A Prediction

Without looking at what the right-wing yammerers have been up to today, I’m going to predict that Al Gore’s Nobel Prize means that the Nobel is always already a liberal travesty that is shameful and sucks and is bad, and that it has for years untold been an embarrassment unto civilization that should be utterly denounced for its hateful and demented anti-Americanism. Supporting examples: Jimmy Carter, Arafat/Peres/Rabin (without mentioning Peres and Rabin).

Update: J.A. Baker, in comments, points out Iain Murray’s take on the burgeoning Nobel Prize Scandal of ’07:

Who Else Should Al Gore Share the Prize With?

How about that well known peace campaigner Osama Bin Laden, who implicitly endorsed Gore’s stance – and that of the Nobel committee – in his September rant from the cave:

[T]he life of all mankind is in danger because of global warming resulting to a large degree from the emissions of the factories of the major corporations; yet despite that, the representative of these corporations in the White House insists on not observing the Kyoto accord, with the knowledge that the statistics speak of the death and displacement of millions of human beings because of global warming, especially in Africa.

At this point it might be worth noting, as Jeremy Lott reminds me, that Gore was a strong supporter of the first Iraq war and a hawk in the Clinton White House.

When last we caught up with Murray, he was peddling dirt-grade junk science from a bailiwick at the low-budge Competitive Enterprise Institute. Then again, talking to Jeremy Lott probably helps numb the self-awareness.

You know who else didn’t believe in global warming? Adolf Hitler, that’s who!!!

At this point it might be worth noting that Hitler was a strong supporter of public highways and fuel-efficient automobiles.

PS: Rush Limbaugh Loses Nobel.


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You sir, are correct.


Gosh, Gavin, ya think? And will the Mideast be troubled. And, to quote Opus, will there be sand involved?


i nominate D Aristophanes for the Nobel, for his untiring awesomeness.

wait, is it still that other comment thread?


and I already heard Mr. Carter on my radio today, responding to the appropriateness of the prize. Huh. Pulse of the zeitgeist.

I have yet to see an Inconvenient Truth, but a lot of people seem to have the same review: I laughed, I cried, I’ll see it again and again. It was better than Cats.


Plus, you know, global warming isn’t real and you can’t prove it is, so there!


Spot on.

Yep. In the rightwing blogs I’ve read today, Peres and Rabin aren’t mentioned. And, yes, the Nobel always panders to liberal and/or misguided achievements and blah, blah, blah.


That’s pretty good, Gavin. Allahpundit throws in Mohammed ElBaradei, whom he calls “an Iranian marionette.”

Smiling Mortician

*cough* HenryKissinger *cough*


This is the organization who gave Henry fucking Kissenger the Peace Prize in 1973 for ending the Vietnam War… which ended in 1975.


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So, another aspect to all of this… back when he was nominated, all of these wingnuts went around saying that “anybody can nominate for a nobel — hell, i nominate my dog right now.”

Anybody remember who these people were (seriously — any links to the articles citing these people? I would like to revisit them but can’t remember where I saw them)… how come their dog didn’t win over Al Gore? I mean, they should have both had the same chance since they were both in the nomination pool, right?


I have also read more than once that Petraeus should have won, “if the Nobel Committee was truly dedicated to peace”. Of course, in the 2002-2004 timeframe it was GWB that should’ve won.


The fact of the matter is that Al Gore made some movie that failed at the box office, and George W. Bush helped escelerate the end of the war in Iraq.

But Gore wins the Nobel and Bush doesn’t?

I think that at least six of the last eight Nobel Peace Prize winners have been bad choices.

Those bad choices were Annan, Carter, Kim Dae Jung, ElBaradei, Ebadi, and Gore

Granted, this committee gave their prize to the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, and Arafat.

Seriously, a bunch of hoopla and hype about so-called Global Warming has nothing to do with peace.

I bet the Democrat Congress gets a nobel next year for for their efforts to provoke war with Turkey.


That was a pretty awesome fake Gary. I mean, obviously fake, but the last line is a scream. I’m also in love with the word “escelerate”, and will try to work it into as many conversations as I can today.


Kim Dae Jung bravely fought authoritarian crooks masquerading as honest leaders (hmm sound familiar?) for decades, Gary. He played a major part in South Korea’s transformation from a corrupt backwater to the affluent modern society it is today. He also honestly worked towards a goal many Koreans on both sides want, reunification.

The rest of your post is too stupid to respond to.

Trilateral Chairman

Okay. Here’s my problem:

* I liked the movie. A lot. Gore would’ve made a great college prof.
* From what I’ve been able to find out, Gore’s account of the science is largely accurate, while his detractors are, for the most part, not even wrong.


* I don’t think he deserved a Nobel Prize.

He made a good documentary, he wrote a good book, and he’s been a tireless advocate for good policies. Dandy. But he hasn’t really brought about that many changes. Compare his achievements to those of Doctors without Borders, Nelson Mandela, Albert Schweitzer, Martin Luther King, or Mother Teresa, and he comes up short.

Now, he’s certainly not in the same league as Kissinger, who is up with Egas “frontal lobotomy” Moniz for the most egregious Nobel Prize ever. He’s more in a “meh” category–the same category in which I’d put Kofi Annan. (There’s also an “abject failure” category, which is at minimum what Arafat, Rabin, and Peres qualify for. He could end up there too; we’ll see.)


“The fact of the matter is that Al Gore made some movie that failed at the box office, and George W. Bush helped escelerate the end of the war in Iraq.”

Assuming “escerlate” means “accelerate”, when did the Iraq war end exactly? Unless by “escelerate” you mean “totally fucking destroy any chance of” the end of the war in Iraq.


Attention Nobel committe members–watch your bushes for Malkins in the coming weeks!


You liar. You peeked at Powerline.


Didn’t Le Duc Tho share the award with Kissinger? After all, he spent as much time as Henry deciding on the shape of the table in Paris.

Wingnuts, stop whining and get your nominees in early for next year. How about Michael Medved?

Trilateral Chairman

freddy: Le Duc Tho did, but he actually declined it.

Dancing in outer space

Compared to Theodore Roosevelt most recipients belong to the meh category

He was the first President to wear a necktie for his official Presidential Portrait!!

Sadly, Cambridgeport

Trilateral Chairman:

Its an award ceremony, whaddaya want? There will be off-years. Besides, even the less fluffy Nobels like physics, chemistry, and economics frequently go to the leading trends and important issues more than the individual recipients themselves.

This year the hot topic is global warming. The US is key to effective international action on global warming. Al Gore is the most recognized face in the campaign to fight global warming in the US.

At least they didn’t give it to a mirror. “And the winner is…. You!!!”


Well, you know Fake Gary is right.

In order for something to END, it has to be STARTED.

GWB started the war in Iraq. Therefore, he created the pre-requisite for ending it, i.e. having a war to end. Bringing about the conditions for ending it, as it were.

Ther would be no ending the Iraq War if GWB hadn’t started it. QED. Peace Prize, please.


Well, done, Mr. Gore. Sadly, the benefit of increased attention to the problem of global warming may be offset by the mass methane release from wingnut heads exploding.


That might be the best fake Gary post ever. It perfectly captured winger logic – abject stupidity, coupled with rank hypocricy. Bravo, fake Gary.


Wait wait wait wait wait.

What about that list that floats around the ‘toobz that proves Israelis are civilized because dozens of Jews have won Nobels (especially figuring in % of global population), whereas the inferior Muslims (lumped thusly), have won fewer than ten, and thus are an uncivilized people? How will that square with this?

Sadly, Cambridgeport

Is that parody J.A.B.?

(Barely) Shorter Iain Murray:

Al Gore got the Nobel for Global Warming? Hmph. You know who believes in Global Warming? Osama bin Laden. You know who supported the first Gulf War? Al Gore. What were we talking about again?

Trilateral Chairman


Its an award ceremony, whaddaya want? There will be off-years. Besides, even the less fluffy Nobels like physics, chemistry, and economics frequently go to the leading trends and important issues more than the individual recipients themselves.

True enough, I suppose, and “off-year” is somewhat more eloquent than “meh.” Still, the Nobel committee can decide not to offer a prize, which is in itself a pointed gesture.

Trilateral Chairman

Iain Murray: Al Gore got the Nobel for Global Warming? Hmph. You know who believes in Global Warming? Osama bin Laden.

You know, when I read his stuff, I always think “You couldn’t pay me enough to embarrass myself like this in public.” Then I go to Sourcewatch and find that his salary was listed as $65,000 in 2004.

$65,000. That’s one cheap whore. A new professor makes something like that, and they actually get to try to figure out the truth about things.


Trilat, I think the award is justified not because Al (and IPCC, co-recipient) brought about changes in personal or national behavior–we’re just starting there–but over a fairly brief period have absolutely changed the discussion. Not even King George can get away with denial now–he’ll never do anything, but he can’t just wave it away, either.


“But he hasn’t really brought about that many changes. ”

Eh, I’m not sure efficacy-to-date is the requirement.

Even the Dalai Lama and Aung San Suu Kyi haven’t accomplished much, in her case what with being under house arrest for years and years. I suppose they deserve credit for continuing to use peaceful means, but that tends not to produce rapid success when facing cold totalitarian force.


Shorter American Thunker: Global warming is pro-humanity.


Its been a bad few years for peace. I’m hard pressed to think of any place that has become MORE peaceful in the last year. Iraq is still a mess, AQ is resurging in Afghanistan. Darfur still sucks. Burma has its blood.

And what do we have to look forward to? Cheney’s war with Iran? Turkey invading Iraq? Pressing into Pakistan?

I miss the days when presidents brokered peace deals instead of starting wars. Once upon a time you could count Egypt and Jordan into the camps of countries that wanted to wipe Israel off the map, but not anymore. We have Carter and Clinton to thank for that. And that peace came from pens not bombs.


“Its been a bad few years for peace. I’m hard pressed to think of any place that has become MORE peaceful in the last year.”

Latin America’s been pretty quiet, so there’s that.


I heard “Nobel” was Swedish for “sour grapes”.


Utterly amazing, I had the exact same thought, even the examples you gave!


Well, at least the movie “Crash” didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize. That would have been a real disaster.


I happened to be listening to OnPoint this morning, and I heard Stephen Spruiell express his puzzlement at the Gore selection, suggesting instead that the Sunni sheiks of Anbar Province would have been a more worthy choice. Gee, were they even nominated?

And yes, *cough*Kissinger*cough*


I am most certainly not going to read those horrible blogs for you. Now, if D A*********** asked me to, that would be another story.


“..his stated desire is to stop human activity that he sees as ruining what he calls the “ecosystem.” – from ‘big thinker’ John Berlau.

Thats teh best. Al Gore has a pet name for the way living things relate to the environment. He should try to coin that phrase.


Wasn’t Rush nominated?

And another thing, I’m confused; Is there a real Gary? The fact is every time I see his name, y’all call Fake Gary. The fact is there can’t possibly be a real Gary who thinks like that. Can there?
‘Cuz the fact is no human with a functioning brain stem could be that dense.


I have it on good authority that Hitler was for the suspension of Habeas Corpus.

Oh wait, that comparison actually makes sense — my bad. What I meant to say was that Hitler, like Gore, found kittens to be adorable.


Wasn’t Rush nominated?

A fraud — Mark Levin ‘nominated’ him despite having zero credentials to do so.

And then sent out a press release, etc.


There is a Real Gary. he works for Netvocates. I don’t think he’s been getting paid recently. 🙁


Who Else Should Al Gore Share the Prize With?

Don’t stop with OSB, Iain. Go for the trifecta!


I don’t think he’s been getting paid recently.



What about the Doctor/Expert in the Schiavo case who was a Nobel nominee? I think he was nominated by….himself?


He had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for Medicine, which I imagine he has since been awarded as nobody else was nominated.


The poor wingnuts need their own awards, which would be tailored in such a way that only wingnuts could win them.

The 2+2 = 5 Award would go to Rush Limbaugh for insisting that the phrase “phony soldiers” means one specific person who lied about being in the armed forces.

The Black is White award to Bill O’Reilly for insisting that making condescending remarks about how the people of another race behave is actually a compliment to them.

etc. etc.


This scandal’s got legs, folks. The winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature was born in Iran. And she’s written about natural disasters. Coincidence? I think not.


I refuse to believe the liberal media on this.
Rush Limbaugh did, in fact, win the Nobel Peace Prize.


As it happens, the last time the Nobel Peace Prize was boycotted for bias and corruption was after it was awarded to Carl von Ossietzky, in 1935.

Yes, that 1935.


The poor wingnuts need their own awards, which would be tailored in such a way that only wingnuts could win them.

how much you wanna bet they try to create their own Nobel awards? After all, they’ve created their own ‘news’ channel when they didn’t like what reality had to say, they created ‘Conservapedia’ when Wikipedia was deemed to have a liberal bias.

They have a demonstrated habit of taking their pseudo-intellectual ball and going home when they don’t like how things turn out. I’m not kidding – you watch.


These guys are goddamned geniuses when it comes to parsing out the moral semiotics of public executions, market success, and tactical bombings.

Yet the stodgiest institution in the solar system whacks them on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper–and they just can’t get the message.


Hey, have you installed a minicam in my palatial estate? Al, Bore Us Again. No fair.


What kind of freaky time zone are you guys in anyway? It’s not 7:31 here, am or pm, not by a long shot.


[…] Gavin predicted, giving the Nobel Prize to Al Gore has caused much gnashing of teeth, wailing, keening, rending of […]


Just a Saturday update, Gavin was right on his predictions:


From Fox: “”What do Al Gore, Yasser Arafat, and that crazy Jimmy Carter have in common?” Co-host Gretchen Carlson responded, “They all won the Nobel Peace Prize?”



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