Finally, an open thread!

In the hope of distracting our loyal fans from the fact that once again this week we’ve been too lazy to put together a new Flash Animation, we offer this open thread as a token of, uh, nothing really.

Chat away and be witty for fuck’s sake.


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One shouldn’t try to appease one’s fans when one hasn’t any, I think. Seb needs to get a scoop or start posting some naked congressman pics here.


Is Bergie’s Gasthaus still in business?


Uh, dude, that’s a lot of pressure to place on me. I just rolled out of the sack, did a little wake and back and now you want witty and perky commentary? Damn, that’s why I read you.


That should have read “bake.” Damn this is some good sh!t…


Well done ZIN. I’m in the same boat (almost).

I just rolled out of bed ONTO my sack and it really hurts.


If you spent less time appeasing the terrorists you’d have more time to work on your flash animations.


Hey, question for Seb:

are you German, or just living in Germany? I can’t figure out from remarks, so I figured I’d just be rude and ask.


are you German, or just living in Germany?

I’ll give you the short story–because the long version would terrify you–on Seb.

Seb is a French Canadian who was raised by a family of beavers in the wilds of Northern Quebec and now resides in Germany because of an incident involving a bicycle, a trombone and two Montreal strippers that forced him to flee his native land. At least, that’s the story that I’ve heard.


Robert has at least some of the details right.


I…don’t think I dare ask any further.


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