One’s a vegetable, the others are blog posts

Time now to see what an assortment of people who are definitely not the hottest new conservative writers on the web are writing about:

At elementropy, Retardo follows up on our post about children in Iraqi prisons with an excellent summary of related stories that had previously appeared in the press.

Frederick from Beat Bush Blog sends us a link to this “best of” compilation of Bush/Cheney slogans (1.7MB.)

Brad from Uncle Horn Head introduces us to “the other red vegetable.” (He also has his first audio post to celebrate his 500th post, and somehow he sounds strangely like Adam Yoshida. We keed, we keed!)

Weaseldog offers an intelligent answer to a stupid question asked by the Bush campaign.


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I really like that weaseldog. And boy is that a stooopid question.

But hey, what can you expect from bushco?


I somehow can’t send you e-mail, so I’ll just do it as a comment. “Fahrenheit 9/11,” with a U.S. gross thus far of about $66.4 million, has passed that other well-known (at least to Sully) “documentary” “Jackass” (lifetime gross $64.2 million).


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