Quick, we need a thermometer!

Kerry L. Marsala is back. Unlike most of her colleagues at The Rant, she is not the hottest new conservative writer on the web. There’s nothing very exciting about her column (Fahrenheit 9/11 sucks) but we did enjoy the image used by her editors to complement her article, titled Will ‘America’s Heart & Soul’ Raise the Fahrenheit for Moore?.



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The Canadians strike again! Mwa ha ha ha…


Hmmm… name sounds familiar. I know I read whatever it was you posted about her before, but evidently she was, I guess, a little forgettable. I remember she was stupid, but I can’t remember why. One day I’ll have to get one of my interns to read that for me again. As the hottest conservative writer on the internet, I don’t have to do that myself.


I knew it. A rectal thermometer.


Good grief. When art school dropouts attack.


Yosef, Kerry is the one who said that Clinton was the antithesis of those self-absorbed, selfish Americans who came of age in the ’60s. We all told her what “antithesis” really means.

You’ll be happy to know that she commented at Wo’C, saying that she does too know what “antithesis” means, and that she was just using humor (which surprised me, because it wasn’t funny, and nothing else in her piece was meant to be humorous, as far as I can tell). She basically called us all jerks, and told us get lives. I think she was talking to Seb, even though he wasn’t part of the discussion, as far as I recall.


That thermometer is in degrees Celsius….that’s soooooo French! Can’t they use the Fahrenheit scale like a real ‘Murikan?


s.z., have you noticed they always call us “humorless” -?

If you ever needed evidence that all their arguments are merely projecting, that would be it.

I mean, where else do you find things like people seguing naturally from the idea that the Statue of Liberty is a Natural Wonder and the UN controls all the national natural treasures to the possibility of thereby importing yetis?

And this isn’t even Fafblog!

If we can keep this up, political commentary in the 21st century will resemble something out of R.A. Lafferty stories…and the world will be all the better for it.


Oh my god, why did you send us there? She seems to be writing in a language kind of like English, only somehow different. Most of her sentences start out okay, but before she reaches the end they veer off subject, with odd punctuation and words that just seem to have randomly fallen from a dictionary. I can’t even be sure now what the point of all of that was. Please don’t do that again.


Oh my god, why did you send us there?

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Kerry has editors?


Listen you Lieberal Democraps….I’ll have you know that “America’s Harp & Sole” has grossed over $200,000 in just one week! So take that, Michael Moore and your paltry $65 million….Bwahahahaha!


I knew it. A rectal thermometer.

Not exclusively. What, you think America’s hottest new conservative writers have money to waste on two thermometers?


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