Careful what you put in your mouth

It might just make you… gay:

When the company behind the New Gay Fuel energy drink started marketing its product, many believed it must be a joke, a parody, an urban legend.

But it’s not.

This will be your only warning.


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Gimmie some o’ that. This way I’ll get used to taking it in the ass from President Coward and it won’t hurt so bad.


Instead of creating an img element with the align attribute set to right, try using CSS to float the element– the gay fuel image could be <img alt=”gayfuel.jpg” src=”” width=”116″ height=”219″ border=”0″ style=”float: right;” />

Doing it this way would cause the image to be rendered within the entry (and consequently causing the entry to expand) instead of overlapping into the next one.


We did that — it looks the same on our machine (IE6.) Better for you? (Thanks.)


I’m using Safari – it doesn’t overlap at right but it does overlap on the bottom, into the next box. Oh well, can’t make every browser happy…


for some reason that makes me want to attend a gladiator movie with the general. anyone know where i can find him?


I had some of that last night, and not out of a can.


did you swallow?


Well of course! Otherwise it’s pointless. However, when I’m at the local convenience store and I’m forced to choose between Gay Fuel and Red Bull, RB gets the buy. It tastes better. And has more fizz.


LOL! That’s classic!

Now… if you are doing some political organizing and suspect you may have right wing mole in your group spying on your actions, just pour them a glass of this (without the can), and then hand them the can and tell them after they had a few sips.

Watch your mole’s face turn mauve upon being informed.


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