The low point of a long journalistic career

Tim Russert, you’ve just moderated a debate over who gets to be the President of Red Sox Nation:


So: you have any special plans now that you’ve hit rock bottom?


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Pajamas Media columnist?


Are you sure this is his low point?


tim. little russ. my son. what in god’s name are you doing?


Bucky fucking Dent for Pres, Buckner for VP. Grady Little as Secretary of Defense.


The whole concept of Red Sox Nation is disgusting and shameless. No one owns my right to be a fan.

But Timmeh should just hang it up.


Up next: He can moderate President of Cobag Nation.

what does the new The Left have to say?


Until Bill Lee is elected president of RSN, they will not be viewed as a legitimate government. They will be classified as a rogue nation.


if only our amry wasn’t broken down, we could go to war with Red Sox Nation. now *that* I would support.


If teh Sux and teh Yank-mees get into a sectarian scuffle, can we turn the East Coast into a sea of glass?


So much hate! Haters!


I think this guy should be president of dickhead … errr Red Sox nation …


I am an equal opportunity Hater. Aren’t there Dark People on both teams?

Case Closed. Bomb ’em!


It’s hard to verify the identity of the person in this photograph, since it shows him in profile.

Tim Russert can only be positively identified when looking directly at the camera, for the full benefit of his classic Jack O’ Lantern visage.


Or how about this guy for Preznit of “teh nayshun” …


HEY!! Does this mean I have to break out the gorilla suit again?


Man, are all you coastal types gonna look silly when none other than YOUR CLEVELAND INDIANS


Shit. How do you submit without a mouse? Poltergeists?

*AHEM* As I was saying.

Man, are all you coastal types gonna look silly when none other than YOUR CLEVELAND INDIANS win the world series in six…



Where do you live, mikey?


I’ve formed an exploratory committee, and plan to make my announcement before Thanksgiving. I appreciate your support.


Where do you live, mikey?

Um. On the OTHER coast. The one ESPN denies the existence of and Gary Ruppert hates…



I thought that was the flag of North Korea at first.


the low point is that Hillary, Edwards, and Obama have all pledged to keep our troops in Iraq through 2013. Pretty fucking low no matter what Russert says.

And just what is your favorite bible verse?


Important Action alert! Have you heard about this story?

Knight High School in Palmdale


Wasn’t Tim Russert “Little Russ” in “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”?


So Cal, huh, Mikey? Damn, its going to be hard to get down there under martial law…


Oh please! There are all kinds of lows he can reach for! Can you say World Net Daily, friends? I knew you could.


Actually, Silicon Valley. But other than the lack of palm trees and wannabe actresses, not much of a difference…




“Caroline Allen, an NStar spokeswoman, said the explosion resulted from a cable failure, which occurs “from time to time.”

Okay? Look, it happens. Manholes burst into flame (whatever the fuck that means) from time to time. Get over it.


Manholes burst into flame (whatever the fuck that means) from time to time.

Oh, stop being coy. I’ve seen you at both Folsom and Pride…


Mikey …. howdy neighbor!


Come on Brad — Russert whoring himself out to Red Sox Nation will pale in comparison to the low he’ll soon reach when he take a dive during the next GOP debate.


I couldn’t watch most of this debate because Russert was in full attack mode towards every Dem candidate with every nasty attack question he could muster up to make them look bad…geeez do I hate Timmy and Chris both.


Mr Wonderful-

Are you familiar with the Manhole of Promise?

Snowwy seems to think so…


Well, mikey, that’s a fur piece from here.

Do you travel to train?


Actually, manhole do more or less burst into flame from time to time.
I remember one on the other side of the building i used to live in on the LES doing so. Twice, in fact.
None of us want to know how poorly our nation’s infrastructure is maintained. And Manhattan’s not exactly a low tax revenue area.


Having pride in one’s manhole does not necessarily mean th–

No, wait.

Uh, “bursting into flame” is not always a euphem–

No, um, hang on–

Uh, Promises, promises! If I had a dollar for every manhole I promi….

Forget I said anything.



Sounds like a Red Sox nation problem, to me. We never have that here in the People’s Republic.


I regret to inform you that it will in fact be the LA Angels of Anaheim who will defeat all comers on their way to the crown.


Yankees vs. Red Sox.

It’s like Lex Luthor vs. Doctor Doom- can you root for both to lose?


Ah, yes, I remember the manhole of promise fondly.


Oh, listen to Snowwy, all “we have basic functioning civil infrastructure here in LA LA land”, or some other rich liberal haven, built on the backs of mexicans..

We in the east are proud of our heritage of cesspits next to wells in the country, and unexpected methane explosions in the cities. Bostonians and New Yorkers take pride in studied indifference to civil catastrophe. The rest of the nation would do well to take note and emulate our pluck, as there will be a temperary pause in the maintinence of the country while we pay back the trillion dollars China lent us.

So you’d better get used to flaming manholes, you’ll be seeing a lot more from now on.

Oh, and BU sucks. Still have the right priorities. Remember Silber?


Aww, c’mon. EVERYONE who doesn’t have a serious vested interest in their own team will root for the Cubs.

But given their fabulous reverse-sweep against the dreaded Marlins this week, us Cub fans are put in the position of hoping the magic number is taken care of exclusively by the Brewers.

But anything can happen come playoff time!

HRC’s answer to this completely stupid, irrelevant-to-anything-substantive (I know, Mr. Plamegate, you were just trying to lighten things up) was oddly revealing. Couldn’t commit. Yankee fan? Why not just root for more money-as-power, straight up?

Good line about the apocolypse, though. Even *I* laughed.

And she’s the worst possible Dem candidate, save for one critical character trait: She’s MEAN, tough, and won’t take any Swiftboating bullshit. It will serve her well, because she’s in for one serious blizzard of attack, and the GOP doesn’t have far to go with the independents to make her seem like Mao.


Even though she’s the most “conservative” of the Dem candidates, ironically.

We have to stop this “left v. right” thing. That’s just a canard to hold the little people at bay against the REAL debate, “have v. have not.”

The middle class is being destroyed.


But, on topic, the only thing that matters in Chicagoland for the next three weeks is fall baseball. Fuck politics.

Also, Rex Grossman is getting the Gore-smear from the local and national media.

So there.


Question: Is having a bunch of “poser” fans worse, or would being at year 89 without a WS win be worse?


Say what you want about poser fans, but at age 10 I probably saw 140 games (God bless WGN) in 1969. If I ran home from school fast enough, I could see the late innings in every game.

I saw the infamous black cat live; I watched Don Young blow a couple easy plays in center field as Ron Santo have the heart attacks that still haunt him today; I watched the Cubs blow an 8 1/2 game lead in 6 weeks.

Once you’ve gone through that, as a 10 year old baseball junkie, you’re in.


“would being at year 89 without a WS win be worse?”

Dude, the Red Sox won their last World Series, like, three years ago.


On matters of sport I have a soft-spot for Timmeh, as he is, like me, a Buffalonian export to DC, and, like me, a Bills (SIGH) and Wizards fan (no really–he actually comes to the games! I wave at him from the nosebleeds and yell that he needs to ask more questions about “values.”). But at this point, allowing yourself to be identified with this whole deranged “Red Sox Nation” phenomenon is like agreeing to duet with Britney on her next album. Just back away.

Charles Giacometti

If it meant I could stand next to Tina Cervasio, I would moderate anything.


Hi! I’d love for Charles to moderate a debate between the staff of The Weekly Standard and 9/11 truthers!


I do like that he seems to be elbowing that woman in the face. That’s those blue-collar South Buffalo manners for ya!

Charles Giacometti

Tina, if you are at my elbow, so to speak, anything!


Timmeh’s hit rock bottom, but will try to dig deeper.


Well, just to die in a couple of years.


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