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Perrin Responds to ‘Death Threat’ Challenge: ‘Uh, I Forgot’

Above: Foolin’ some of the people some of the time since September, 2001

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard.


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Well, this time Perrin should just be more thorough and save the tidal wave of demi-literate threats from LGF that he’ll now be getting. You’ve got to admire Johnson’s command of the will-nobody-rid-me-of-this-turbulent-priest routine, though.


Poor Charles, always the victim. And now he doesn’t have Pammy to go running to.


Let’s face it, she was always a little dark-skinned for him.


Death threats? From the denizens of Little Green Fucktards?

Nah. I’m not buying it.

I have it on good authority that those folks are PC, Leftist anti-Semites…



I’m having trouble opening the ChenZhen link. Is the site busy? Or maybe it’s because of Sadly, No!’s obdurate insistence on giving credit for the Shorter concept.


In other news, perhaps there is a god after all.



Here’s the ChenZen text, with a death threat on LGF, etc.:


The Perils Of Posting Legitimate Questions On Blogs
May 31st, 2007

You might just get your LIFE THREATENED!

First, the legitimate question:

Would Iran actually use nukes on Israel preemtively, considering the consequences?

One response:

#53 Iron Fist 5/31/2007 6:22:16 pm PDT

Are you willing to bet YOUR life that they won’t? I’d be willing to kill you if they do.

Pistol to the forehead OK with you? Beheaddings are so messy.*

My response:

So…you have a pistol and you’re not afraid to use it (on) me?

The response:

#102 Iron Fist 5/31/2007 6:50:09 pm PDT

#94 ChenZhen,

Actually, I’d prefer the blade, as there is a certian circularity to it.

I can arrange the pistol.

That you even question indicates that you think Iran’s using nukes is likely.

I agree.

Are you willing to bet your life they won’t?

Doesn’t sound like it.

I think I’ve finally spotted the elusive Troglodyte:

Troglodyte seems to have emerged from the mists of time untouched by human evolution.troglodyte.jpg Devoid of a single progressive idea and lacking the slightest awareness of social and cultural advances, Troglodyte has developed an incoherent political philosophy that he characterizes as “conservative” or “libertarian”, but which could be more accurately described as “bigoted narcissism”. His aggressive posturing often frightens off weaker, more timid Warriors. In pitched battle, however, Troglodyte easily loses control and his attack quickly degenerates into a rant. Just for the fun of it, Weenie, Issues. Pinko and Evil Clown will sometimes deliberately goad him into a towering rage.

What a wonderful netizen, huh? But then I was reminded of this from the LGF FAQ:

Q. What’s the Iron Fist Rule?
A. “If you think you are too drunk to post, you are too drunk too post.” First used on LGF by… er… well, you can probably figure that one out for yourself.

*As of this writing, Charles (LGF’s webmaster) deleted this comment. The second one remains.

And if you’re reading this Charles, I’d like you to know that I don’t appreciate having my life threatened on your website. I don’t think you do either. I’ve decided to post the exchange here on my blog (as documentation), but if it happens again I’ll consider posting it somewhere that gets more traffic.


Fred Phelps is the distilled poison of the GOP.

Somebody tell Michael Gerson the news. (Actually, I’ll bet the lil propaganda artiste knows this fact, he’s just trying to spin it, per usual).


Has limp-dick (Oh, sorry, I meant soft-jazz guitarist) Johnson come up w/ a new re-direct? I’m cursed w/ dial up for a few days, & wherever it goes doesn’t open. Seems to be a Canadian website, w/ the phrase “sierranaked” in it. Or is that the “A Idiot” page, & I’ve just never read the URL before?


I have made it clear I’m willing to sacrifice Charles Johnson’s life in an isolated attack to make it clear that I am more concerned with that anachronism known as “The Bill of Rights,” than I am the lightning-strike odds of dying in a terrorist attack.

Also myself. I’ll take one for the team. As I often try to point out, our foreign policy about such things doesn’t have to be all the complicated; in fact, I’m sure even the LGF readers might understand: “Attack us with WMD and you will disappear.”

60% of Iran lives in 4 cities. That’s one submarine, folks. And a leisurely afternoon. I think the threat will quiet down pretty quickly if Iran is stupid enough to use WMD and find themselves standing on a shiny piece of glass where there culture used to be. But that’s just me.

These people sure are pussies. On that we can all agree. Fear is for lower species; reason is for people who don’t bother with LGF.

(Except to make fun of them, of course!)

Johnny Coelacanth

Heh. You said “Shorter Johnson.” Huhhuhhuhuh.


I was in the same grade, same class as the heir-apparent of the Phelps clan (Charles Hockenbarger), growing up in Topeka, Kansas. He was intelligent, if not a little conservative.

I was taught Spanish by one of the Phelps’ daughters in 4th grade. She was a raving lunatic.

He isn’t the distilled poison of the GOP. He is a direct result of our media culture. Without a megaphone, Phelps is a sad closeted loon.


#10 John O: Yeah, it makes a lot of sense to vaporize millions of people for the horrible crime of living under a government whose leaders decided to use WMD against the US. I mean, America is God’s Kingdom, and there’s no such thing as being too gentle with the enemies of God, is there?

Anyway, everyone knows that the citizens of a nation are ultimately culpable for the behavior of their ruling elite. Perhaps we could even fly a few planes into some Iranian skyscrapers — that’d show ’em.


Charles “Shorter” Johnson does indeed have a fine ring.


Excuse me, I miswrote. I meant to write “too aggressive” rather than “too gentle” in the last sentence of the first paragraph in post #13.

Death to the Great Satan, I guess.


In all fairness (though I deeply, deeply despise the man and everything he represents), Phelps’ ties to organized politics have (largely? always?) been to the Democrats



How do you know what number of comment it is?

Mine don’ hav no digits.


t4toby: I’m using a text-mode browser and the comments are in an ordered list, so the numbers appear. If they don’t show up in a graphical browser, there’s no reason for me to use them. Thanks for letting me know.

protected static: I figure Phelps still hasn’t forgiven the Republicans for freeing the slaves.


Djur, seriously, how old are you?

It is important to me for you to know I agree 100% with everything you said. My blog is titled, “Beware The Man,” because I think all power structures are deeply and fundamentally flawed and sooner or later not interested in their “average” population. From “The Church” (pick one) to your local alderman or city council rep.

But I grew up with about a bazillion tons of ACTUAL, real-live WMD pointed right at me, and the idea is, most people “of power” are not suicidal. They’re having too much fun with their power.

And it worked, for decades, and the U.S.S.R dissolved, without a shot, thanks to the great Saint Ronald Reagan, who by some accounts accomplished this feat all by himself.

It only makes sense if they fire the first WMD shot. My bet is they know it.


Djur, it was called “MAD,” mutually assured destruction.

We have serious empirical, historical evidence that it worked. The good news? The Islamofacsists are incapable of destroying our country, unlike the old Soviet Union. IOW, our bargaining position is much stronger with this tried and true policy (which, again, I think sucks and is why I hate The Man, but I have to live with Him whether I like it or not) with Iran and any other tinhat dipshit theocracy world-player wannabe than it ever was with the USSR.


Why can’t Chazmo be a bassist, because then I have a PWEI song for him!



People With Epithelial Insults?

People Where Everyone Is?

Partying With Ed’s Indentured servant?

Problematically Wealthy and Educated Individual?

I give up…



John O:

Djur, seriously, how old are you?

I’m 21. Thanks for asking.

[MAD blah blah USSR blah hooah]

I’m familiar with MAD. Thanks for asking.

serious empirical, historical evidence

Really. Man, I’d love to see that.

60% of Iran lives in 4 cities. That’s one submarine, folks. And a leisurely afternoon.

That’s you. Have a nice day.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Mikey, oh, thank you for that glorious bit of news. Wonder how those crazies will respond.

My favourite bit from that article was this:
The church, which is unaffiliated to any major denomination, is headed by Rev. Fred Phelps, who has been waging a one-man war against homosexuality for years. Most members of the church belong to his extended family.

His “extended” family, eh? Snorgle, chortle, guffaw.


I was trying to be nice, Djur. I figured you were young.

You didn’t go through any “duck and cover” drills as a schoolkid, obviously. Your own governement Man tried to tell us it would work: If we got under our school-desks, we could survive a Soviet nuclear attack.

If you want to deny that MAD worked with the USSR, that’s fine. I say it did, since most of us Americans and Russians of that era are still here on the planet.

Again, I don’t want anyone to bomb anyone. I think it is stupid and more often than not counterproductive. But I’m way more than twice as old as you, and I try to live in the world of realpolitik.

You’ll join me in about 20 years. And just for the record, the fact that you’re out here commenting on this highly inside-politics site is very, very much to your credit.

I’m sorry I offended you.


John O., I know you’re a rugged individualist & all that (no big fan of any power structure myself) but we should bear in mind that there is an apocalyptic strain of Shi’a Islam that might (like our own Xtian-American Taliban) welcome this kind of end-times thing. Meaning they might not care if Iran were wiped off the map. Indeed, I’ve recently read a quote from one of those ayatollahs saying that it doesn’t matter if Iran disappears, it’s all about the untimate triumph of Islam. (Of course, I don’t speak Persian, & we can’t trust translations, so…) Sure, they may be enjoying playing w/ power, but some people, religiously deluded as they can be, are indeed interested in more than power. Which is unfortunate because it gives certain elements more reason to call for “nuking ’em now.”
Also unfortunate: That we don’t have enough knowledge of who believes what & where they are in the Iranian power structure, partly because we won’t even talk to them.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Uh, John O., not sure whether you’re saying what I think you’re saying, but if you are, man, you’re a knob.

If you’re not, then you’re not a knob. Just so I’m clear.

My view? Comes in two parts:

1) Nuking a civilian population because of what their crazy leader does is inhuman, particularly given that, at intervals, the US public is whipped into a fury about how awfully un-free Iranians are;

2) Most of the population of Iran, like most of the population of the world, knows that the current US government is even more crazy than Ahmedinedjad, if only because the Bush/Cheney Beast has far more weapons at its command and far more military bases in far more countries. Thus, there’s almost no-one in the known universe that would risk anything that would inevitably result in their country, and probably one or two others nearby, being turned into smoking glass.

Thanks for your time.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Why is it that I only get to read the relevant ripostes after I shoot my mouth off? Sigh.


I say it did, since most of us Americans and Russians of that era are still here on the planet.

I thought that we’re all still here because the USSR basically rotted away from the inside.


Shalom gentlemen.


Yes, MAD worked. Also, the tireless work of the John Birch Society kept the commies out of our government, and this rock I have is flawless at repelling tigers.

My counterargument is simple: the USSR depended on an antagonistic US to maintain internal stability, so the leadership of the USSR would have never seriously considered using nuclear weapons against the United States. Furthermore, I think it’s wonderful that so many Americans and Russians survived the Cold War, but I think it’s also fair to consider the millions of Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians for whom the war was nothing near cold.

Again, if you actually have information that supports your contention that MAD prevented a nuclear exchange between the US and USSR, I’d be interested in studying it.

I appreciate your apology, but I’d prefer it to come without repeated insinuations that our disagreements are due to a lack of historical perspective on my part.


Little Green Footballs is a very fine patriotic blog that I participate in from time to time.


You leftards should read it sometimes you might learn something, possibly even become conservative.


MB, I get it.

Two, I think, indisputable facts: First, Iran is at least decades away from the capacity to end times.

Second, you’re right, “end-timers” are all around us. When push comes to shove, how many of them will walk the talk?

If those dead-enders in Iran think that the sacrifice of their own country to merely wound ours is going to advance the cause of Islam, I have news for them.

I’m also old enough to remember what a nutball we all thought Khrushchev was when he was pounding his SHOE on the podium of the United Nations and putting nukes in Cuba.

Yeah, lots of power people will walk up to the cliff, but very few will jump off. As it is, so it has been, and always will be. You don’t get to that position without a certain amount of non-suicidal tendencies, Hitler aside, who was an exception in a whole bunch of ways.

P.S. I’m no “rugged individualist.” I think the individual’s rights are paramount, but that the individual is a useless piece of shit without the community that surrounds him/her.


Oh, great, someone left the door open. Where’s the broom?

Qetesh: I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person here with the historical perspective to get down to the brass tacks of realpolitik. Now I can contently get back to taking bonghits and writing “Why can’t we all just get along?” in my journal.


Little Green Footballs is a very fine patriotic blog that I participate in from time to time.

Why do I get the feeling that this is a euphemism for some sort of horrifying sex act?


John O. Iran is a state sponsor of terror and the single greatest threat to western civilization. It is run by a genocidal anti-semitic Hitler wanabe who would stop at nothing to annhilate Israel and establish a world wide Islamic Caliphate.


Not much chance of us becoming conservative, saul. We don’t hate non-whites, we don’t hate gays, and we don’t get our foreign policy from old issues of “Cracked” magazine.


Qetesh? Hello?

I think I want to say you’re making my point exactly. Everyone knows all we have to do is wait out the Cheney Administration.

Then again, there is your post about shooting your mouth off? I’m sincerely and genuinely confused.

And, my dear Djur, you can take it or leave it: Age adds wisdom. And I don’t know how much more empirical evidence I can come up with other than the USSR and the USA didn’t get into a nuclear shooting match despite the rhetoric on both sides.

I love young people. Partially-to-signicantly because they’re like you, like I once was.

I guess all I’m trying to say is that the Bush foreign policy team has put us in a position of returning to MAD as a last, admittedly Strangelovian and psychotic position. Which is NOT to say it doesn’t work, and that the Iranians are far less able to talk the kind of trash the USSR did.

Comrade Rutherford

For the first time ever I actually clicked on a link to LGF from this site. I only did it because of this: While I knew that LGF redirected all traffic from this site to a different page, it wasn’t until I saw the graphic in the image that says:
“You are A Idiot”

A idiot?

LGF is so incredibly stupid that they can’t even use proper grammar to insult anyone that disagrees with them?

I had to click on an LGF link to see their brain-damaged stupidity for myself.

I suppose that LGFers giggle at triggering epileptic seizures with their flashing BG and stupidly blown up 8-bit graphic.

LGF must have outsourced that graphic to illegal immigrant terrorists since they obviously don’t speak English.


David Horowitz was once a socialist, now he is one of the greatest conservative minds in the country. So it is possible for even the most far left loon to become enlightened, and as a result become conservative and patriotic.


Learned elder Orato, I can understand and accept that you’re wiser and more versed in the ways of realpolitik than my callow self. By that same measure, though, wouldn’t you be forced to defer to Dick Cheney?


saul, you’re an idiot.

If, in 2-10 years, your beloved government’s own estimation, Iran comes up with “the bomb,” it will only be one, or maybe a few.

Very shortly after they used one, they’ll be gone, whether my suggested foreign policy is in place or not.

Power people are not suicidal, and ancient civilizations are not anxious to become historical footnotes.

Iran has a very large contingent of citizens who think their leadership is as crazy as you do. The only way to unite them against us is to pre-emptively attack.

If you don’t understand this, I’m done with you here.


1. Here’s the ChenZen text


2. mikey: I’m going to guess Pop Will Eat Itself.


I never said we should pre-emptively attack Iran. However we should certainly covertly support the Iranian resistance both with training, logistical support and providing them with advanced weaponry. Also the cia should certainly assassinate Ahmadenijad.


Heads up to everyone: saul is a troll, he’s completely full of shit, and he won’t give an inch. It’s not worth engaging with him, unless you’re interested in reading ten posts in a row about how he’s a rabbi.


LOL, Djur.

Well done. Except for one thing: You’re using the exception as the rule.

An anecdote does not equal data, my friend. And you’ll note Cheney had it all right about 15 years ago, before 9-11 revealed his true 5-deferment, bedwetting self.

I swear to God, I’m not trying to be patronizing. Perhaps it just comes naturally to me. But I’m telling you, you’ll see. The Man is an overwhelming and all-consuming force, and needs to be fought everywhere. If we have a Man threatening Israel’s or our own destruction (as if!) we need to deal with it in practical terms.


I’m here to debate the issues not talk about my personal life. My point is Iran is a threat and should be dealt with appropriately.


Jesus, no shit, Djur!

Saul must’ve gotten up on the wrong side of life today.


Please do not feed the rabbiniac troll. There hasn’t been a troll here in the months I’ve been visiting who’s had any position besides drooling idiocy or thrice-recycled talking points anyway.


And dealing with it practically, Djur, is to make it clear that the benefits of pretending or actually trying to be able to “wipe” us or the Israelis out are far outweighed by the costs.

It’s really not all that complicated.


What is wrong with supporting the Iranian resistance, or with assassinating Ahmadenijad. Even you leftists should agree that Iran is a threat to western civilization and dealing with them in the ways in which I just described would solve the problem without direct military action.


Hey rabbi, why don’t you debate the issues (w/ an Iranian, maybe?) somewhere else. When did S,N! become a debate spot?


I’m just doing what I do best. Enlightening leftists from their own folly.


Yo, saul: Go kill some Muslims. You’ll feel better.


Quite honestly, I can’t tell who’s arguing what position here.

There’s some simple lines we can draw that will either help us achieve clarity, or not.

First. Strategic deterrence works. No doubt. You can deter a strategic first strike with a first strike and a second strike capability.

Second. Within the constraints of strategic deterence, there is a WORLD of options available for tactical aggression, proxy wars and assymetrical warfare.

Third. Despite what you might hear from the bush administration, you cannot over the long term prevent nations from developing atomic power, which necessarily leads to the ability to produce (but not necessarily deliver) strategic atomic, and ultimately thermonuclear weapons.

Fourth. Just to close the circle. While you cannot prevent this sort of proliferation over a timescale of decades (and frankly, in light of the threat of global warming, you don’t really want to), deterrence is the only solution, and one that is both fully workable and completely manageable.

The object in an atomic-capable world is to try to keep small hot wars from leading to a nuclear exchange. Borders like Kashmir, Kurdistan, Chechnya, Uighur, Tamil and the like all have the capacity to create an escalation that nobody really knows how to stop, and the systems and methodology isn’t there to stop then anyway.

The point is, you can’t kill and bomb your way out of proliferation. There’s actually an upside to small, developing nations going nuclear. We’ll have to deal with them fairly, because, while we can deter them, backing them into a strategic corner might not be the best idea in the world…



Mikey. Surely you agree that supporting the Iranian resistance and assassinating Ahmadenijad would be a good idea?


Thank you, mikey.


John. Not sure I’m in full-throated agreement with your position or your tone. But we can’t ignore the limited shit we do know.

Saul. Fuck you. Fuck your mother. Fuck your dogs and cats…



And, Djur, just for the record, the John Birch Society worked for shit.


mikey, I don’t care. You’re closer than most, I’ll bet, and tone is a matter of taste, no? Sure seems like it from your last post.


I’m a huge fan of The Rude Pundit, though I would never use that tone in anyplace other than the bosom of friends and family.


mikey, please ask me any policy or partisan questions you have, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I am not the genius that our proprieters are, writing-wise, but I think I can generally make my case.


Why can’t you lefty trolls see that Iran is a threat to our national security. Because you fools are all deaf, dumb and blind. Don’t you realize that if the islamo-facsists take over you leftards will be the first to be put up against a wall and shot.


We realize there are people in this country who want other citizens put up against the wall and shot.

We call them, “Republicans”.


Republicans want all Americans to succeed in life. That is why we lower taxes, remove burdensome government regulations and increase opportunities in the private sector so that individual Americans can realize their great potential and move mountains, rather than be halted by oppressive government bueauacracy and intrusive regulations.


Don’t you realize that if the islamo-facsists take over you leftards will be the first to be put up against a wall and shot.

Saul. I don’t like you. Seriously. I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to “debate” you, frankly, if I can’t make you go away I’m just going to ignore you because what I’d like to do is beat you stupid.

And I know this is pointless. But dude. How are they going to “take over”? The problem is you’re a(n) idiot and you know it. We have a trillion dollar “defense” budget. We have total control of air and space. We can deploy more warfighting capacity than any nation or alliance in history in a few days. If you had ever seen an arclight strike or what a couple batteries of 155s can do, you’d know that. So take your fearmongering to some paranoid place where they really hope to fight a defensive insurgency a la “Red Dawn”. ‘Cause people who aren’t insane can easily recognize that either you ARE insane or you have an agenda.

Now get outta my face, boy..



Thanks again, mikey. Had a similar post in mind, but decided to pass on provoking the loon.


Mikey. What the hell are you talking about you fool! You liberal want to cut our defense budget to 10% of what it is now. So don’t give me that foolishness. If you had your way America would be weak and defenseless like Europe!


We have a trillion dollar “defense” budget. We have total control of air and space. We can deploy more warfighting capacity than any nation or alliance in history in a few days.

In looking at this, I’m compelled to add that I’m not in any way proud of this. This is an incredibly stupid useless waste of resources, and the people who are getting rich off of this wasteful overbuilding of offensive military capability are criminals of the first order…

Now, the Tilapia is calling…




“10%.” Perhaps saul the enlightened one can tell us who thinks 10% is a good idea.

Me? I’m down with about 80%. Meaning we’d still be the world’s number 1 military spender, followed by only 5, instead of 10, of our own fucking allies.


The American Socialist Party. Check out their website.


My point is Iran is a threat and should be dealt with appropriately.

So are China, Syria, Pakistan, Russia, North Korea, and on and on with you people. Shall we bomb them all, you trembling bed-wetter? Diiieerrr! That’sh shmart!

Surely you agree that supporting the Iranian resistance and assassinating Ahmadenijad would be a good idea?

See, that would be stupid. I know you probably know next to nothing about Iran, but the CIA helped stage a coup in Iran in 1953 that removed a *very* popular and democratically elected prime minister. Iranians still remember that well, and removing another of their leaders would probably freshen up that humiliation and get all those swarthies to line right up behind whatever the hardliner Koran-thumpers want. …Which would make your idea look stupid.

Don’t you realize that if the islamo-facsists take over you leftards will be the first to be put up against a wall and shot.

You’re not only in need of several psychiatric medications if you think “islamo-facsists”[sic] are going to take over the US, you’re mentally retarded, and unfortunately there is no pharmacological treatment for that.

The world will never be perfectly safe for every country. Grow some balls already.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

John O., I think my concern is that ‘waiting out the Cheney administration’ may not be an option. Given all the heated rhetoric (and spittle) flying about, the administration crazies may well bomb Iran just for the hell of it. Because they want to. Because it will further their aims of who knows what.

That’s what really concerns me: Iran is no real threat to the US, nor to Israel, despite Ahmedinedjad’s rantings.

And saul: give it up, because you’re only making yourself look more and more stupid. Iran is about as much threat to you as I am. And one thing is for sure: if the US (and/or Israel) continue with this threatening to wipe Iran off the map, the Iranian government will be heavily motivated to develop/acquire some nukes pretty damn fast.

After all, I think Iranians are quite justified in feeling threatened by the US, don’t you? Look at all the things Bush/Cheney are saying about them.


If you had your way America would be weak and defenseless like Europe!

Dear god, I don’t know if I can handle the stupid. Why do our schools teach so little fucking information about the rest of the world, that we end up with idiots like saul running around?

Saul, the UK and France are armed to the teeth up to and including lots of nuclear weapons and state-of-the art air forces, navies, and cruise missiles.

Can you shut up now?


I have no issues with what you say there whatsoever, Q. And I’m on record as saying we’re about 50-50 in terms of pre-emptively striking Iran, which would be 100 stupid, pretending this group of Administration morons care about the intelligence of it all.

What you have to do is project outward, into MetaWorld. Attacking Iran enriches the corporomilitarindustrialomedia complex, because they all make money from that happening. War is great business.

The Man writ large.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Ted, it goes even further. As well as removing Mossadegh, and replacing him with the detested and brutal Shah, the US (in the form of the CIA, I think) handed over intel about every pro-democracy group in Iran. Thousands of innocent people were rounded up, tortured, killed, thanks to that.

And it’s because of that, that the only forces that were able to overthrow the Shah had to coalesce around the mosques. So that’s right, Saul, your good ole US gubmint carries a lot of the responsibility for the current Iranian administration. Don’t imagine the Iranians forget that, just because you do.

In fact, don’t imagine that most of the rest of the world forgets injustices committed by the US, even though you’ve never heard of a lot of them. Or, if you have, you think the gubmint was fighting on the side of good.

‘Blinkered, philistine, pig-ignorant’ is the phrase that springs to mind.


Ted those other countries you mentioned with the exception of Pakistan(an ally), and Syria which is really an Iranian puppet state any way are not Islamic! And therefore are not collaborating with terrorists. So therefore Iran and their allies are the greatest threat to our national security and would kill us all if they ever got the chance! I know you and your liberal friends hate America, but you want to know what. THE ISLAMO-FACSISTS DON’T GIVE A DAMN! They hate you by virtue of the fact that you are not a muslim. SO YOU LIBERALS ARE THE ONES WHO NEED TO GROW SOME COURAGE!!!


Also, none of these people who would attack Iran pre-emptively have anything to lose. No draft; rich to the extent of never having to worry about anything “material,” like health care or electricity; perfectly insulated in every way.

Again, not that complicated.


Qetesh. The shah was our ally and he was secular. A heck of alot better than the Ayatollahs who are running things now. It was your liberal friend Jimmy Carter who allowed the shah to be overthrown. He is part of the reason why the middle east is so screwed up right now!


So saul… Are you a one-wetsuit or a two-wetsuit kind of Republican? (I figure dildo questions are inappropriate without buying you dinner first…)


Saul – why are RWrs such big pussies. Just askin’ is all.


protected static:

I guarantee you saul is no kind of pervert, at least very loosely defined.

No, he’s just scared and insane. Fear runs his paradigm.

The two are different, sort of. Fear and perversion.


You liberals are the “pussies”, your the ones who are pacifists and don’t believe in fighting to defend ones homeland! If it were up to you this country would just sit back and never retaliate to any attacks by any one.


The shah was our ally and he was secular. A heck of alot better than the Ayatollahs who are running things now.

It’s like these fuckwits think the US owns the rest of the world. I can’t handle any more of your stupidity, Saul. Seriously, grow some balls. I used to think people like you were just jingoistic (that means constantly acting like an adult male chimp, by the way) towards just about every Muslim country.

I’m slowly beginning to realize these people are genuinely afraid. It’s taken years for that to dawn on me.


John O.

Speaking as a pretty vanilla variety of pervert – trust me, I know. Tho’ his desire to see the blood of innocents offered up in nuclear fire strikes me as far more perverse then, well, many so-called perversions.

Jeez. Can’t a man jerk someone’s chains (as it were) without someone getting all philisophical-like on ’em? 😉


C’mon saul – you don’t have to be the pussy if you don’t want to be… You seem like the type who wants to be on top. You know, the way you talk all butch.



I’m very sorry, and you’re completely right. I’m an equal-opportunity pervert, and should not have posted otherwise.


just admit it Ted then I will leave you alone. Jimmy Carter screwed up the entire middle east by allowing the shah to be overthrown. Admit it then I will leave you alone I promise. Cross my righteous heart.

Comrade Rutherford


Republicans proven track record is that they want all people that make less than $1M annually to die.

Every single policy the GOP proposes has but one outcome, impoverishing the middle class and starving the poor to death.

If the GOP had it’s way without restriction, people would not even get paid for their labor. That’s why they fight increases in minimum wage, and insist that minimum wage should not even exist! To return back the era of 14 hour work days for 6 year old children all for 6 cents a week.

The GOP wants to elimintate Food Stamps for the sole purpose of starving poor people to death.

The GOP wants to eliminate Social Security (by handing all the money over the billionaires that rig the stock market) specifically to make sure that the elderly have no retirement income, and either die a gruseome death or have to work for ever and never be able to retire.

The GOP has NO compassion, not even for their own children.

The GOP also has no repect for any law.

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is a flawed document. But it has been supremely successful in preventing more nations from attaining nuclear weapons. In fact the only nations that have NOT signed onto the NPT are the ONLY nations that have gone on to develop a nulcear weapon (with Cuba and Switerland being the only exceptions).

Iran is fully compliant with the law and is NOT developing a nuclear weapon. Iran allows full inpections under the NPT regime by the IAEA. The US does NOT allow the IAEA to even enter the US, much less follow the law by allowing the IAEA to inspect our illegal nuclear weapons programs.

Iran is complying with the law. The US has never complied with the law. The US is the most dangerous ‘rogue nation’ on the planet!

Japan has built a plutionium refining facility. Plutionium refining has only one purpose: to make nuclear weapons. Japan is in violation of the law, while Iran in in compliance. Why isn’t the US media slathering over Japan’s building nuclear weapons?

If the GOP was ACTUALLY concerned about radical muslims getting their hands in nuclear weapons, they’d be all over Pakistan. That the GOP is complacent about Pakistan’s fragile regime one can only conclude that the GOP doesn’t care on whit about their weapons falling under the control of fundamentalists.

Instead, we have the GOP leadership voiding the NPT framework that has successfully prevented nuclear weapons from proliferating by making a deal with India. Since the US is still a leader of the free world, this illegal nuclear deal makes it clear to the world that it is now OK to provide nuclear weapons technology to anyone that wants it. This deal with India is the single biggest threat to the Rule of Law, designed to undermine the NPT regime and provide nuclear weapons to anyone that wants them.

The GOP wants unstable regimes all over the world to own their own nuclear arsenals.

So to sum up: the US encourages proliferation of nuclear weapons and refuses to follow the Rule of Law regarding it’s own WMD arsenals, but Iran is in full compliance with the law.


If it were up to you this country would just sit back and never retaliate to any attacks by any one.

Yeah, like that pussy commie FDR.

Saul, Iran has not attacked another country in over 100 years. Go back to LGF, where everyone will love you plans to get us into all-out war with Iran.


Democrats didn’t become far left until McGovern circa 1972.


Jimmy Carter screwed up the entire middle east by allowing the shah to be overthrown.

Our OWN FUCKING INTELLIGENCE SERVICE overthrew THEIR ELECTED LEADER 26 years earlier. The shah was a brutal tyrant who killed hundreds of thousands and employed torture in ways your Dear Leader could only masturbate to the thought of. Jimmy Carter had neither the right, nor the mandate to interfere *yet again* in Iran’s internal politics while Iran was not, had not, and is not attacking the US.

Now go back to your racist little LGF blog whose owner looks just like my friend’s mom.


Cross my righteous heart.

Now why would a good rabbi like saul be making the sign of the cross?

saul, do you play for both teams? C’mon. You can tell us.


Yes Ted but the shah was secular. Unlike the facsist Ayatollahs who want to impose sharia on the entire world!


I think it’s only the GOP leaders that are wet-suit wearing, dildo ass-plugging closet-cases. It seems like the rubes who follow them are actually straight.


Methinks saul has some reading comprehension difficulty, since not too far upthread I was being criticized for being too much of a war-monger.

saul, you’re such a nutball, I shouldn’t indulge, but I swear this will be the last time:

You liberals are the “pussies”, your the ones who are pacifists and don’t believe in fighting to defend ones homeland! If it were up to you this country would just sit back and never retaliate to any attacks by any one.

See, if saul had any reading comprehension skills, at least beyond those of your average second-grader, he would be able to discern that I think we should threaten overwhelming destruction should we be hit first by any kind of serious attack.

*shrug* One cannot account for the intellectual capacity of one’s readers.


Oh, no Ted. A lot of the rubes are, uh, shall we say, ‘conflicted.’


Unlike the facsist Ayatollahs who want to impose sharia on the entire world!

Can you learn to spell ‘fascist’ please? And I like how your argument has now become one in favor of leaving Saddam Hussein in power for exactly the same reasons. Well played, genius.


Surely you agree that supporting the Iranian resistance and assassinating Ahmadenijad would be a good idea?

(I’ve been wanting to use this phrase for months…)

You are objectively pro-terrorist.

Comrade Rutherford


How can you possibly be so ignorant?!

The US used the CIA to overthrow the democratically elected government of an already pro-west Iran and installed a ruthless dictator that slaughtered innocents Iranians for decades with the help of the US!

The children raised under the US puppet rebelled by turning to fundamentalism, and gained power in the mosques by speaking out against US brutality.

Of course Iranians hate us, we slaughtered their women and children for years! No wonder they want to hurt us back.


Saddam Hussien was paying $25,000 to the families of palestinian suicide bombers. And it is a well known fact that he set up terrorist training camps inside Iraq.


What the devil are you talking about commie comrade doofus! We never overthrew any Iranian government! The shahs were in power since the middle agees until the Ayatollahs overthrew them. We had nothing to do with what happened in 1953! All a bunch of crazy leftist conspiracy theories!

Comrade Rutherford

See, there’s no use discussing anything with Saul.

He is completely ignorant of all facts of history and is unabel to process any input that contradicts his limited knowledge of history.

Iran had a democratically elected government after WWII, the US overthrew it becuase the new president refused to do the US bidding unquestioningly and we presonally chose the Shah and gave him intelligence and weapons to brutalize his own people.

All this is documented fact, ancient history.

Saul, your denials of historical fact do not change the fact that the US is reaping what we sewed.


OK, now I’m convinced ol’ saul is just a provocateur of moronic capacity.

Because nobody is that objectively stupid.

Onward, to another thread!


Prove it! Conspiracy nut!


I just noticed saul has been saying some truly psychotic things in the next thread.


Saul,I will only engage you to the extent that I can point out to you that you are the guy at the party who nobody wants to engage with but keeps yelling and jumping up and down and insisting that you must talk to me for your own good.I am weary from reading the resulting posts from yesterdays Mom and Son torture and depravity apologia.I am sad,very,very sad.


Hat tip to those of you who engaged “saul”–by the time I got to DEMIZE’S POST!! (love the name) I realized I didn’t have to. Jeebus on a Triscuit, these people. It’s all chest-beating all the time with them–“davenning” to saul, perhaps. They labor (well. not “labor.” They preen) under the assumption that the more alarmist they are, the more “mature” and “patriotic” and, of course, “realistic.”

Cue: the bad-faith parody of what I just said as = desiring the triumph of the Islamists. Who’da thunk it that Billy Joel had it right all along: You should never argue with a crazy man-man-man (etc.)

Iran a “threat” to Western civilization? Someone, if anyone is left engaging this troll (come back, Kevin! All is forgiven) tell him that video gamez are created to support and reward just this way of interacting with the world. I don’t know beans about World of Warfare or Halo, but saul, boobie, check it out. It couldn’ hoit.


I sure miss Kevin.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Saul. Fuck you. Fuck your mother. Fuck your dogs and cats…

Mikey! Not the cats. Probably not even the dogs, much though I hate to say it.

Everybody else: looks like Saul is wilfully ignorant, rather than just garden-variety ignorant. Right now he’s sitting there with his eyes screwed shut and his fingers jammed in his waxy ears, shouting “Lalalala. I can’t hear you!” to his bedroom wall. Leave him be. There’s no reasoning with one who refuses to listen.


Meh, I wouldn’t give Saul the attention. It’s obvious he has no intention of actually discussing issues but instead making sure we all know that he’s really really conservative and that anyone at all more liberal than he is is a dangerous leftist extremist, and that his way of living and thinking is so much more preferable/wise/whatever than any other that could possibly exist.

A political discussion with Saul will inevitably and undeviatingly not be a discussion about the issues, but rather a discussion of how much better Saul is than everyone else. That he is addressed at all is simply an ego stroke that, I’m sure to him, validates his efforts and his perspective.

I wouldn’t waste your time. Just because he wants to come in and piss in the corners doesn’t mean we all have to smell it.


Shorter Saul:

The idea that the United States once overthrew the democratically elected leader of Iran to replace him with a puppet regime is so preposterous that it must be a wild conspiracy theory of the loony left. The United States is a noble protector of democracy and would never do such a thing. On an unrelated note, the United States should assassinate the democratically elected leader of Iran and replace him with a puppet regime.


You liberals are the “pussies”, your the ones who are pacifists and don’t believe in fighting to defend ones homeland! If it were up to you this country would just sit back and never retaliate to any attacks by any one.

This from some pasty-faced douchebag hiding in his work cubicle, camouflaged by a huge pile of empty Snickers wappers and the ominously opaque haze of his own fart gas.

The real pussies are the tough-talking right-wing dorks who cannot, in reality, even pump their own gas without assistance, let alone “fight” the war they love so much.

All this “we’re at war” from a gaggle of nose-picking, cowardly shitbirds who would bleed to death from a paper cut.

Hey Saul, you can call anyone you want a pussy the moment you can do ten good military pushups, which qualifies you, I think, for the Civil Air Patrol or Girl Scouts. Unless you’re humping a rucksack and M4 rifle in Fallujah, shut the fuck up about courage, you little twinkie.

If more you you tough-talking, right-wing couch potatoes enlisted, I’d re-enlist just to be your drill sergeant so I can crush my bootheel on your puny foreheads.


For anyone that hasn’t figured it out, Saul is a generically Christian teenager who’s having fun trolling with an assumed identity. Please, please stop responding to him as if he were trying to debate. He’s not stupid or willfully ignorant (or likely a political conservative), he’s saying whatever comes to mind in an attempt to get us to react.

On a related note, can I get a link to whatever script or plug-in some of the regulars are using to filter known trolls out of the comments?


Well, my comment applies to lots of right-wing bloggers, so it’s a generic tirade, I suppose.


On a related note, can I get a link to whatever script or plug-in some of the regulars are using to filter known trolls out of the comments?

Check the Debbie Schlussel thread (currently the top one), particularly SamFromUtah’s comments.


You liberals are the “pussies”, your the ones who are pacifists and don’t believe in fighting to defend ones homeland!

Whereas you are posting from Anbar province with an M-16 in your non-blogging hand, right? You ain’t fighting shit. That’s for poor people’s kids, right? You stupid wingnut fucks want to fight endless wars, and won’t even consent to raising taxes to pay for them. Hey, don’t worry, that’s cool. Just pass the tab on to my children.

I feel really sorry for you and your ilk who live such a fearful life, trembling under the covers every time a tinpot dictator raises his megaphone and makes an impotent threat.


If, in 2-10 years, your beloved government’s own estimation, Iran comes up with “the bomb,” it will only be one, or maybe a few.

Even then, they’ll have to get like 150 guys to pick it up and throw it at us.

We had nothing to do with what happened in 1953!

Oh my fucking god. Stop talking right now.
I have thus far resisted the Greasemonkey script, because I think the trolls add a certain comic flair, but, seriously, only so much willful ignorance and st00pid I can take.
Anybody else know that the entire coup was pulled off by Norman Schwarzkoppf’s father?


“?Anybody else know that the entire coup was pulled off by Norman Schwarzkoppf’s father?” Don’t forget Kermit Roosevelt,Son of FDR.


Dennis Perrin seems to have remembered some of the exchanges…


Jimmy Carter screwed up the entire middle east by allowing the shah to be overthrown.

The stupid, it burns! What was Carter supposed to do? Invade?


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