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New Republic’s False Stories Now on Drudge Report

  • Scott Beauchamp was successfully punished and humiliated by the military for his New Republic pieces, and because he was in no way punished or humiliated by the military for his New Republic pieces, here is evidence of his guilt of badness, shared by the bad New Republic, who are bad and bad.

Not a Terrorist, Nuh-Uh, No Way

  • When a person of a Muslim background who is diagnosed by professionals as ‘mentally ill’ behaves irrationally, his words and actions shall stand as specific evidence of the depravity of individual Muslims, and of the Muslim religion.

Amnesty International: Terrorists Fail to Respect Human Rights

  • Amnesty International has consistently criticized Fatah and Hamas, but look how the terror-coddling Amnesty International is now for the first time criticizing Al Fatah and Hamas, proving that we were right about Fatah, Hamas, and Amnesty International this whole time.

Mahmoud Abbas ‘Military Wing’ Attempts Murder, US Gives Them $410M

  • The US gave the elected government of the Palestinian state $410 million dollars, and then somebody wounded an Israeli soldier, suggesting that the howling sand-niggers should have been butchered when it was cheaper.

Zombie: Haters Attack Nonie Darwish at Berkeley

  • Female Muslims made terroristic mean-girl faces at speaker Nonie Darwish during her ‘Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week’ speech, and here are some selective pictures which still make us look like total morons.

Bad Craziness in the United Arab Emirates

  • Here’s Laura Bush with some Islamo-Jawa weeble-bitches, whom I support as a feminist when I’m not agitating to kill Muslims indiscriminately. Unlike with Nancy Pelosi, such pictures do not reflect on Ms. Bush or the Administration.

YouTube Helps Whitewash Cat Stevens’ History

  • In 1989, Yusuf Islam, a.k.a. Cat Stevens, made a remark on a British TV show in lukewarm support of the fatwa against Salman Rushdie. Someone, perhaps him, has recently removed a video from YouTube of the interview in which he made that remark. Proof of his guilt in continuously supporting worldwide Islamoterror is hereby furnished.

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Aw…I think those poor l’il guys at Little Green Footballs can’t even handle someone *looking* at their site snarkily. Those article links above now automatically redirect to a flash file, calling those who come directly from idiots…

If you copy and paste the link URL, you can see the original article in all it’s brilliant, genius-istic, not-at-all turdlike glory.


I tried one of the links, and all I got was a flashing screen and the grammatically-incorrect message, “You Are A Idiot.”

Stay classy, LGF.


Yosuf Islam, what a traitor! I’m never listening to “Moon Shadow” again until he changes his name to Joe Christianity.


Yeah, I got the flash screen, too. Now I’m simply too demoralized to carry on.


Me too! I give in to Charles’ obvious superiority. I shall never disrespect a wingnut again!


OMG!11!! After seeing that flash animation, the scales have fallen from my eyes- I AM AN IDIOT! Therefore I SHOULD BE reading and contributing on LGF and totally believing all their wingnutty things! Thanks Chucky!


All links from here redirect to the flash animation. A while back, Gavin or Brad, or someone, tried using TinyURL links instead, so the genius Charles redirected all links from TinyURL to the animation. I’m not sure he understands the concept behind that site.


Ramesh Hindu?

Orel Mormon?


Wow. It’s a minor side detail, but exactly how does the Maoist International Movement keep going?


We’re just biding our time, reading our Little Red Books.


From the captions for the Darwish pictures:

The lecture went on longer than scheduled, but eventually ended.

Outstanding reporting. Readers might have concluded that the lecture was still going on, more than 24 hours after it started.


IAW Lesson of the hour:

Liberals who protest the treatment of women in Islamic countries = Shrill braless feminazis and their p-whipped geh lap dogs.

Rightwankers who protest the treatment of women in Islamic countries = Chivalrous defenders of femininity from the swarthy clutches of eeeviiiil.


Galactic Dustbin,

Remember, you are a wingnut now so you must not be grammatically correct. So, you are a idiot. I am a idiot, too!

That being said, the photo of the lone islamophobe surrounded by normal people keeping their distance was quite striking. As were the obviously minor confrontations which the Zombied one tried to blow up into major fracases (fracii?).

Here is a direct link to the photos so you may avoid Chuckles’ idiot flash…


Classic linky there, D-b! Talk about a bunch of blowhardy protest-too-much-ing.

(Photo by Temmy)
A radio reporter interviewed Mr. Guantanamo. Since he wasn’t being videotaped, there was no real need for the hood.

Ah, I guess the PHOTOGRAPH this captions doesn’t then count as photographic evidence?



I like the “Islamo-Fascism Awareness week is WACK…” sign-holding girl. I wish I had done stuff like that in college.


My sister described scenes like this at Oberlin. Some dood decided to come to the campus and singlehandedly convert everyone to Evangelical Christianity by standing in public and being annoying, or something like that. What she described sounded a bit like what is in the photos (the outside ones, I mean.)


Those of you on FireFox can use RefControl (

right click one of the LGF links, and select RefControl options. Select the “Forge” option (you only have to do this once), and Little Chucky Greenballs can’t do a damn thing about it.


Here is a direct link to the photos so you may avoid Chuckles’ idiot flash…

Added the link! Thanks!


Some dood decided to come to the campus and singlehandedly convert everyone to Evangelical Christianity

Was it this guy?


LGF is looking more and more like Stormfront every day.


Was it this guy?

Hmm… coulda been, it sounds like the kind of conversion attempt that she described. I’ll ask her.


“Yosuf Islam, what a traitor! I’m never listening to “Moon Shadow” again until he changes his name to Joe Christianity.”

Let me know when that happens, I’m working on a song for his forthcoming CD:

Give War a Chance

words and music by Dr BLT copyright 2007 Right-wing Records

All we are sayin’ is give war a chance

maybe it ain’t time

to do your peace dance

all of your mantra

has you in a trance

all we are sayin’

is give war a chance

you hate it when you see

Iraqi success

you seem to love headlines

reportin’ more deaths

but your pessimism

is not what we need

to turn it around

yes, to win, to succeed

I know this song

well, it ain’t Lennonesque

and I know this song

ain’t politically correct

but I recommend that

you give it a glance

all we are sayin’

is give war a chance

more Sunnis and Shiites

are joinin’ our side

and soon they’ll be filled

with American pride

no we don’t like war

yes, we’d prefer romance

but all we are sayin’

…is give war a chance


Zombie time is always a good source of unintentionally hilarious writing. Here’s a good bit:

Afterward, one of our photographers photographed another of our photographers being interviewed by yet another of our photographers — and yet none of them knew it at the time!

Wow! OMG! None of them knew it!! Tee-hee!


I love the caption: “Approximately half the crowd was there to support Darwish, but for the most part they seemed to remain quiet.” Uh-huh. You keep telling yourself that.


Not to feed the troll, but:

more Sunnis and Shiites
are joinin’ our side
and soon they’ll be filled
with American pride

Haven’t heard anything stupider this week, but it’s only Weds.
Any suggestions yet from the usual suspects that islamomexiturrists are responsible for the SoCal “fire-nado”?

Preview go bye-bye?


Hmmm, why is Schmuckie-J citing the A.I. press release from Reuters (or as the LGF faithful like to call them “Al-Reuters”)?


Close Guantánamo
Stop abductions!
Torture and accountability in the ‘war on terror’

Seems ok to selectively cite a source when it dosent conflict with his fucked up view.

Then again, mouthbreathers tend to use The Bible the same way.


Not only did they specifically shout out disruptive slogans, they also did every sort of childish gimmick to have an excuse to make noise: bickering with someone seated nearby, grumbling, dropping things on purpose, leaving the room and letting the door slam behind them, and so on.

The horror! The horror!


Zombie is sadly right about the Truthers.


I love the caption: “Approximately half the crowd was there to support Darwish, but for the most part they seemed to remain quiet.”

Hard to make noise and breathe through your mouth at the same time. But I jest. Clearly Dwarfish’s supporters were rigid with fear that Islamofascists would burst in and start decapitating everyone.


“I love the caption: “Approximately half the crowd was there to support Darwish, but for the most part they seemed to remain quiet.” Uh-huh. You keep telling yourself that.”

You can’t PROVE it’s not true! Therefor it is true, just like I.D., Saddam’s WMDs in Syria and the Clenus killing Vince Foster


IanY77, thanks so much for the refcontrol extension. That’s **awesome**.


I love the caption: “Approximately half the crowd was there to support Darwish, but for the most part they seemed to remain quiet.” Uh-huh. You keep telling yourself that.

“Hey everyone, if you support Mrs. Darwish, say and do nothing right this instant. Wow, look at all the supporters!”


OK, clicked to Nonie’s speech coverage.

That was it? THAT WAS ALL??? All the webboards are in a freaking tizzy over a speech given by someone 99+% of the country has never heard of, in front of a “crowd” of MAYBE 80 people, half of whom showed up with no intent on listening to a word she said… and the other half probably not caring about a word she said?

Must have been a slow newsday in Weblogland if this is the best you’ve got to cover…


Since I can’t reach LGF from an SN link, I will have to defacto ASSUME that LGF, and Charles Johnson, are fucking morons. It would be irresponsible not to.


more Sunnis and Shiites
are joinin’ our side
and soon they’ll be filled
with American pride

“Haven’t heard anything stupider this week, but it’s only Weds.”

Are you sure it’s not satire? Not to “blow” you away, but how else would you explain this?

Dr BLT’s post-punk cover of Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind:


Dr. BLT needs to go fuck himself with a sears craftsman 3/8″ drill motor with variable speed.

What a sniveling tool…



I am sick to death of hearing the fake opposition Dems in Congress moan about not having enough votes to end the war in Iraq. They give lip service to the myth that the only way to end the war is to write a bill saying “the war is now over” and send it to Bush for a prompt veto, then override the veto. They then throw up their hands, saying “Well, as you can see, we don’t have the votes to override any veto, so there’s no way to end the war. Sorry folks.”

This is disingenious and vividly illustrates who the Dems are really serving: the establishment, not their constituents.

Here’s how to end the war: No bill specifically ending the war is even necessary. Remember those supplemental funding bills the Cheney regime has to constantly ask for, to continue funding the Iraq war piecemeal instead of in yearly lump sums attached to the actual defense budget? That’s the achilles’ heel of their war effort. The next time Bush asks for another $80 billion or whatever to keep the Iraq bloodbath going, all the Democrats have to do to end the war is to say: NO. To say “We won’t allocate one more penny for your illegal war”. Last I checked the Dems have a wafer-thin majority in both houses. With no Dems voting for the next spending bill it won’t be passed and thus it won’t make it to Bush’s desk for signing. Bush (and especially his puppetmaster Cheney) may have concentrated an inordinate amount of power in the hands of the executive branch, but even they can’t send spending bills to their own desk. That necessarily has to come from Congress. If it never reaches his desk he can’t sign it, and will have 2 choices: 1.pull the troops out while there is still enough money left in the pipeline so to speak to allow an orderly withdrawl (and anyone who has five or more brain cells knows that the money isn’t going to run out the next day, that’s a non-issue that the right wing tries to use as a scare tactic but it is ridiculously dumbed down and simply not true; they don’t wait until they have $5 left before asking for another supplemental OK?); or 2.don’t pull them out right away, and leave them to wither on the vine in Iraq until the money DOES completely run out and they have to withdraw from Iraq chaotically, burning their supplies and vehicles. Either way the war will end pretty soon if the Dems refuse to vote on supplementals. They don’t have to write a bill saying they are cutting off funding; this is only a fig leaf so they can pretend to be doing something to end the war when all they are doing is purposely spinning their wheels. All they have to do is to NOT VOTE ON SUPPLEMENTALS. Pretty effing simple. The people NOW need to DEMAND in so many words that if the Democrats are a genuine opposition party that they will carry out the will of the people and NOT VOTE on supplementals. If they are a fake opposition party as I feel they are, and are acting not in the people’s interest but playing for the same team as the Republicans, then continue with more of the same hand-wringing and impotent nonbinding resolutions that resolve nothing. Decision time Democrats. Which are you? Genuine? Or fake opposition? I think I already know the answer to that one but why don’t you surprise me?


Damn. It all sounds so easy.

Let’s do it.

Oh. What? They don’t care what we think? They only care about re-election? And to get re-elected they need money?

Well, ain’t that a fucked up deal when you have a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

As my old drinkin buddy Yoda used to say, “Fucked are we”….




Spamming is bad form.


That zombietime is a real fool, and a bit of stalker, I would like to see a pic of that asshole at some point.


OK, I did just like Gavin M said and copied “Zombie Haters Attack Nonie Darwish at Berkeley”, Googled it and got this:

Did you mean: Zombie Hamsters Attack Nonie Darwish at Berkley

Funnier than anything Charles Johnson could ever write.


Purely as a public service (cough blogwhore cough) I created a mirror of just the links over at my crappy little blog that only my cats read.

And yes, I am partially doing it so that the #1 reason that i am getting hits ISN’T that I had a post entitled “Dumbledore is Gay”.


As a part of “Islamofascism Awareness Week”, Nonie Darwish spoke at U.C. Berkeley on October 22. As usual, Islamofascists and their Dhimmi supporters have shown their unwavering resolve to crush any type of dissent. One the members of the “Students for Justice in Palestine” claimed that the purpose of the “Islamofascism Awareness Week” is to reinvigorate anti-Muslim and anti-Arab campaign. Given the fact that the speaker, Nonie Darwish, is both Muslim by birth and Arab it truly shows the depth of brainwashing on campus.

Berkeley, the recipient of The Dhimmi Award.


What exactly ARE the “little green footballs” of record?

Are they referring to their brains?


Thanks Rob. Man the LGFers must be terrified of us, LOL


Funniest bit of this was the comment that I got on my shitty little blog that only my cats read from “Muslims against Sharia”.

The funny .. is because Pam Geller .. yes THAT Pam Geller is a member of that group. Ponder that one for a while.

And, dammit .. the Dumbledore is Gay post is STILL my most popular one .. geezus. I suck at blogwhoring


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