Great Moments in Conservative Punditry

Why Clinton Can’t Win
–Fred Barnes, writing in The New Republic, 1992.

Kerry Cannot Win
–Frank Salvato, The, July 8, 2004.


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There are some Democrats Frank likes – Zell Miller, for example. Well that clinches his non-partisan creds for me.

Every time I hear Zell’s name I think of that scene in Marathon Man where the old woman recognizes the Nazi walking down the street and runs after him shrieking “ZELL! ZELL! ZELL!”

If I ever see him in person that’s what I’m gonna do. It would be sweet.


Hold on, here. There’s a problem. Salvato’s editorial misuses the word “cannot.” What he means to say is “Kerry must not win.”

It’s a common error–but one that here causes himself to shoot his argument in the foot.


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