Easterbrook’s tears

The Colts put up one hell of a game tonight. They played quality, quality D, they moved the chains against us, they forced some key turnovers against the Pats’ vaunted O. They’ve proven that they’ll be one hell of a team to beat in the AFC championship game.

But shit, I’m glad the Pats pulled this one out of their asses, if for no other reason than to read Easterbrook whine for the entire week. Tuesday, mons mes amis, can’t come soon enough. El. Oh. El.


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That’s “mes amis.” And I was happy to see the team of “good” beaten.
Fuck that Easterbrook clown. And small cities & their parochial values.
Urbane Sophisticates rule!!


Gotta say, and hell, I’m a bay area boy, our teams are re-defining suck and I have NO dog in this fight, I thought Brady and the Pats were beat. Hell, the only people who didn’t think Brady was beat was Brady.

For the first time, I saw a comparison to Montana. And it was a helluva comparison. He may have been acting, with the real pros you never can tell, but from the outside looking in, he never gave up. He was calm, and he had his eyes not on not embarrassing himself or his team, but winning. He never stops figuring it out, planning to win. Down a bunch late? Fuck it, we got ’em right where we want ’em. Here’s what we’re gonna do now.

Montana had that. You were never out of a game because he just wouldn’t buy the ticket – there was no fait acompli, just another goddam roadblock between him and what he WOULD accomplish.

Had a sergeant, Sgt. Tacik, who taught me a lot about living in this world, and living with your head up. He got blown into chunks by an RPG, but not before he showed me how you never get beat. You only lose. If you don’t stop fighting, you cannot ever lose.

And Brady did that today. Another important life’s lesson, validated through athletic competition…



I love watching Peyton fumble. I know I should be bigger than that but I’m just not.


I thought Brady and the Pats were beat.

Me too. They shoulda got beat. The Pats played poorly for the first three quarters, then they turned it up at the end. Both teams played a damned good game. I guarantee they’ll see each other in January.


That’s “mes amis.”

He meant “friends of mons“.


I know I should be bigger than that but I’m just not.

No you shouldn’t. It’s sports. The participants are well compensated, enjoying themselves until they lose, & get to play a game for a living.
We pay for it, we should be able to enjoy it & make any kind of emotional investment in it we like, short of shooting goalies & the like.

Indeed, sports were invented for schadenfreude. Go for it!!


Bubba said “mons.”

“Heh heh.”


I hate the Pats.

But I hate Tony Dungy more, so in this one instance, I am glad the Pats won.


We pay for it, we should be able to enjoy it & make any kind of emotional investment in it we like, short of shooting goalies & the like.

Man, if we could do that, I would so go back to buying season tickets for the Lightning.


“I thought Brady and the Pats were beat.”

The Pats are cheaters. That’s the only reason they win games. 🙂


I’m with Fishbone in that I don’t like the Pats, but I hate the Colts even more. And I was watching the game at the home of Pats fan, so I’m happy for him. I told my friend that I don’t even read Easterbrook, but I was rooting for the Pats just to piss him off. However:

they moved the chains against us

That’s funny, I watched the whole game, but I must have missed the parts where Bradrocket was playing.


Bradrocket was on the PUP list today. He had an IPA. Which hurts like a mother. An ACL is shit compared to an IPA. But he woulda been in, and he woulda contributed. I’m pretty sure…



Dudes. You totally saw me in the game tonight. Who do you think threw teh key block to spring that KEvin Faulk TD???? Bradrocket, teh secret weapon of Pats’ success DATS WHO?!!?!!!

(really, I didn’t do shit tonight, and yr right fr callin’ me out, but seriously? Peace. I’m off 2 bedd. Night.)


Bradrocket, have you learned nothing from Tom Brady? When someone hits you hard, backs you into a corner, has you beat going into the 4th quarter — like Seitz with the snarky reaction to your use of “us” to refer to the Patriots — do you fold and admit you weren’t on the field?

Hellz no! Fuck that noise! If you are a Pats fan, be proud of it! You should be permitted to identify so closely with your team that they become “we” and “us.” If Dungy and Manning had held it together, you could have said “We got pwned” or something similar, and nobody would step up and say “I didn’t see you out there failing to defend Reggie Wayne, Bradrocket.” Why then should you not be able to claim that the Colts “moved the chains against us” in the victory?

No go out there and SNARK THOSE FUCKERS INTO THE STONE AGE! You know Tom would want you to.


The Jests may have lost again but the Kellen Clemens era is upon us. Enjoy your success while you can Pats fans because he’s going to own your team for years to come. Starting with his triumphant debut in Foxborough on Dec. 16th.


Lawnguylander, that comment is the perfect example of why I come here: Teh Funny just keeps on coming!


I hope you keep on coming back, nonspecific Dan. And I will remember your sarcasm on 12/16 and get back to you about it. But I won’t be too harsh because you once helped me figure out the right tags to use for strikethroughs after I fucked them up.

Now can I get an artillery strike on these awful fucking commercials for Dennis Miller’s new sports themed show? God, do they suck.


I find both of these teams supremely annoying, so I console myself with the knowlege that one of them lost.


I’m not calling the Pats “we” if only to avoid Brady’s helmet butts. Dude is getting close to Frerotte-level danger with those.

As for the Jets, if the Pats are 14-1 heading into Dec. 16 they will allow Kellen to be the only Clemens with a triumphant return to Boston this year. Let the kid go wild– of course you realize that with every win the Jets get, they improve the Pats first rounder next year (the Niners’). Thanks in advance, Kellen, for the Pats’ 2008 #2 pick.


Yep, you’re a New England sports fan. At the very apex of the sporting world, and what’s your first thought? “What do I whine about?”.


It’s like the time Marge had nothing to do and then poked Maggie until she cried.


Bascially it came down to the the team that screwed up the least. This time, it was the Pats.

This shoulda been the match that was in London last week instead of the Giants/Dolphins game…


True or false: Easterbrook was actually refing the game and made the ridiculous offensive pass interference call on Moss in the end zone.
Watching this game, and I have no dog in this fight besides despising that homophobic idiot Dungy, I wonder who is more affected by crowd noise, the visiting team or the refs.

Incontinentia Buttocks

Fuck that Easterbrook clown. And small cities & their parochial values.

Population of Indianapolis: 785,597

Population of Boston: 590,763

Just sayin’….

Not that I don’t prefer Boston to Indie, but, having lived in Cambridge for five years, I know Boston. Whatever its other virtues, it’s a small city and it’s plenty parochial.

So let’s try this again…

Fuck that Easterbrook clown. And small Midwestern cities & their parochial “conservative” values.



Incontinentia: Easterbrook made a specific argument that the Colts were better because they represent small town values.


Okey Doke!!
Geographically small cites are the best, you can get around in them, unlike L. A.

Seaports are culturally superior to non-seaports.


Although I’m quite happy to see that homophobic Jesus-freak and his claque lose, I gotta say that NE area fans are the worst. After their team gets caught cheating, first it was “we didn’t do nothin'”, later “everyone else iz cheatin’, too!”. Just like a roomful of indicted Republicans. Even the winning and whining is a classic Republican gambit. Y’all are just victims, aren’tcha? I’m gonna try squeezing out one salty tear for you and your victimhood. Just don’t be too impatient, it’ll come. You may have to take an allergy tear in consolation, though. My irritation is from the outside, I don’t even care about sports and haven’t for over 10 years.


Kan U Spawt teh Cheetin’ in duh Game ???

Thawt u coodnt.

Fukkin Looosah.


Incontinentia: Easterbrook made a specific argument that the Colts were better because they represent small town values.

Population of Foxborough, Mass., home of the New England Patriots: 16,246.


But why is Belicheat so angry all the time? Man, I’d rather be one of Andy Reid’s kids than his … and, yes, that means I’d rather transport crack vials into prison up my ass than have Mean Bill to come home to …


easterbrook is pretty obnoxious. I read his last TMQ and he really needs to stop talking about science. He sounds so narrow minded and always focused on some “we need to turn a buck on this” bullshit it’s like a Colbert parody


AFC, who gives a shit. Lions 6-2 baby!

Incontinentia Buttocks

Yeah, yeah…I know about Easterbrook and his “argument.”

I also live up the road from from Dallas (pop. 1,232,940) and have relatives in Northampton, Mass. (pop. 28,978), and I’d take the values of small-town NoHo over the big city Dallas Metroplex any day.

As Mary McCarthy once said, somewhat unfairly, of Lillian Hellman, every word Easterbrook writes is a lie, including “and” and “the.”


AFC, who gives a shit. Lions 6-2 baby!

I want to be happy about that, but honestly, I’m waitin’ for the other sho to drop…


Small cities? The pop of Indianapolis is 795,000. Boston, 596,000.
As for metropolitan areas, Indianapolis is 2 million, Boston 4 million – so yeah, the Boston area is twice as large. But Indianapolis is not a small city any more.


The whiny hate of the haters is hilarious.

What Pats fan is whining? Where is the self-pity you so bemoan over and over and over again? The refs sucked. The Pats won. Bradrocket said the Colts played a hell of a game and Brady pulled this one out.

And Indy could have another million people and still be a podunk burg.


Where is the self-pity you so bemoan over and over and over again? The refs sucked.

See? You can’t help yourself.

A lot of us actually don’t mind Boston’s sports pre-eminence nearly as much as you think. That’s just your persecution complex at work. I can think of a half-dozen cities off the top of my head that would be infinitely more annoying if they were having the kind of year you are.

But nobody plays the victim like Boston Fan. Nobody.


I am sad to confess that pretty much my exact thought upon the end of the game was “At least Easterbrook will cry.”


A lot of us actually don’t mind Boston’s sports pre-eminence nearly as much as you think.

Previous quote: “Yep, you’re a New England sports fan. At the very apex of the sporting world, and what’s your first thought? “What do I whine about?”

Seriously, it’s pathological. You not only whine about Boston fans louder than anyone in history, you’re laughably hypocritical about it. You’re the same guy who didn’t think Game Six in 1986 was even slightly out-of-the-ordinary in terms of either the Mets comeback or the Sox collapse and was barely worthy as a subject.

When I say the “refs sucked” it’s not to indulge in pity or bemoan the fates, it’s to agree with a previous commenter that the refs sucked. Sports fans often take note of such things — something that New Englanders do as well. Christ, some Royals fan mentioned Don Dekkinger last week and Cards fan HTML Mencken had a meltdown — despite the fact that the Cards won it all in 2006. This is something everyone does.

So right. You don’t mind as much as I think, you just seem to whine about it endlessly.


Belichick is still a cheater, no matter how silly Easterbrook is. Belichick comes across as an asshole, that’s it, just another asshole.

Now that he’s been caught cheating, that makes him a cheating asshole.

Throw in Rodney Harrison, and you have a cheating asshole coaching a drug-taking cheating asshole.

But damn, forcing two fumbles in the last eight minutes? Priceless, unless you’re as classless as Belichick was following the game.

Don’t take too much time shaking the opposing coach’s hand there Bill, we wouldn’t want to mistake you with being a human being.

Just got back to illegally taping the opposing sideline, we’ll still consider you a genius. An asshole genius, but a genius none the less.


Last resort of the wicked looosahs:

your coach is a big meanie face


It’s so good to be hated.

Gee whiz. The Yankees win 26 MLB titles. The Red Sox win titles 6 and 7, and suddenly they are ‘bullies.’

The Jets have just one Lombardi trophy in their case. Then the Pats come along and put 3 or 4 in their case, and suddenly they are the Third Reich.

It’s really sweet. We will never see New England professional sports hyped as big and bad like this ever again.


By the way, were the refs trying to give that game to the Colts? That offensive pass interference call against Randy Moss was perhaps the most phantom call of the season thus far.

Didn’t stop The Impregnator…..Tom Brady.


I can’t forget to send a Christmas caahd to Moe Lewis. He staahted all of this in 2001.


I claimed Pats fans were whining, not the team. If you want evidence, there are plenty of NE-based left-leaning blogs out there that give out weekly “See! We Won! Big! Without Cheating!!!” whinefests where they cry about the terrible, jealous outsiders who can’t understand how Great, True, Pure, and Clean the Pats are. After the damn coach gets caught cheating. For those who claim the wins prove that Belichick couldn’t have cheated, you don’t understand sports (hell, LIFE) enough to leave your front door and enter the real world. Every sports team looks for an edge – some do it clean, some do it dirty. Your team just did it dirty and got caught. Get over it, don’t expect a break from anyone and ferchrissakes, suck it up, apologize to the rest of the NFL, and have some damn dignity for a change. BTW, Sadly, No is hardly the worst of the offenders in this regard (cf. The Poor Man; Lawyers, Guns, and Money), and in fact the whining is quite mild here.


I like the writer’s wicked pissah use of the phrase “NE-based left leaning blogs” when discussing a professional football team. Wins an Academy fucking award for looking everything through a wrong end of a wingnut telescope, which, by the way, is either end.

Is mndean Vinatieri wearing men’s clothes for a change ?


Bill Belichick made me cry.


Be mad not sad, Baby Jesus. Embrace Belicheat Derangement Syndrome and get yr hate on with the rest of us. Including Don Shula.


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