Relaxing Saturday night thread

Some Schumann for y’all jive turkeys.

I’m off to watch the Sox.

Also, I’ve developed a real love for cute women who play classical music. The guy playing this Schumann piece, while talented, is not a cute woman. Any suggestions for talented, hot classical musicians are welcome.

UPDATE: Brad is so, so in love:

She can also play the scherzo of Brahms’ second piano concerto *swoons*.

UPDATE 2: Not a hot woman, but this guy is pretty teh awesome. It’s like watching a gothy record store clerk play Lizst’s most popular music. He does very well, I might add:


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Sorry, no hot chicks playing glissandos, but I DO have the lolcats version of teh bible!


Here’s a spot where you can surf for such recommendations:

Enjoy! I sure do.


Some Guy, you’ve provided yet another perfect gift for Christmas!


Oooh, if you could find a lovely blonde girl-next-door playing Mozart’s 21st, I could die happy.

Stay away from the crazy women playing the Rachmaninov, though – massive hands means trouble, in my experience.


You kids are crackin me up…



THe lovely Kaung-Ae Lee playing Scarlatti on harpsichord.

I’ve a fondness for harpsichord.


The fact is Schumann was a drunken insane syphilitic pedophile.
Possibly even a nazi.


Great music, thanks. The guy looks like he might love himself just a little.


Not only can she play the pie-ano, but she’s nekkid underneath that dress!



Sarah Chang

Martha Argerich

and they’re both of them playing some of that classical type music stuff.

Mikey smells like shit

You liberals suck!


I’d take George Clooney playing chopsticks!

Mikey smells like shit



Wow, who’s that posting drunk? And why aren’t you sharing?

Mikey smells like shit

Attention libruls I am your new bully! BWAHAHAHA!!!

Mikey smells like shit

After Fred Thompson becomes POTUS you commies will all be thrown in prison!


Does Mikey smells like shit said realize his IP isn’t hidden?

Mikey smells like shit



Another Sat night with your hand huh Mikey. Hey look, Mikey likes it.

Mikey smells like shit

Jingle bellz libruls smell! Nancy Pelosi laid an egg! The troll mobile lost a wheel and algore got away HAY!


Lesley: George Clooney, under any condition, anytime, anywhere. Oh my yes.

Teh troll here is proof positive that they got nothin, totally. Pathetic. It’s over.


Pfff. Everyone knows that liberals are made of rubber, and conservatives are made of glue. Also, I have it on good authority that conservatives are poopy heads.


That’s some crappy trollin’ there. Pun intended.

Interestingly, I’m eating pecan pie at the moment. I like pie!


On Real Time last night Bill Maher asked why republicans like Michelle Malkin get upset about the Frosts and not the $9 billion that “disappeared down that rat hole, the fraud and the graft in Iraq,” and Joy Behar from The View replied “Because she’s a selfish bitch…that’s why.”


Look at the rondos on those babes!


MzNicky, if you haven’t seen Michael Clayton yet – and this isn’t a spoiler – the camera stays on Clooney’s face for a good 3-4 minutes while the end credits roll.

Gary Ruppert Smells Like Fields of Lavender

Go Tribe!


XD I’d capa her coda at any tempo, till she starts getting at fortissimo over my bass clef.

I don’t know what key that song’s in, but I know what I want my key to be in.

… *goes back to watching Star Trek*


No classical music for me tonight, but I just came home from a theatrical revue of Frank Loesser songs sung by a really talented cast. Dang, that man could write some songs!


Tucker Carlson to Bill Maher on Gary two-wet suits-and-a-dildo Aldridge: Are you against masturbation now? Who are you to judge?


Dammit, I just had to view a George Will column where he whines about the poor, oppressed conservatives who just can’t seem to get hired to teach public policy based on some super awesome study of 10 “major universities” that found a few incidents here and there. I wanted to comment on the WaPo article, but their comments section didn’t like me for some reason.

This is why I’m just listening to the Foo Fighters’ latest album right now. Ahhhh.


The fact is liberals would rather listen to longhair german pedophile music than
god-fearing patriotic
american music.

The fact is Schumann was banging a 13 year old, much like you stinky hippy’s hero Mohammed was banging a 9 year old. What next for you people, using a 4 year old to discuss gay marriage?


As Charlton Heston famously said about George Clooney, “Its true that class skips a generation”.

Mikey smells of poutine

As Charlton Heston famously said about George Clooney, “It’s true that class skips a generation.”


My idea of a relaxing evening is watching Eric Gagne blow a game.


Simone Dinnerstein. She’s cute, but the way she plays the Variations, it wouldn’t matter if she looked like you lot.



You’ve got the horns out for a pretty, classical pianist or two, female.
And, this is supposed to be relaxing for us how, exactly? I mean, other those of us who are guys, and thus seemingly immune to your advances? What’s next. dude? Pretty, female Country fiddlers? Androgynous jazz flautists? Drummers, of any sort?



Here’s a spot where you can surf for such recommendations:

Who’s the lady holding a cello in that rotating picture on the home page?


i went to bed once i saw Gagne coming in. I knew the game was over. He had better be left off the world series roster when we get there. and i picked the sox in 5, by the way. (I didn’t think we would lose schilling’s outing; my one loss was dice-k’s.)


Lesley: “Michael Clayton” hasn’t yet arrived in my backwater neck o’ the woods, dammit, but I’m on the lookout for it. Thanx for the heads-up.

Also: “Three Kings” — yummy, with a spoon.



You love it, buddy. That’s why you keep coming back for more.


For that last one, I was thinking about Bugs Bunny taking a phone call in the middle…

“Franz Liszt? Never hoid of him.”


Check out Hilary Hahn on the violin.
And the Eroica Trio, too.


Eric Gagné my cul. Eric Perdu is more like it.


Speaking of ridiculously gorgeous people who are good at something, Lara Logan is smacking around the head of Blackwater on “60 Minutes”. My god, she has the voice of a phone sex operator.


[ blush ]


Martha Argerich, again…I am way in lub wit her – but notice that this, perversely enough, is shot from the back…For all we know, she could wheel around at the end of the piece to reveal a scary skull face!


Notorious P.A.T. at 15:12 — one of the Ahn Trio, I forget who.


Anastasia Khitruk


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