No Jews were killed in the making of this war

In yet another entry in the series of “the war in Iraq is going slendidly well if you compare it to other wars,” Karl Zinsmeister unleashes this comparison with World War II:

By the end of that year, 40 percent of the world’s Jews, for instance, would be dead.

If you need us, we’ll be banging our head against the wall.


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You should be banging his head against the wall. And then compare it to the second world war if he complains.


I love the slug-line’s description of Zinsmeister’s earlier quicky as ” book about the 2003 hot war in Iraq.”

Well, it does take place before Bush declared the end of major combat operations. But what was April, slightly toasty?


What’s great about this is the fact that the same people are saying it’s nothing like Vietnam because it’s not in Southeast Asia


By comparison to, say, 45 years ago, I had no idea how to say hack journalist. This really is the best of all worlds.


Well, would he like to compare his WWII percentage to the number of Iraqi Christians and Jews who will be left at the end of this war. They are distinctive, individual ethnic groups.


And yet the number of Iraqis who have died in this conflict are many times the number of Iraqi casualties during the Battle of Trafalgar, Napoleon’s March on Moscow or during Julius Caesar’s British Campaign.

So using the “Karl Zinsmeister Irrelevant Analysis Method” ® we determine that none of those “historical events” matter in the slightest.


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