Friday Vids Is The Same Old Song

Followup singles that were maybe just a wee bit too similar to the original hit:

The Four Tops — ‘I Can’t Help Myself’ (0:40), 1965

The Four Tops — ‘It’s The Same Old Song’ (1:48), 1965

Bad Company — ‘Feel Like Makin’ Love’ (5:38), 1975

Bad Company — ‘Shooting Star’ (6:12), 1975

Blue Oyster Cult — ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’ (3:47), 1976

Blue Oyster Cult — ‘Burnin’ For You’ (4:48), 1981


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Hey! At least those groups didn’t suXX0rz.

Look at GW Bushler’s follow up singles.

P.S. You know what’s totally awesome? Play all Gavin’s youtubes above AT THE SAME TIME.



Ok, two things.

First, what, you think the whole concept of the mindless recycled sequel is something hollywood just thought up? If it worked once, hell, try it again.

Second. Thunder, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that it’s actually a GOOD thing we weren’t rippin and runnin buddies thirty years ago, ’cause neither of us would have survived…



Wanna know some good chemistry experiments, mikey?


I thought this was gonna be about the debates.


That’s why it’s called “The Same Old Song”.

Also, Buddy Holly played the exact same guitar solo on “Ting-a-Ling” and “That’ll Be The Day”.

And the superfluous bits segments which were cut out of “Hey Paula” by Paul & Paula were stuck back together and used to make Paul & Paula’s next single, “Young Lovers”.

And “Soulful Strut” by Young-Holt Unlimited is just “Am I The Same Girl” by Barbara Acklin with a piano track instead of the vocals.


And where is Paul Rodgers?

He make very sexy the voice.


Very the sexy. I make apology.


And “Hello, I Love You” and “All of the Day and All of the Night” may as well be the same song with different lyrics; but, if you play them both at the same time backwards, you hear: “Robert Plant is the Ring-bearer … (for Tiny Tim’s wedding)”


Wanna know some good chemistry experiments, mikey?

I have about 3½ pounds of Potassium Perchlorate and a couple hundred feet of 8 second fuse. Let’s rock n roll…




dead on. i never go into a pitch meeting with something that i call original. i go in with something that is “kramer vs kramer meets breakin 2: electric boogaloo” but with a unique twist! the murderer is actually the butler’s butler’s butler!!! you’ve never seen this before!! except you have, so don’t feel worried!! i will deliver you stupid!

starring ashley judd and morgan freeman, say.


Totally OT, but interesting: Keith Olbermann gave Horowitz his “Worst Person in the World Award” for using that movie execution still to promote his facist bomb Iran festival. Just thought I’d mention it in case you missed it. Way to go, Sadly, No!


I have a fever, and the prescription is… more cowbell.


Righteous Bubba – I once used that page to explain my hatred of Nickelback to some friends. They continued to insist in their liking of said band. We don’t speak of music anymore.

Anyway, before I head out to do some drinking while listening to loud loud industrial musics, I submit the following:

Polish hip hop over ragga-Bhangra-esque beats with some Tuvan throatsinging thrown in.


[Q:] Have you been to the web site that plays “Someday” and “How You Remind Me” simultaneously and suggests the melody is exactly the same?

[A:] No, I haven’t. I’m quite a student of music, actually, and if you want to get into it seriously, we can. I think that’s remarkable for somebody to notice that there’s a hit quality. If all hits sound the same, then sorry. When you are a band that has a distinct style such as us or AC/DC, that happens. When you have a distinct style, you run the risk of sounding similar. We won’t turn around and write a Jennifer Lopez record. We have an idea of what Nickelback sounds like. I don’t think we did that. Maybe that person got thrown out of a show.

Mike Kroeger of Nickelback, interviewed by the Cleveland Free Times, July 7, 2004.


Older band, live, longer, still one of the all time solos.

You forgot the umlaut. “Ö.” There.

Don’t be puttin’ down “Burnin’ For You,” either, the royalties let my close personal acquaintance the Mad Meltz quit his bookstore job, & it’s not really that close to “Reaper,” not as frantic, better lyrics. I mean, whaddya expect, Buck Dharma wrote the music for both of them, & he wanted to show off his axemanship.

Likewise, I’ll guess Holland-Dozier-Holland wrote both the Four Tops songs, & they were trying to make hits.

Nah gunna click on Bad Company, wouldn’t be prudent. But I’ll tell you my third hand Paul Rogers story. Mr. Rodgers, quite drunk, was @ a urinal in a Hollywood club, one of his fans used the urinal next to him, and remarked, “Hey, aren’t you, etc.,” so Mr. Rodgers turned around to greet him, forgetting exactly what he was doing, & soaked his fan. Better than an autograph?


Damn, Bouffant, that’s almost EXACTLY how I met my first wife….



What, she thought you were Paul Rodgers?


The only thing worse than doing the exact same thing is doing something completely different.


Please! No more karaoke videos (unless they’re “Music Videos” loaded with nostalgia value, laughs, or super hot chix…btw that Billy Squire spaz dance vid last month was SUPOIB!)! No fake “live” should be tolerated at a snark site!

And why is the USA (toilet paper capitol of the world) the only place covert Karaoke is tolerated, anyway?

I admire this stuff: 7am, midnight sun, no sweat:


Polish hip hop over ragga-Bhangra-esque beats with some Tuvan throatsinging thrown in.


I’m sure I’ve mentioned some of them before but if you like that you might also like Balkan Beat Box (first album refuses to leave my music queue) Boom Pam (Surf Guitar meets Mediterranean beats) and Golem! (klezmer through an NYC hipster lens).

Oh, and for Tuvan, check Yat Kha, because, well, who doesn’t love 70s sweathog rock with a Tuvan twist.


There is an aspect of karaoke in all music, but no one can hold a candle to Buck Dharma when he cuts loose.

I think BOC broke the Universe when they released ‘Imaginos’ , and noboby noticed. Its probably better that way…


I admire this stuff: 7am, midnight sun, no sweat:

Where’d you find a midnight sun in Sept.

Listen to Free. (or don’t) Paul Rodgers before he had FM radio ambitions


You can find a midnight sun in the darkest of places. Just close your eyes.



That’s Mick Ralphs on the Flying V in the BadCo vid. Formerly of Mott the Hoople.


Dear god! Someone mentions a couple of old R&B songs on a blog? And Barbara Acklin comes up in comments? Never thought I’d see Chicago R&B (and from Brunswick, at that) here…


The Four Tops’ song is worth recycling.


I think BOC broke the Universe when they released ‘Imaginos’ , and noboby noticed. Its probably better that way…

Let’s see, Imaginos was released in 1988, a concept album devoted to the manipulation of history by a shadowy group of possibly alien beings . Shortly thereafter we witnessed the election of GHW Bush and the “downfall” of the Soviet Union. 15 years later, American troops “stand by” as ancient artifacts are “looted” from Iraqi historical sites. No one has identified the actual artifacts taken, but it should be pointed out that ancient Mesopotamia was an advanced mathematical society, with the demonstrated ability to control the elements, and there are signs that ancient Ur was in fact a colony of extraterrestrials. Now we suddenly have “global warming”.

Coincidence? I think not.

Sadly, Imaginos is out of print in the US. I had it at one point, but it’s long since lost.


I used to think that Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” were the same song. I also used to think Laura Brannigan and Bonnie Tyler were the same person, which is remarkable considering that Tyler is Welsh and Brannigan is American.

But those Bonnie Tyler songs aren’t as similar as the ones linked to here, so sorry for the digression.




[pant pant pant]

Sorry, Kathleen. I was getting a pedicure.

Whatchu need?


Give me silver, blue and gold
The color of the sky I’m told
My Rainbow is overdue….



Here’s the thing that bugs me about the Nickelback song(s).

I sort of like the meta-song that it creates. Those kind of contra-punctual harmonies are INCREDIBLY hard to write. The way the two melodies cut across each other would be utter genius if you came up with it on your own in the studio. You’d be, like, “OMFG!! This is the BEST CHORUS in any song I ever wrote, EVAARR!!!1!!eleven!!!1”

If my band was still together, we could cover it and me and my guitarist would sing the two separate Nickelback songs at once.

“Ladies and gentlemen, now we are going to perform for you two Nickelback songs simultaneously. This is ‘Some Day You Remind Me’.”

We’ve suffered for our art.

Now it’s your turn.


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