That will have to do for now

This clip of Colin Powell singing YMCA features much annoying commentary from an Associated Press reporter, but it’s the best we can offer for now. (1.5MB file, RealMedia format. Right click, save as to be able to enjoy it over and over again…)

(Via Insomnia.)


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“… to the delight of foreign ministers from across the Asian-Pacific and Europe.”

“Delight”. I’m sure that’s the word for it.


Those people we saw in the audience sure didn’t look delighted.


I’m afraid to click on the link because those kinds of things make my ‘puter crash. Was he really singing the Village People song? Did he use the right hand movements? Did any guys dressed as Hell’s Angels hit on him? 😉


Colin Powell sheds last shred of self-respect

From the great Sadly, No blog, terrifying footage of Colin Powell and other US officials performing a version of “YMCA”…


Oh. My. God.

It now wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see Richard Perle, in assless chaps and a dog collar, ride out in a custom tomahawk missile-equipped Harley to belt out a few choice cuts from “Defenders of the Faith”.

–Update! The incomparable Sadly, No!


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