Getcha ponies ready

CNN sez:

State Department official in charge of diplomatic security resigns amid investigation into security contractors in Iraq.

This should be a good ‘un. Getcha ponies ready.


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Is that the sound of Executive Privelege being invoked?


The resigning employee will be whisked off to an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe, where he will be waterboarded, tased and raped repeatedly by Dick Cheney, wearing a leather mask. He will also be shot at randomly by Blackwater contractors, and will be taunted with recordings of his personal telephone calls made by the telecoms at the behest of the Bush Administration.

Subsequently, the employee will decline to respond to a congressional subpoena, saying that as a “courtesy” to the Bush Administration, he doesn’t think he should have to testify. Two years later, he will turn up as head of a GOP “voting security” detail in Missouri.

Y’all heard it here first. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


And STILL impeachment is off the table? Can we at least impeach Condi Rice? Someone? Anyone?


Impeachment!??! I’m still waiting for the Dem leadership to pull of latex masks to reveal elephant heads.


Sorry, impeachment power comes from the barrel of a gun. And most of the guns seem to be in the hands of private State Dep’t. contractors.


Got a better link?

While you’re working on that, I want to make it clear that Bush Administration officials do not resign. They decide to spend more time with their families. Because they are part of the party of family values. Or they value partying with families.
Anyway, there is nothing at all suspicious about this news.


MMMMM….Peach-mint tea.

What…wrong word?


TPM muckraker has full story on Griffin







Can we at least impeach Condi Rice?

Yes, the “ER” of Cabinet members. At one time, big buzz. By now, quite surprising to realize that it’s still around.


What? No Medal of Freedom? Shocking…


A wee bit off-topic, but fug it:

Fifteen tons?!? Shouldn’t that be *16* tons? Monty Python gets zero respect these days.


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