It’s our party and we’ll cry if we want to!

One year. Around a thousand posts and over three thousand comments. It’s been quite a ride for us, we have to say. If we succeeded at anything during that time, we hope it was in becoming increasingly more shrill.

This may not be Thanksgiving but we’d like to thank all the people who, as Yogi Berra once allegedly said, made this necessary. Sadly, No! came to life on blogspot, but was not there for long. We woke up one morning to find out that Scott, aka our ISP, had registered and installed geeklog so that we could do this from our own virtual home. We eventually migrated to Movable Type, added the indispensable MT Blacklist plug-in, redesigned, faced technical problems, and handled a huge increase in traffic thanks to our predilection for uploading large files. Scott not only made all of those things possible, he did so for free. To Scott then, we say thank you.

Back when Sadly, No! only had three readers known to themselves as COE (a secret group that rivals the Illuminati for influence and prestige) we were lucky to be able to count on them for constructive and helpful vicious and hateful feedback. Again, we say thank you.

To all those who’ve stopped by even just once or who left comments like “Fuck you,” we say thanks. To Donald Luskin, who once told us in an email “you don’t know what you’re talking about,” Merci. To Amber, the unattainable girl of our dreams, Danke! When David Frum called our work “carelessly embarrassing,” we knew we were onto something. To all the wingnuts who’ve inspired us over the year, our never ending appreciation for making it sometimes almost too easy.

Though it’s been a year of this crap, we managed to be away for two months, during which time we were extremely fortunate to be able to rely on s.z. from World O’Crap, Peanut from The Daily Beast and Blair from, well, nowhere really, to keep the attack dogs of personal destruction going. Thanks once more — you managed to turn what we feared would be our first plea to our readers (“please come back”) after our absence to “please don’t leave.”

So what do we have in mind to celebrate this happy occasion? For starters, Flash Friday takes a (well deserved) break. You see what happened was that our helper monkey Mojo good friend and Flash assistant Pete from The Dark Window met this girl, and, well, let’s just say he had other things on his mind this week. Come to think of it, that’s really all we have in mind to celebrate.

We do hope you’ll continue stopping by — we plan on continuing our efforts to combine insightful commentary with gratuitous insults, bathroom humor and asinine puns. In a move that is both shameless and pointless, we will be adding a link to our Amazon Wish List on the right. We know we can count on you to pay no attention to it whatsoever.


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Was it all worth it?

Well, not really, but to keep the fighting monkeys happy I’ll just say it was.


Oh, it was worth it, sadly.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the rapture happened tomorrow and Jeebus came and took all the Republicans away?

Rev. Howard Furst

Mazel Tov! Jehovah and I send our very best wishes on your first anniversary.


Happy birthday, Sadly No! It seems like just yesterday that you weren’t even one year old! And now look at you — getting snippy email from ex-Canadian morons married to Danielle Crittendon!

Turn around and you’re one,
Turn around and you’re older
Turn around and you’re dating Amber
And menacing David Frum and Ann Coulter.

Aw, if only they could stay young forever!.


I think all denizens of Left Blogistan should pause today and raise a glass to Seb’s good health.

Especially since he got that operation this spring to unmitigate his gall and add a dash of extra vitriol to his spleen.


It’s also Bring Them On day.

“There are some who feel like that the conditions are such that they can attack us there. My answer is bring them on,” Bush said. “We’ve got the force necessary to deal with the security situation.”

655 US soldiers have died since he made that remark.

Why does Bush hate our troops?


Your good health has only made you more shrill, and this post is no exception. Shrill, shrill and completely unbalanced: you blabber about your blog, but nothing about Iraqi schools or the evilness of S’dam. Self-centered autobiography like Clinton.
Now that you have been proven wrong and hypocratical on everything and every opinion, will you stop? Sadly…no.

(yay one year)


Happy Birthday, you hunka burnin’ love.


A haiku for Sadly, No!’s birthday.

Did Amber Pawlik,
bikini clad, give Seb a
hummer? Sadly, No!




Pete from The Dark Window met this girl

Seb…If you’re going to blow off Flash Fridays, you could at least give a believable excuse!

But congratulations on the anniversary anyway! Your blog always brings a smile to my face. Mainly because every time I look at it I feel a lot better about my own.


A Momentous Day

Seb No, the inimitable evil doctor, is celebrating his one-year blogging anniversary and the Dark Window would like to offer its warmest congratulations. The festivities began Friday morning when Seb wrote this fairly pathetic self-tribute and then p…


One Year…Congratulations.

But does Amber Pawlik want to show her boobies to celebrate? Just think of it, “Amber Gone Wild”, the DVD. Wouldn’t that be a cool birthday present?

Sadly, No!


For some reason, the thought of Sadly, No! and celebrations makes the Far Side come to mind. It’s a bit disturbing. (Remember the one where the strange character is bopping passers-by with an outsized mallet and the police are looking at his papers and going “I’ll be, he *does* have a license to do that”–?) I can’t completely explain it, I’m afraid (or should that be “reassured”)

Oh, and what you should have said about Flash Friday is, we were working on the Extra Special Anniversary Edition, but it’s taking a little longer than we hoped, but just wait until next week! Then everyone would be pumped and cheer twice as loud next time. Too late to do that now, sadly.



I’m bowing in every possible direction in your honor. And it’s confusing the hell out of my cat. Her name is Guzzle and she loves chick peas.




So you’ve been “bringing it on” for one year, just like the Iraqi insurgents — and with almost equally catastrophic results for the rest of us. Congratulations!


alanw: yes that would be cool. Sadly, though, there’s no Easter Bunny, no fucking Tooth Fairy, no Santa Claus, and no Jeebus to take the freaks away.

Happy Anniversary Sadly, No!


Happy Birfday Seb.

Contrary to convention, I suggest YOU dispense the presents this year. A shiny new calculator for Frumbag, a Penthouse subscription for Ben, a UPC scanner for Justin, a suitably dull Viking toy sword for Brian Cherry, nipple clamps for Peggy, and a shiny art deco dildo for Amber, engraved, naturally, with a dollar sign, the symbol of a free mind.

Also, you may bequeath all your traffic to me.

Oh did I say the quiet part loud and the loud part quietly? I hate it when I do that.

Seriously, happy birthday

you shrill bitch!


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