Oh for God’s sake:

A New York Jets season-ticket holder filed a class-action lawsuit Friday against the New England Patriots and coach Bill Belichick for “deceiving customers.”

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Newark, N.J., by Carl Mayer of Princeton Township, N.J., stems from the Patriots being caught illegally videotaping signals from Jets coaches in New England’s 38-14 season-opening win Sept. 9.

“They violated the integrity of the game,” Mayer’s attorney, Bruce Afran, told The Associated Press. “This is a way of punishing Belichick and the Patriots.”

Mayer is seeking more than $184 million in damages for Jets ticket holders. […]

“They were deceiving customers,” said the 48-year-old Mayer. “You can’t deceive customers.”

The lawsuit maintained that because other teams found illegal videotaping by the defendants, Jets ticket holders should be compensated for all games played in Giants Stadium between the Jets and Patriots since Belichick became head coach in 2000.

Leave aside for a minute that this man never has and never will have sex with anyone in his entire life.

Let’s look at the “merits” of his “case.” He is actually saying that the Patriots “defrauded” Jets fans by pummeling their team into an unrecognizable pile of goo just about every time they’ve met over the past seven years. According to Mayer, the Jets- who have been coached by such invincible sideline gurus as Herm Edwards and Al Groh, and have been quarterbacked by such modern legends as Brooks Bollinger– was clearly robbed.

Irony: you know who worked for the Patriots during several of their recent ass-kickings of the New York Jets? That’s right- Eric Mangini. I wonder if Mayer will want to sue him as well.


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“Leave aside for a minute that this man never has and never will have sex with anyone in his entire life.”

We’re people too, you know!

Wow, this fraudulent is so many levels. How many, exactly, Jets’ ticket buyers is he “representing”? How is he representing them? How does he intended to fairly distribute the $184 million he hopes to collect to said ticket buyers? Can anyone else who has ever been to a Pats vs. XX game sue for millions as well? Who is ultimate responsible for the “product”, the Pats, or the NFL commish office? The “product” is the enjoyment from watching the games, he can’t have lost anything from his future enjoyment of the games, has they have not happened yet, and you can’t sue people for things that haven’t happened, and how can he PROVE that his enjoyment of any previous games has been tarnished?
And I’m not even a high-paid lawyer!


the integrity of the game

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!1!1!1!11 or whatevah the kids say.

OT: Pick a Bale of Stupid is the best title ever for a post. Hanx Jillian!


Rocket Man: Whatever the hell that stupid GadgetGadget.info thing is, it just called you “Molly.”

And don’t forget that Herm Edwards “plays the game to win!”

P. S.: When did S,N! become a New England sports blog? What’s the proper leftist interpretation of sports? Isn’t it all of this crap as much an opiate of the masses as religion or oxycontin?

And what’s this “Car of Tomorrow” crap that NASCAR came up with? That’s really got me confused.


My sports team will beat your sports team! Yay, a bunch of the dick jocks who beat the smart kids up in high school slamming into each other on some grass. What enjoyment.


I think he has a strong case


That’s almost as funny as the Giant crybabies (most likely) filing an anonymous complaint that the Seahawks were pumping artificial noise into their stadium last season.


Abbreviated Sadly, No!

Whining is the exclusive right/property of fans of New England sports teams.
Use by fans of other sports teams is strictly prohibited.

Leave Bill Belichick alone!
Leave Tom Brady alone!
Leave the Red Sox alone!
Leave the Celtics alone!
Leave the Bruins alone!


Can haz clazz ackshun sute against Boosh?


Back in 1987 I was at Candlestick Park watching batting practice when they showed on JumboTron the replay of Billy Hatcher of the Houston Astros getting caught using a corked bat against the Cubs. I’m suing Hatcher, the Astros, the Giants, MLB, and Sony. And please don’t tell me there’s a statute of limitations for dashed illusions of the integrity of the game and solidity of the bats.


King Quaker, it’s obvious you haven’t spent much time in Denver if you think whining is a habit exclusive to New England’s teams’ fans.


I believe it was Winston Churchill who once said, “New England sports fans are the worst form of whiners, except for all the other sports fans.”


King Quaker,

I’m afflicted with Belichick Derangement Syndome. Does that give me license to whine even though I’m not from Boston?


Leave aside for a minute that this man never has and never will have sex with anyone in his entire life.

Assuming he even knows what sex is!!!!!


Oh. It’s 184 million for all the fans? Nuts. I was hoping this pussy would have the courage of his convictions and demand the 184 mill. for himself.

And will someone pls. tell me why stealing signs is “wrong”? I have the same question with card counting in Vegas. Isn’t it called “playing the game”? Isn’t it called “having skill”?

“What? You can count to 21? That’s it–out. You’re outa here. And don’t try
coming back in one of those fake moustaches, either. Your ass is banned, wise guy.”


USF Bulls.

That is all.


Hmmm, I concede that this is stupid in the particulars, but…

If it sets the precedent that cheating in games amounts to breach of contract and/or false advertising, it may well be worth it. That way, anyone whose team played the Giants during the Bonds era may have grounds for legal action. And while I’d rather those lawsuits not go very far, if they put pressure on MLB to ban Bonds, nullify his records, and permanently remove him from HOF consideration, it’ll be well worth it.

In other news, the Pack is 3-0. Neener neener.


Ah, how refreshing to read about someone who is merely dumb and misguided, rather than mind-numbingly hope-crushingly DNA-alteringly stupid like Mike Medved or that guy who saw with his own eyes! that Code Pink banner.


Let me be clear.
1) Whining is the exclusive purview of fans of New England teams.
2) Complaining that fans of other teams whine is reserved solely for fans of New England teams.
3) Whining by fans of teams other than New England teams will be punished by either:
a) A two week stay in “Red Sox Nation”.
b) Continuous, uninterrupted whining by fans of New England teams.


KQ, you’re whining.


Ahem. Running around the wrong way before a play starts is cheating too.


Paul M,
I leave for Framingham on Monday.


It’s unfortunate that most of my favorite blogs seem to be written by Patriots fans with a severe persecution complex, but I guess that’s a relatively small price to pay for interesting writing. Now, what say you get back to some interesting writing?


Sure, it’s a stupid lawsuit, but anything that fucks with Belichick is fine with me.


I LIKE the idea of stealing signs.

I LIKE the idea of figuring out the other guys are stealing your signs and changing to the double-secret signs to fuck ’em up.

One of the primary lessons of espionage tradecraft, along with cryptanalysis is that if you can figure out that your comms are being intercepted, it gives you one helluva powerful weapon.

Stop whining, fer cryin out loud, and start being BETTER than the opposition…



What is it about Jets’ fans anyway? Let’s face it: their team has been lousy for years, and it’s the fault of their management, not their opponents.

And what would this fan say about their final meeting last season in which the Jets won?

I will keep saying it – the single Nameth Super Bowl victory is all the Jets are going to get in our lifetime.


hee. hilarious lawsuit makes me laugh.

OT: Pick a Bale of Stupid is the best title ever for a post. Hanx Jillian!

ditto. I kept thinking it and laughing while at work.


Pats fans’ attitude toward the Jets is eerily similar to that of Yankee fans toward the Red Sox.


I know it’s tough, but that’s Namath.
Joe Willie Namath.


A question about “stealing signs”: Is it against the rules for coaches (or their assistants) on Team A’s sidelines to watch coaches on Team B’s sidelines and match their signals to plays on the field to try to figure out what play Team B is going to run? In other words, is it illegal for Team A to use human eyes and memory to duplicate what the Patriots did with a video camera? If so, then I guarantee every team in the NFL is cheating. If not, then what real difference does a video camera make?

Nuff Said McGreavey

I wonder if this guy realizes that people who file frivolous lawsuits often end up paying the defendant’s legal bills?

Nuff said.


It’s about using only one’s eyes, brain & maybe pen & paper, as opposed to technological enhancement you can refer to later w/o relying on your observational skills & memory alone. Video artificially enhances your natural abilities, it’s the equivalent of steroids in this case.


Davis, aside from the part where the Yankees have the chops to back it up.


It’s le français, you stupid kraut robot!!


If this isn’t thrown out on the first day, I’m going forward with my plan to sue Jerry Seinfeld for stealing all the jokes I wrote and using them on his TV show before I got the chance to write any of them down.


Raiders Fan, if that really is the rationale, it’s idiotic. They have photographs of every play on the field, which the QB and the coaches look at after every series. There are multiple cameras set up for taking video of the game for analysis between games. The officials use instant replay with slow motion to review plays. Hell, the fans get instant replay with slow motion just for fun. I realize these all show on-field action and not the sidelines (though every broadcast shows plenty of sideline activity too, and presumably some of that secret sauce gets captured incidentally). But still, the idea that for things that happen on the field you can use any technology you want to extract maximum information, but the sidelines are off-limits to anything but sticks and rocks… that’s moronic.

And what if a team hired someone with a photographic memory? Would they then have an unfair advantage? Many head coaches hide their mouths when they’re calling play out of fear that the other side will have lip readers. Is that sort of training also unfair?

By the way, in the NFL, I believe the equivalent of steroids is… steroids.


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