Looks like we’ve got an answer for you Andrew

And the answer is… fuck you? Andrew Sullivan, June 30, 2004:

JACKASS UPDATE: The initial returns of “Fahrenheit 9/11” were less than “Jackass.” But the adjusted returns show F9/11 inching ahead of the boys with the toys. Let’s see if Moore’s propaganda beats out “Jackass’s” total $64.2 million.

F9/11 total gross for the first two weeks of release, with (estimated) revenue for the holiday weekend:

$US60 million.

Wonder where Andrew will choose to move the cheese this time.

Edit: Slightly rewritten to clarify that $60 million is the two-week total, not only last weekend’s.


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What has Jackass got to do with F911 anyway?


merl: They’re both documentaries, duh! 😉


They’re both about the same person, aren’t they?


SN assumes you have been slavishly following his blog…

See here.

Condensed version:

Sully claims Jackass is the highest-grossing documentary on its first week. He was referring to the estimated box office take.

Then a commenter points out the actual take puts F911 ahead. So then Sully says, “Oh YEAH? They just INCHED AHEAD! Let’s see if F911 beats the total take for Jackass!”

And here we are now. Will Sully finally admit he’s full of shit? Or just move the goalposts again? Stay tuned… or not. I think you know how this story will go.


Well, will F9/11 be able to beat Jackass’ DVD sales?


Does “Jackass” even qualify as a documentary? I don’t think it does.


I’ve been trying to figure out the correct definition of documentary. To my
surprise, I have decided that Jackass probably is a documentary. A
documentary film is a film that documents something. All it does, really, is
provide a record of events. An opinion on the events is not necessary, nor is
any sort of educational value. Consider a film of a concert. The film
documents the events of the concert.

Jackass documents idiots.


I knew you fine folks would answer my question, thanks. I didn’t care much for the duh part though.


Darin : A film of a concert does indeed document a concert but we still don’t usually call it a documentary. A doc has a POV added over and above a straight recording. Actually John at xoverboard.com, who really does have a film degree, has a better explanation.


I didn’t care much for the duh part though.

Our sincere apologies merl. renato was right to say we assumed you had read our earlier post, and as such we assumed you knew of the joke and the duh! was directed at Sullivan, not you.

The Sometimes too Shrill Management


Jackass is not a documentary. Rule 12.2 of the Academy of Motion Pictures. August Pollack puts his shiny new film degree to good use.


Interesting, if you read the definition really, really carefully, the first point defines what a documentary film is, the second excludes films from being eligible for the Documentary award. Which may be different than actually excluding them from being a documentary film.


Nevermind, I didn’t read the first point carefully enough.


Regarding Jackass, there might be some gray area there, but I think it’s a recording of a performance. That’s what the naked straight guys playing with their anuses are – performance artists. Therefore, it’s might just barely be a documentary. Plus, has anyone decided to adjust for inflation?

What’s really sh*tty on Sully’s part is the “gotcha” bitterness of his accusation and his refusal to admit he was pretty much totally wrong on all counts. What a pr*ck.

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