Rarely is the question asked, is our children being insulted by the State Education Secretary?


In a videotaped exchange at the city’s central library on Thursday, a girl asked [State Education Secretary Richard] Riordan if he knew that her name meant “Egyptian goddess.”

Riordan, who apparently believed he’d been asked what her name meant, replied, “It means stupid dirty girl.”

(Via Jesus’ General.)


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What does HIS name mean: “tactless nincompoop”?


AND, she’s a terrorist!!!

(Sticking with Rod Page theme.)

Satan luvvs Repugs

So is it Arnold Schwartzenegger or Jack Ryan that means “stupid dirty republican”? Inquiring minds want to know.


schwarzenegger means ‘serial groper’


Riordan should resign. He’s not fit to be around normal people.

But in a state where the Governor is allowed to grope women, the Secretary of Education will probably get away with calling little girls stupid and dirty.


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