We can’t help it that we’re co-dependent with conservatives!

Having updated his Uganada/condemn post, the internet’s favorite illiterate virgin posts our email bemoaning the correction:

re: Uganda Gets It Right on AIDS

From a C-Log reader:

We can’t help but regret that your post no longer reads Uganada and condemn — that was comedy gold.



I can’t help it that I am co-dependent with my spell checker!
[02:20 PM 12-Jul-04 | Trey Hicks]


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At least he’s got a sense of humor. Kind of. I think.


TBOGG snared a good one from a Tom Delay spokesperson: “strategy of caricature assassination”


I think “Uganada” has a nice ring to it.


U, Gan-a-da,
My home and native land…


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