We meant to say something last year…

The really good stuff comes at the end.


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I loved his book – Areas of my Expertise.

At one time one could download the audiobook version of it for free from iTunes. Perhaps that is still the case.


I told you three years ago you should have copyrighted “Sadly, No.” But did you listen to me?


I, for one, welcome our new Cyborg Imperium overlords.


When my wife leaves me, I’m totally stalking John Hodgman.


“Now, if we turn to one of our black or latino correspondents…”


I love paint color names.


“I conduct myself with the irrepressible brio of the pimp.”


Soft Pumpkins Can’t Smash? Not green enough?



If the Daily Show was a blog it would be SadlyNo.


Hodgeman is funny, dammit! I’m very disappointed at not finding out Aasif Mandvi’s color – so cute.


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