Shorter John T. Plecnik*

Sadly, No! is proud to introduce one John T. Plecnik to its readers. You hear this a lot, but we believe that John is the hottest new conservative writer on the web. Anyway, on to the shorter: The Duke Professor Is Vulnerable

After a careful and unbiased review of the evidence, I have concluded that a candidate for Congress I endorsed has a very good chance of winning.

Bonus points: Plecnik argues that the Democratic incumbent, one David Price, has done little in Congress because:

Price has neglected his constituency to the point of abandonment. From 1999 to 2002, Price was the primary sponsor of a paltry 4 bills.

North Carolina has 7 House members who are Republicans. In the 108th Congress, Rep. Howard Coble has sponsored 7 bills, Rep. Robin Hayes 12 bills, Rep. Cass Ballenger 6 bills, and Rep. Charles H. Taylor 9 bills. (David Price sponsored 8 bills during that time.)

No doubt Jason will be accusing those Republicans of abandoning their constituents in an upcoming column.


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I live in David Price’s district in Durham, NC, one of only 2 dominantly democratic counties in the state. I have been a fervent writer of letters and emails to Congressman Price for the last year regarding the war in Iraq, medicare prescription drug plan, the FCC expansion, and other alarming legislation. Each letter and email has been responded to by a thoughtful and reassuring correspondence. Each month I receive a newsletter from Price’s office outlining his actions in Congress and tallying his votes and bills supported and brought forward. Far from being abandoned, I feel David Price is one of the few politicians in my experience to truly communicate and support his constituents. Plecnik doesn’t know what he’s talking about. CB

“The world was created for people who are not cursed with self-awarness.”–Annie Savoy, Bull Durham


Which one is “Whit” in the photo?


I also believe that one of those Republican congressmen you name (who is from High Point) might have a little problem representing some of his more swarthy-looking constituents.


And as the newly appointed “Hottest Conservative Writer on the Internet” I’m obligated to let you know that I haven’t yet confirmed this guy as the “hottest young conservative writer on the internet.” New results will be released soon.


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