Had ’em all the way.

The Sox finally, finally clinch the damn AL East title. No 1978 this year. Phew.

And with that, I’m going out for a drink.


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got my tickets to anaheim. going to see the sawx sweep the angels. 🙂 i missed out on the world series in ’04, but will not miss out on it this year. don’t care whom the sox are going to play in the WS, but I will be there. so what if i don’t pay my mortgage for one month.


Pop the bottles of bub, bitches!!!! WE WON. THE YANKS LOST.

Bring on the visitors for Game 1.


And, for their trouble, get to face the Angels…very scary. I’m kinda glad my team (the A’s) has been out of it since…uh…March, I think. The baseball playoffs get me too worked up even if I don’t have a horse in the race.

Good luck to the Sawx and the Cubbies…and fuck the Yankees right in ear (sorry, adifferentbrad, but they are pure evil, and in your heart of hearts you know this).


Just like Secretariat at Belmont…if he had been hit with a tranquilizer dart 100 yards from the finish.

In addition to champagne and beer, I saw players pouring Pocari Sweat on each others’ heads. That must be Daisuke’s endorsed product.


The Los Angeles Angels of Disneyland will not be swept, nor will they be defeated. At least not ’till they face the Cubbies.


Now it’s time to start gloating over the body of the Bronx Bombers (kinda gives new meaning to that moniker, no?). How long before Torre is gone, A-Rod is gone, Posada is gone. I smell smoke and that can only mean one thing–FIRE SALE!


On a related note, Go Phightin’ Phils, Muck the Fets!


Gloating? It’ll be an interesting offseason, but it ain’t the offseason yet, ijit. Credit where it’s due for winning the division, no doubt, but I’m hoping for a traditional Yanks-Sox LCS, and righting a few wrongs.
The Yanks aren’t evil, Steinbrenner is just an asshole, and despite his efforts, the franchise is about a lot more than just him.


Isn’t Steinbrenner just about on his last legs?


It doesn’t matter Brad. The Yankees are still coming for our souls.


As a fan of the Mac and other things, I read John Gruber’s Daring Fireball weblog, and his posts on baseball, amid the computer stuff, remind me that you can be the most reasonable and agreeable person on the planet, but if you’re a Yankee fan, there’ll always be a bit of you that’s the worst kind of asshole.


The Angels are scary? The last thing the Angels wanted was to go to Fenway. They are so toast.


1978 was teh awesome. Look out, whining Bosox fans who complain every year even though their team has been consistently one of the strongest franchises in the game since 1967 — the specter of mighty Bucky Dent still haunts you all. (Well, that and Yaz popping up foul behind third to end the game.)

Actually, the reason 1978 was teh awesome was that you caught us: we pwned you by mid-September and built a couple games’ lead, and then you nasty Red Sox won your last eight in a row. Those were two good teams.


I’m an Indians fan right now. They’re a fun team. If they get eliminated, I’ll root for the angels. Then the Red Sox.

I will not root for the diamondbacks, the cubs or the mets. Unless, of course, they end up in the WS against the yanks. I could root for the ’07 phillies, so we’ll have to see. The mets and padres getting eliminated this weekend would give me pleasure.

See how flexible you can be when the team you REALLY root for is 70-90, 20 games out?



So being born in in New York’s capital to a lifelong Yankee fan makes me a little evil?
The worst thing about sports is how even bright people turn into drooling morons about them sometimes.
It is possible to enjoy sports and retain an intellect, folks. Try it sometime.


diffbrad, I’ve always heard that having a team so broadly and universally hated as the Yanks are is fun, especially if they win all the time, which, btw, they do. I’ve heard jeter say it makes it extra enjoyable to play in other parks because there’s always a sense of rivalry coming from the stands.

I don’t think most people think being a yankee fan makes you anything except, well, a yankee fan. You grow up rooting for the home team. At least you do if you’re normal. I remember back when the 49ers were beating everyone, there were a surprising number of locals who professed hatred for them. Never understood that at all.

That said, I do hate the yankees…



Oh, my bad. I’m evil and an asshole.
Seriously, is there some kind of requirement for bright people to act 5 sometimes that I missed?


mikey, hating the Yanks is fine. I got no problem with that. What I have a problem with is the personal attacks.
They sound like wingnuts ragging on libruls. It’s fucking obnoxious, especially considering this is supposed to be where bright, good people mock that kind of mindset, not indulge in it.

Nuff Said McGreavey

Red Sox vs Cubs

“And the heavens will part…”


The whole point of sports bantering is that you can/should act like an idiot, make w/ the ad hominems, etc., ’cause it’s just entertainment, has no greater meaning (except for tax-payer financing of stadia, perhaps) & allows for a little emotional involvement/release. For all you otherwise emotionally stunted men, that is.


As a Red Sox fan I hate the Red Sox themselves more deeply than i could ever hate a Yankees fan. Yankees hating is just funnin’. Within 10 days, I am sure you will understand my deep distrust of the Sox…

Like smoking. So good, but in the end not good for you.


if you’re a Yankee fan, there’ll always be a bit of you that’s the worst kind of asshole.

My six year old self, the one who became a fan of the Yankees, would like to kindly invite you to fuck the fuck off.


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