How many corrections will we see?

According to Technorati, a great many people used this story:

French politicians have condemned an apparently anti-Semitic attack on a woman in which a knife-wielding gang on a suburban train cut her hair, ripped her clothes and drew swastikas on her body.

to launch into another round of I hate France and I have good reasons to do so:

EUROPE AND THE JEWS: Yet another sickening anti-Semitic attack in France, and the usual blathering from Chirac about it. When Chirac actually criticizes his favorite Arab states for fomenting anti-Semitism, then I’ll take him seriously. –Andrew Sullivan.

Andrew gives up this update today:

SHE MADE IT UP: The anti-Semitic attack on a woman in the Paris metro was a hoax. My apologies.

We can’t wait to see the other usual suspects apologize. Of course, in Andrew’s case posting a correction but leaving the original post unedited ensures that some people will see it, but not know the story was bullshit. Such is life when you are a “pioneer” of the blogosphere.

Added: SullyWatch comments. He also commented on Sullivan’s “Or do murdered Jews no longer concern the Germans?” (Good thing too, because the only thing we could come up with was “Verpiss dich Arschloch.”) [And this use of our blog’s name is one we endorse entirely.]



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