Deep Thoughts (Ray Robison Edition)

…one has to wonder if secret plans are being drawn up to lure Usama bin Laden to Iraq where it will be much harder for him to hide. (link)

Actually, one doesn’t.

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Isn’t this the plot of an episode from the old “Batman” TV show? Doesn’t the Riddler try to lure Batman and Robin into a situation where their secret identities will be compromised and they won’t be able to hide anymore?

Whoever is in charge of our war anymore, they need to get better writers.


Step one: Steal Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend.
Step two: Lure bin Laden to the Umbrella Factory.
Step Three: ???
Step four: Victory!


A Quiet Triumph

Who ever said they weren’t romantics?

It takes a special kind of delusional paranoid to write that.

Incontinentia Buttocks

Yup…once we add Yvonne Craig in a purple jumpsuit to the pumas and bears, Teh Surge is sure to work!


This is hilarious. Check out the guy’s source for this groundbreaking story-the-MSM-won’t-tell-you:

Google Earth maps. Allow me to summarize the reasoning that leads the author that this is a victory for the ages just like we had over “the Japs”:

1. The area of operations, according to Google Earth coordinates he punched in, is a valley! Just like Thermopylae!
2. They aren’t talking about it!
3. ???


From the bio page at Robison’s personal blog (sics throughout):

I support the military and my central issue is that far to many Americans had their views of the military formed either during Vietnam or growing up on the spate of anti-military movies that followed the war. It aint the same military, our society and military has evolved, but so many (mostly college professors and older journalists) can’t get rid of the impressions formed in the 60s and 70s. I am trying to counter that with real time information and what that means on a political level.

You will see that I am very antogonistic to leftists, communists, fringe liberals, racists, fascists and religious fanatics of any stripe. I am not really a political junkie, couldn’t tell you the name of the RNC chairperson. I am only politically interested in those politicians who are involved directly in a military issue at the time.

Most often, you will see me use references to show that a politician or media org has made a completely dishonest argument.

It always comes back to Vietnam, doesn’t it?

His American Thinker post from today is worth a perusal. He’s found proof of something or other.


There are signs that the global Islamic jihad movement is splitting apart, in what would be a tremendous achievement for American strategy.

I stopped reading there.


Lure him? With what? Candy? Stolen Kuwaiti dialysis machines?


No doubt President Alan Keyes will have a clever plan for catching Bin Laden. Maybe he’ll have his own Jack Bauer, just like that smart black president on “24”!


That’s why we invaded Iraq, isn’t it?


Hey, we succeeded in getting al-Qa’eda itself into Iraq, did we not? And after we kill another 62,673 of his top lieutenants — including 4,895 successive #2 leaders — he’ll just have to go and micro-manage the effort himself. You people have no faith in our greatest President ever, and thus should be rendited to Gitmo and waterboarded, after being shot.

And seriously, the old “Batman” TV show is far too dignified an effort to compare with anything, real or imagined, that we’ve done in Iraq.


we succeeded in getting al-Qa’eda itself into Iraq, did we not?

And if we give Bush policy enough time, maybe Iraq will get those WMDs, too!


I heartily endorse the Umbrella Factory Plan. I can’t wait for the press conference where Bush unveils “Operation Umbrella Factory” and repeatedly mispronounces “umbrella.”


Lure him? With what? Candy? Stolen Kuwaiti dialysis machines?

Whitney Houston.


Can someone photoshop in a roll of toilet paper next to the Uncle Sam on a stump?


Al Qaeda is losing in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The fact is now inescapable that they have lost the ability to impose their political will on the West, although this does not mean they still can’t hurt us.

Huh? This idiot says there was a time when al Queda, a bunch of disaffected nutjobs with some money and a bad attitude, had the ability to impose their political will on the west. When exactly was that? And how would they have gone about it?

Because I remember a few attacks, New York, Madrid, London, etc., killed a few thousand people, then some American Fascists imposed their will on the west, aggressively invading and occupying sovereign nations, abrogating the constitution, torturing and imprisoning people with allowing them access to due process or even to their families.

We had a bunch of white guys in suits, terrified so badly by a few successful attacks that they effectively ended a great experiment in democracy.

So fuck you if you want to blame al Quaeda, asshole. We didn’t have to rise to the bait. We could have fought them without the waste and idiocy associated with invading other nations, and we could have just gone on with our lives. It was the quaking, childish fear and cowardice of a few white men, and at least one black woman, who allowed this to happen. And now?

And now it’s really hard not to just look at bush/cheney/rice and their traitorous minions and not just say “suck on it”….




Not really that heroic.

I’ll go get a scotch now…


Sadly, Cambridgeport

Very simmilar to some operations against the Japs in WWII.

To my memory this is a first large classified operation and
THEY are forbidding reporters.

I will just have to defer to his, clearly expert, analysis. When does he get his own syndicated column?


From Robison’s American “Thinker” item (quoting someone else):

In April 2003, Osama surfaced again in Afghanistan after the US invasion of Iraq. He called a meeting in the Pech valley of the northeastern Afghan province Kunar and delivered a hard-hitting speech in which he announced his plans to resist America in Iraq. He said, ‘Get Americans in Iraq before they get us in Afghanistan.’

So, just as Bin Laden stated in in his most recent video, he wants us to stay bogged down occupying Iraq so he’ll remain safe wherever he is. Or, to put it another way: “FIGHT THEM THERE SO WE WON’T HAVE TO FIGHT THEM HERE!!!” We need only mention the title of his web log: “Pointing out the obvious to the oblivious.”


So, I see Mr. Robi(n)son is a big fan of Hollywood Fred.

Makes perfect sense. He’s probably angling for SecDef (or maybe State, but the he-man/Alexander Haig kind of Secretary of State, not the George Shultz/pussy kind of Secretary of State).


Truth in advertising would require the link to be labeled:

Murkan Steenker


Um, has Mr. Robinson heard that Hamid Karzai is asking to meet with the (still alive) Mullah Omar and offering the Taliban positions in the Afghanistan government?

“The jihadists are hurting” ? I DON’T THINK SO.

And you gotta give him Wingnut Bonus Miles ™ for suggesting, totally without evidence, that overthrowing Saddam’s government somehow cut off funding to the Taliban. I mean, where else would they get the money in a country awash with high-grade opium?

anyway, I second the motion for Yvonne Craig in a purple catsuit. Yowza.


Unfortunately, Thunder, he is probably American and did think of that stupid shit. Plus, he’s probably judgment-proof from any deceptive trade practices lawsuit, unless you want a velvet Toby Keith poster and four unopened cases of Mountain Dew Red Alert in damages.


g said,

Can someone photoshop in a roll of toilet paper next to the Uncle Sam on a stump?

I present


Must try link again…

I present


Sorry about the gibberish. It worked in preview but not after I submitted.


I present

Just click the image for a larger version.


haha good one, i could hear the jack handy voiceover as I read it. Some times less is more with the funnies


Here’s a roll of toilet paper that is hours of fun, if you’re a cat who can use (rather than practice hunting on) a mouse. Click & roll, as they say.


Hay, S,N!, iz mispel in tittl uv doodz naym.



Did that link work for you?


the irony of course, is that the “lure him into Iraq” was basically osama’s M.O. on this whole Clash of Civilizations from way back in the day.

“All that we have mentioned has made it easy for us to provoke and bait this administration. All that we have to do is to send two mujahidin to the furthest point east to raise a piece of cloth on which is written al-Qaida, in order to make the generals race there to cause America to suffer human, economic, and political losses”


Really this just shows how incompetent the wingnut mind is. Check the date on Bin Laden’s speech. He is three years ahead of these puny wingnut thinkers. It’s actually kind of embarassing that I probably share the same drinking water with people so dense.


i c no link


errrr nm i see the link in this post to an img

objectivelypro said,

September 30, 2007 at 5:23


Regarding Can someone photoshop in a roll of toilet paper…

I seem to be linktarded tonight.

If those links are just showing lines of code (and you’re not totally annoyed by now) paste the following into your browser:

Then click the image to enlarge.

Now I’m going to stick my head in a bucket of icewater.


You may remember a couple of months ago a report that al Qaeda and its’ affiliates

Not just barking mad, but ungrammatical as well.


You should go over his blog and give that internet anthropologist hell.



I’m sure that if al-Qaeda doesn’t split up this Robinson guy will admit he was wrong.

Hey, I’ve got an idea: get Yoko Ono to marry al-Zarqawi!


Batman? More like Monty Python – Larry Craig in TIghts…georgie bush clopping along, banging away on his coconut shells…proclaiming hisself di-cider…i’d laff but gots to throw up…


Then a few months back the US government told the Pakistani government that we had the coordinates for twenty-nine terror training bases and in a week we will be destroying them (perhaps on Cheney’s visit this summer).

That Dick Cheney is one bad motherfucker.


What’s that? Did somebody say something about iced tea?


Look, childish men, wearing tight flight suits with their balls flailing about, landing on flight decks, is no basis for a system of government! I mean, if I went around saying that I should be Emperor, just because I jumped it off the deck and shoved it into overdrive, they’re put me away!

I kinda wish Billo had made a fried chicken joke, too.


Aren’t we in danger of giving credibility to these people/arguments/beliefs – the internet is a powerful tool but let’s use it to ignore rather than highlight. . . .


So when Bush said he was “really not all that concerned about where” Osama is, it was because he knew that Cheney’s secret plan was working all along, leading up to this moment. Diabolical.


No Zellaby, we aren’t giving them credibility, we are laughing our asses off at them.If we ignored them well then, there would be no reason for this site to exist. Besides, laughter really is the best revenge.


How do you “use something to ignore”?


Sure one does…. when ones voices become too loud for one to ignore.

Fishbone McGonigle

Aren’t we in danger of giving credibility to these people/arguments/beliefs – the internet is a powerful tool but let’s use it to ignore rather than highlight. . . .

No. This strategy is counterproductive and should not be employed.


The fact is, liberals cannot ignore reality and the ground boot facts of bias free usage of knowledge. Without correct information, and only with biased information and PC leftist tosh, the liberals, unlike us here in the heartland, are in danger of surrendering our interests to the global jihad. I for one oppose them as a fifth column with all my might, and denounce all liberalism as a cancer within.


What a strange, scary fantasy world these people live in . . . . .


the ground boot facts of bias free usage of knowledge.

This new Garybot has some sort of verbal bulimia going on.


Let’s use the internet to ignore rather than highlight the calls to ignore rather than highli—oh, no! It’s an ignore vortex, and I’m in it!


The fact is, liberals cannot ignore reality and the ground boot facts of bias free usage of knowledge.

Ms. Grogan? Is that… YOU?


Um, excuse me? I’m ready to order.

Yeah, I want the ground boot facts sammich and a bag of chips.

Oh, and can I get some Ice tea with that, motherfucker?




PC leftist tosh

Where in the heartland, Gare-bear? Leicestershire?


Thank you, objectivepro, for the lovely photoshop. Not only TP but also a plunger and newspaper!


I call fake Gary.

“Tosh” is a foreign word. Gary speaks American, like all patriots do!


Robison’s name is still misspelled in the title. He may not be able to find himself when Googling. Please correct this egregious error. Thank you.


Ah, Robison… silly me. Fixed now.


Hey, not to worry, took this spelling Nazi quite a while to notice it the first time.


You just know he uses 1-ply.


I know it’s not horribly creative of me*, but sometimes I just refer to that American Thinker blog as American Stinker.

* because I got that rhyming scheme directly from a Saturday Night Live sketch.


Man, Uncle Sam looks like he’s really pushing hard, doesn’t he?


Was it a victory? on going?

What happened in Afghan>
GREAT questions,
Pakti has stolen the stage, and we haven’t heard much on Afghan.

Great post content, let me work on it.



As stated in this article many months ago, the Taliban has now entered the civil war phase as I predicted.



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