We were somewhere around St. Paul, on the edge of the GOP Convention, when the drugs began to take hold…

Oh dear:


Gavin adds:


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Drug use might actually make them more likable, if not merely more interesting.


Drug use might actually make them more likable, if not merely more interesting.

Actually, it just turns them into libertarians.


So, the graphic for 2008 is a drugged out elephant with a “wide stance” and prison stripes.

Yep, that’s The GOP of the 21st century.


Somebody ran over a fucking elephant?


Dear god, what the hell is that drugged-out elephant trying to do to that “2008”?!

Sadly, Cambridgeport

NO! hey hey hey…. No.
BAD Elephant. Don’t hump the election year.

You’ve already fucked the last eight years.


I remember thinking, what are these god damn elephants.


Shouldn’t that elephant be pink? Or at least little less blue?


Actually, nevermind! That would be just too graphic.


These Republicans picked me up on the highway.

One of ’em said “We’re your friends. We’re not like the others”.

When the other one stopped raving about the leeches, he told me they were on their way to Minneapolis to wreck the American Dream.



Somebody rejigger that 2008 into a big boner please.


Rampant bull. I think it’s quite fitting.


And what’s up with those tusks? Not enough phallic symbols already with the tail and the trunk and the 2008 thing?


And did somebody smash the elephant in its face? That star eye looks like what cartoon characters have when someone’s smashed them in the face.

Okay, that’s all I got.


Dont tell me—-it’s gonna be held in front of that men’s room at the Minna/St Paul airport?


Ya know, I’ve seen signs that cause me to think the fine citizen’s of St.Paul-Wellstone /Minneapolis ought to be on guard for a few Goppers on the rampage.


Anyone wanna play “LOLelephantz?”


Looks like they’re expanding wingnut welfare to cover the design field. I like how he puts the Bootsy Collins eye in the middle of the cheekbone and makes the rat-like tail come out of the small of the back. And the way he hastily slapped together the left rear leg and foot out of a couple of ellipses and a rectangle. And nobody in teh business does unadorned ovals-for-feet the way he does, because if they did they’d be repeatedly booted in the ass back to the copy room where they belong.


It’s like it’s leaning on, oh I dunno, a bathroom stall or something.


This may be an opportune moment to bring up this image:


I said, “Kids, if you could go anywhere in this great big world, now
Where’d you like to go ta”
They said, “Dad, we wanna see the biggest chickenhawk in Minnesota”


Harrumpf, <img src= worked in preview


I can haf dance wif u, saylor?


Is your headline supposed to do that (extend all the way across the screen)? Maybe it’s supposed to, to illustrate the effects of drug use?

(I honestly don’t know; sorry if I’m being dense.)


Heh, good one Gav.

The headline looks completely normal from where I’m sitting (FF on a kUbuntu thin client).


There must be some mistake. That design is missing its swastika.


OK, maybe it (the headline) is just me. Everything else looks fine, so no big deal.


The elephant had some time to kill at the airport…

Did this in a hurry. What do you think?


Had trouble last time with linking. Just copy and paste into your browser if the link doesn’t show up.


[…] Yup. That seems about right. Am I missing anything? (via S/N) […]


Oh dear, this should be entertaining for a few days: http://instaputz.blogspot.com/2007/10/will-right-condemn-american.html


Is that supposed to be an Israeli flag draped over the elephant’s shoulders?


Well, I’m glad to see they had the wisdom to TradeMark that image.

Nuff Ced McGreavey

Ann Coulter on women:

“If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president. It’s kind of a pipe dream, it’s a personal fantasy of mine, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. And it is a good way of making the point that women are voting so stupidly, at least single women.”


Ah, another Republican icon speaks out in favor of Democracy. No wonder they get along so well with the Taliban.


Awesome update, Gav. Makes the dirty hippie in me get all misty-eyed.

Principal Blackman

OK, the original logo was funny enough, but the bong version absolutely cracked me the hell up. Kudos!


Needs more stars.


Wait, is the convention going to be in Minneapolis or Humboldt county? I mean, it is harvest season up here, I can prove it, because two deputies shot and killed a man at a marijuana grow yesterday. But don’t worry, the dead man was probably an illegal immigrant, because every press release we get lately describes many of the grow sites as under the control of Mexican drug cartels.

It’s been a banner year for drug task force agents, they’ve destroyed more than 300-thousand plants in Humboldt alone this summer. *sniff*


I think it should be a crack pipe. But that’s probably too small.


That, my friend HB, is a tragedy.

Good thing it grows like a weed.


They forgot the hookers (both male and female), the bones from the dead in Iraq, the condemnation of those fascists at MoveOn, a reference to “socialized health care” and umm, one of those signs from the San Diego freeway that show the silhouette of a family running across the road.


The convention is being held in R’lyeh?



Com with to bathrom I gots surpriz.


That’s ok, you guys. Just head east on 299 outta Eureka and you cross into trinity county. Places like Salyer. And the feds won’t even GO there, that’s REALLY indian country, and it has a major cash crop.

Yay for us, and the Native Americans who help sustain our culture!!



“and the Native Americans who help sustain our culture!!”

Too bad we can’t help the tribes maintain their culture … give more water to Oregon farmers, fuck the fish!


Um, in the previous thread they’re fucking goats.

Here, it’s fish that arouse our passions.

Look, I’m no prude, I’m not here to grammaw you guys, but you’re gonna be a helluva lot better off if you stick to your own species.

Just sayin….



I’m with Uncle Mikey. Don’t Fuck Fish.


stick to your own species


What kind of “if it feels good, do it” liberal are you, anyway?


In fact, Humboldt, I believe it was the CAMP raids in the early 80’s that drove many growers to the Pacific NW and started the Indoor Revolution.


I’m with Uncle Mikey. Don’t Fuck Fish.

Hey now, let’s not be hasty.


Can you give the elephant an even wider stance?
Just make sure that you cover up the “delicates.”


Fish is out, but dolphins are okay.


“In fact, Humboldt, I believe it was the CAMP raids in the early 80’s that drove many growers to the Pacific NW and started the Indoor Revolution.”

They’re still going strong t4. They have been focusing on grow sites located on federal lands, in fact the local DA won’t prosecute individual growers unless they cross a specific threshold of numbers of plants.

Then again, there are the assholes who rent houses and then burn them down with indoor grows, such as happened here yet again, last week.


Oh if only someone skilled in Photoshop would put in the silhouette of a toilet and change it to say Minneapolis Airport Bathroom.

That would be awesome… 🙂


objectivelypro- Nice work.

I was just reading about that, Humboldt. One article said the number was 2.2 million, but I couldn’t verify that.

Around these parts, it’s ‘shroom season. And it looks like its going to be a bumper crop. Just stay away from the Galerinas.

Fall has always been my favorite season.


Needs more stars.

And cowbell.


I must truly be a perv; the first thing I thought when I saw that image was “why did they make the 2008 into a big red elephant boner? Oh yeah, this is the homoerotic GOP we’re looking at here”. Honestly, I thought the official image had already been Photoshopped into an angry elephant with a stiffy.


“One article said the number was 2.2 million,”

I believe those numbers are statewide. They’ve been busy, busy beavers.


Unfortunately, I live here. The big doings will be downtown at the Xcel Energy Center but traffic is going to be pretty ugly, and that’s just the helicopters. Last time Emperor Fratboy the Mad spoke at the X (a Norm Coleman campaign event if I recall correctly), they posted cops at the top of the Smith Avenue High Bridge (my neighborhood), fully a mile and a half away and across the river. I guess they were expecting Al-Qaeda or other liberals to up on the bluffs with rocket launchers.

Smiling Mortician

Did I miss a scandal recently? One involving having one’s own mid-spine tail loop around and slide subtly up one’s own arse while marching inexplicably under the Greek flag? I do so try to keep current.


I work at one of the hotels within walking distance of the convention center and with almost a year yet to go we are already preparing for that damn thing.

I am not looking forward to it AT ALL. I mean, your average guest at a rather fancy hotel tends to be relatively rude to the help, but then take a group that is specially selected for their smug sense of entitlement (ehem, republicans) and pack in as many as can possibly fit and it makes for an unpleasant work day.

I can only hope that they may all get high. Maybe it would help them chill out a bit… oh, nevermind, what am I thinking. These are republicans we are talking about!


And now that Larry Craig’s decided to stick around, maybe he could be the official greeter…



maybe he could be the official greeter…

There is money to be made off that. Print up T-shirts quick, sell ’em on the street.

Herr Doktor Bimler

One involving having one’s own mid-spine tail loop around and slide subtly up one’s own arse

If you imagine the logo as a novelty tea-pot, then the tail makes perfect sense as the handle,


Someone over at KOS described the head as a monkey taking a crap. Now that I look again, I agree.


Damn, you’re right; it IS a monkey taking a crap! With the tusks representing that flaming tailfeathers problem associated with a really spicy dinner.


What fun! My version is here.


It could be one of the creepy nazi lady’s flying monkeys for all I know.


There’s something vaguely…Cthulhu-ish about the whole thing.


Hokay, here’s my LOLcon:

“doodz wir goin dwn”


It would be a shame if some enterprising hippy, dressed as a College Republican took it upon himself to sell wacky, but subtle parody t-shirts and/or stickers to the conventioneers.

Please, someone in Minnesota make this happen for all of us.


I did one, too, after reading the idea suggested at Tbogg: linky


Will someone please put some pants on that elephant?


It’s the perfect symbol for the Republican party – an elephant frightened by a mouse.


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