feel bad for the guy.

It is nice and scientific to actually do a direct, side-by-side comparison of Teh Funny. [In a way not available for, say, Ace of Spade’s long misogynistic, Marcotte-obsessed “funnies”.]

see, e.g. (“quote” from DU, [comment from DuFu]:

“the 2006 elections were not canceled or stolen. Martial law has not been declared. Liberals and progressives have not been thrown into camps, etc, etc.”

[Then why is that new Walmart being built down the road?]

“I think that there very well may have been an attempt to steal the 2006 election, and it may very well have altered the number of seats that the Dems got in both houses. Don’t know that for fact, but I think that.”

[Even when we win an election, the EVIL Republicans still STOLE IT!!!]


comparing that to Clif’s previous post, the results are painful.

“Giving back” is a similarly mindless mantra. I have donated money, books, and blood for people I have never seen and to whom I owe nothing. But we are not “giving back” anything to those people because we never took anything from them in the first place.

And “rush hour” is pretty stupid too because there’s too much traffic then to “rush” anywhere.


Then again, if you guys get more than 50%, you avoid the run-off.


There’s a difference in making the central focus of one’s fun-making be a piece written by the proprietor of a blog, or an authorized spokesperson for a blog or organization, or paid employee of a publication – and making the central focus of one’s fun-making the words written by individual commenters.

Fun’s fun, but the former is making a critique of an argument. The latter is the internet equivalent of standing on the corner and pointing and laughing at people walking by.

It’s only when someone elevates that to some kind of political advocacy that self-delusion sets in.


Are there any truly funny conservative blogs?

I’ve been slowly, painfully, working through the Weblog nominees in search of something genuinely funny and I just don’t see it.

It’s like there are glimmers of funny here and there, but it’s occluded by the reflexive need to demean liberals and Democrats at every opportunity.

Every time you mention the Internet do you really need to refer to it as “Al Gore’s Internet”, or – worse – “Al Gore’s Intert00bz”? Apparently so. But does anyone still laugh at that? Does the author of the “Hillary Clinton as ball-buster” jibes even chuckle when he writes it? It’s the humor of the schoolyard bully. Entirely directed at demeaning and belittling their enemies.

It’s like they’ve got a sitcom laugh track playing in their heads, along with a network censor hovering over the kill switch listening for the slightest deviation from the party line.

Painfully unfunny. I’m seriously looking for a conservative site that provokes gut-clenching, helpless laughter, but it’s increasingly clear that “conservative humor” is an oxymoron.


You guys are so far ahead that I started voting for Jon yesterday. S, N! is (to me anyway) but Mr. Swift deserves to be at a higher percentage.


Whoops! That should say “S, N! is funnier (to me anyway) but Mr. Swift deserves to be at a higher percentage.”


Hot Air is truly funny.

Kinda like Kicked in the Nuts.


With a bit of an endorsement for non political funny blogs out there…

This is damn funny.


Dammit! Where’d my link go?

Oh, there it is:



Sample quote… “Mike was 6 feet, 2 inches and well built. Lorraine sued the city for building the sidewalks too close to her ass.”


“…we would like humbly to endorse Jon Swift for Funniest Blog in the 2007 Weblog Awards.”

Don’t you mean you “would like modestly to propose?”


I must confess, watching that little toad PJ finish in third would be nothing short of delightful; a true Christmas present come early.


Funny funny funny! Although not “officially,” so vote for him here instead. (This is the thread where we shill for the blogs we nominated, isn’t it?)


watching that little toad PJ finish in third would be nothing short of delightful

Why stop there? There’s still time to get Boobs and Dr Pepper (or whatever) in front of him.


BOSSY is super funny too. consider her when you make your voting selection.

Smiling Mortician

Well, let’s face it — pretty much everything on the list besides DUFU is funny, especially if “by comparison” counts. Vote for one, vote for all.

Mehitabel the Abyssinian

i cn hz sevral cmp00ters in h0me n3tw0rk?
i cn vote 4 BOSSY?


God help me, zsa, but I found parts of The Nose on Your Face humorous, like on the 10% level. Their site design and graphics are bad, though. It’s kind of like a stand up comic with a bad sense of timing – you need jokes, but you also need the delivery.

I found the comic strip category disappointing. The gamer-based strips really suck.


“…it’s occluded by the reflexive need to demean liberals and Democrats at every opportunity.”

This is importantly true. Cf. “Red Eye,” Julia Gorin, etc. These people have no analysis of the objective world. As I’ve repeatedly repeated in a redundant fashion, they live only to identify with the authority and vicariously thrill to its power. The way to do that, and to signal to the like-minded, is to use “liberal” as a self-explanatory punchline.

We make observations based on actual events and actual people. They make observations based on their carefully-defended stereotypes, party-line mythologies, and the impenetrable events in their fantasy-world.

For this reason, plus the fact that they aren’t funny, they can never be funny.

Principal Blackman

Are there any truly funny conservative blogs?

Blogs for Bush is fucking hilarious. They don’t mean to be, though.


And don’t forget RightWingSparkle. Man, that gal’s a gas.


Why settle for half measures? With all the Kosians, Eschatonians Sadly Noians, etc. etc., it should be possible to bury the little shit in last place!


Bit off topic but I highly endorse the Ironic Times. (ironictimes.com) Not a blog but great fun.


So has our little PJ come right out and said “How dare these liberals bury our majority under their superior numbers” or anything like that?


Does anyone have a link to anything by Dummie Funnies that is allegedly even close to funny?

Qetesh the Abyssinian

I personally get a laugh out of Fark, even though they sometimes manifest a disturbingly right-wing ideology. But I don’t think they’re classifiable as a political blog, so there it is: they just laugh about bizarre news items. Their comments are basically one-liners about linked news, with an attached tag (not a tag kind of tag, just a categorisation kind of a tag). Examples are Hero, Dumbass, Cool, Scary, Amusing, Photoshop, Weird, and Obvious. Note that they have a special tag for Florida.

Here’s a sample:

In the UK, it is illegal to die while in the houses of Parliament. No one is quite sure what the punishment is though.

Oh, the ski mask goes OVER the face.

When nausea gets the better of you at the train station, there are better places to vomit than off of the platform with your head extended over the tracks

All states whose kids don’t smoke human waste to get high, step forward. Not so fast, Florida. The Smoking Gun is reluctantly there

Alltel’s way of remembering how to change its phones’ clocks: “Spring forward, fall on face”

Excuses that won’t get you out of a ticket: “He didn’t move, so I drove into the back of him”

Nation cowers in fear as squirrels begin to launch electrical disruption attacks EVERYBODY PANIC


John Cole said,

November 7, 2007 at 4:22

Does anyone have a link to anything by Dummie Funnies that is allegedly even close to funny?

Not if you also include the restriction “on purpose”, John.


Qetesh the Abyssinian In regards to fark (I’m a regular farker, in fact I’ve come here from the weblog page, which I reached via fark, and decided to check out some of the other categories.) We’re not Left or Right wing, we’re both really, you’ll find the political article’s threads become a mass of the two sides bickering; what it doesn’t do is lean either way. The news items may at times appear to lean to the right (as a right leaning reader submitted that link, he created the headline you see) and the same goes for the left. There really is no political mainstay of fark, it just is, unless you count the fact that Beer and boobs are #1. Is there a political orientation for that?


The real mainstay of Fark is the users that piss and moan every time Homestar gets greenlit.

/been greenlit myself


Don’t dilute yure landslide!! — i just voted for S,N in this idiotic contest, something I vowed not to do given how idiotic it is, because of the info you posted about the sliming of the cancer guy by that competitor site. It’s a real treat to humiliate that litlle Cheetos’n’Dewistan scuzzball and nothing will bug him more than a landslide loss after his braying little campaign.

by the way, you want funny? here’s funny:



Thanks guys. You really are a bunch of bleeding hearts.

eyeball you’re off my Christmas list!


I’m now voting for the Swift guy in the vain hope that he will come in second—and the DUFUs in third at best.


thank you for the endorsement, guys. I’d love to be in the top 3, but I’m not going to sit in a dark corner, cutting myself and listening to Morrisey if that doesn’t happen.

I only do that during American Idol try outs.

I’m happy just to be in the finalists and that is what I’ll keep feeding myself.


The voting page won’t load for me today – anyone else? The flash doesn’t load when I click to vote in “Funniest.”

Herr Doktor Bimler

Whole voting website is down. Please send them your spare hamsters.


I’ve voted for both you guys and Jon, from different computers, for the past few days.

But nice of you to give him a shout-out!


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