Do those things come in different flavors?

Why is it that Clog (the blog of TownHall) is staffed exclusively by (illiterate) virgins?:

Uganada is the only success story on the continent of Africa–and it is the only area that promotes the ABC model (Abstinence first, then be faithful to your spouse, and if you choose to give in to your lust and act like an animal in heat, then use a condemn).

Now if you excuse us, our wife will be home soon and we plan on giving in to our lust and acting like an animal in heat. Don’t worry though — we’ll use a condone.

Edit: Looks like one of you traitorous bastards told them about the mistakes since they have been fixed.


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I am damn sick and tired of correcting these dumbasses’ grammar and spelling. Oh well, another letter I guess. You’d think I’d get paid for doing their editor’s job for him.


I once tried using a condor. Largest wingspan of any bird, you know. Amazing how they fit ’em into those tiny packets.


I always use condiments whenever I visit Ugandaria.


when i saw “uganada”, i thought the author had gotten uganda confused with canada.

because, they’re, like, right next to each other on the map and all…


An illiterate virgin with the name “Trey Hicks,” no less.


Excellent merl. Please tell them we sent you.


choose to give in to your lust and act like an animal in heat

Baby, that ain’t no act.


Uganada is just like Canada only the people are darker and the weather is nicer.


Wait a second. TownHall advocated using a condemn, and you’re using a condone? Are you sure that’s safe? Perhaps you should try a condominium. Or a condoleezza.


I advocate lifelong abstinence for the denizens of TownHall, and indeed all Republicans. If only George and Barbara could have kept their lust in check and not succumbed to their animal urges. (btw, if you were married to Barbara, you’d do it doggy style too)


Family legend has it that 40 years or so ago my uncle’s landlady expressed dismay regarding a former tenant who had left “used conundrums” in the vacated apartment. My uncle reportedly rejoined, “Used conundrums? How puzzling!”


Well, if Uganada like I’ve ganada, the condemn would be followed by a condone.


waka waka waka. . .spell check’s a bitch. . .


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