So who gets to wear the Batman costume?

The White House… gets emails:

I have always wandered if there is a red phone located in the oval office like on the orignal Batman TV series and if there is what is it used for



And this gem, all the more remarkable because it’s posted in a section of the web site that invites you to submit your question(s):

J. J. and Kathy from Cottonwood, AZ:
Happy Birthday Mr. President!
Our country is truly blessed to have such a compassionate and caring visionary leader.


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I submitted some questions. I can hardly wait for the White House’s response!:

After President Bush leaves office in disgrace on January 20, 2005 (“Like father, like son: one term and you’re done!”), will he clear brush full-time? Also, does he intend to resume alcohol and/or cocaine abuse? Or has he already done so? (That would explain a lot!)

By the way, is it true that members of the president’s administration are known as “Bush Leaguers”? It sure seems appropriate.

I eagerly await your reply.


Cool…I see the White House even gets emails from people who go to fictional high schools (Long from Shermer High. That’s mightly fitting.


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