Resistance… is futile!

From the department of I’m going to find myself some good news wherever I can, Andrew Sullivan writes:

THE RESISTANCE (CTD.): Thanks, Lynne. The vice-president’s wife is sticking, mercifully, to federalist principle and opposes the religious right amendment to the Constitution. But I think it’s incorrect to say that she necessarily differs from her husband. Dick Cheney has never said he disavows his belief that marriage should remain a matter for the states. He has merely said he’ll abide by George Bush’s decision to prevent any state from enacting marriages, civil unions or domestic partnerships for gay citizens through a federal amendment. [Emphasis added]

Dick merely said he’d roll over and play dead as his administration pushes to amend the constitution so that homosexuals are barred from “full citizenship for ever.” What a guy.

Andrew continues:

Mrs Cheney, of course, has a lesbian daughter and so it is hard for her to see gay people as some sort of “threat” to the family.

Unless you know something about the Cheney family we don’t Andrew, shouldn’t this apply to Dick as well?


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Dick is like the kid from The 6th Sense. He and some select others — mostly members of this administration — are able to see the true threat posed by gays (and minorities.) Which is that gays, much like the characters in “Clue,” carry blunt objects on them at all times, and are just waiting for the right opportunity to strike at heterosexual marriage. Be it in the study, the kitchen, or even the billiards room. Watch your back…

Ann (not Coulter)

Didn’t you watch the “Queer Eye” episode of South Park? We need to be very, very afraid of gays, if only because they’re all Crab People hell-bent on wussifying our men and taking over the world. Bush is far more forward-thinking than we ever knew.


Maybe Cheney has masterminded a special exception for his daughter in the event she ever wants to marry.


It’s hardly surprising that someone with Cheney for her father has no interest in Dick.


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