He may not read the paper, but he sure does watch TV

Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Neil Cavuto, President Bush speaks out:

And the Senate needs to get out for the junk lawsuits that make it hard to do business. It’s important that we have a judicial system that’s fair and balanced. Class action lawsuits oftentimes are not fair and balanced. After all, the money goes to the lawyers and not to the people who got hurt. We need a system that’s fair and balanced, and the Senate needs to act on that.

I am committed to working with the Congress to ensure that fair and balanced campaign reform legislation is enacted. link

The President’s tax plan is fair and balanced. link

President Bush and his Administration worked closely with both the Senate and the House of Representatives, with members of the Armenian American community, and with the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia to develop a waiver that is effective, fair, and balanced. link

The United States believes the comprehensive proposals presented to the Northern Ireland parties by the British and Irish governments on August 1, 2001, constitute a fair and balanced approach to further implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. link

We hoped that the Secretary General’s meetings with the two Cypriot leaders in The Hague on March 10-11, 2003, would lead to a breakthrough on the basis of the Secretary General’s fair and balanced settlement plan. link

And we can add to that trust by enacting fair and balanced election and campaign reforms. link

In my judgment, in order to enhance economic vitality, the Senate must act on fair and balanced tort reform legislation, starting with class-action lawsuits. link

With thanks to Jonathan S. Gradowski for his important Surgeon’s General Warning about this problem and the first F&B quote.


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