Foto Funnies Pt. 1.75: Curiouser-And-Curiouser Edition

LindaSOG, a right-wing blogger who recently posted the IP and email address of one of our commenters out of sheer bwahaha pettiness (and is now forging emails — don’t leave a comment at her site; this crazy person can’t be trusted with any personal data) brings up an interesting point apropos the Code Pink thing and our own Photoshopping of images, specifically this picture of Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House robbing a convenience store:

Above: Moran didn’t actually rob a convenience store, as far as we know

Not cool for school! You complain about the photoshop of code pink’s banner and then post that vileness using someone else’s name.

well, it certainly makes a mockery of the entire thread and shows you to be the hypocrites that you are.

We think she’s talking about the Moran pic; we’re not totally sure what the ‘vileness’ is.* So okay. The first thing we have to do is get this out of the way:

Above: LingaSOG, Internet boor

So there’s that. Now, Confederate Yankee stopped by a couple days ago (in a rare visit) and said something similar, so let’s clear this up forthwith: Photoshopping a Code Pink banner so that it says something about murdering troops, or molesting sheep, or whatever anyone might want to Photoshop onto a Code Pink banner? Eh. The image is clearly watermarked, but even if it weren’t clearly watermarked, it wouldn’t occur to us to ‘complain’ about it. There’s nothing to ‘complain’ about. It’s art; it’s an image. It’s satire.

The obvious and oft-stated problem (and by Jesus, I’ll say this very plainly so that even LindaSOG can’t find a way to misunderstand it) is that people have been posting that image as if it were real, arguing that it proves something about Code Pink — specifically that it proves that Code Pink are, in real life, murderous communists treasonously sabotaging America with their treasonous, shrill calls to murder US troops, as is clearly seen from their banner.

Above: Actual Code Pink banner (Hanx! Mo’s Bike Shop)

Above: Photoshopped Code Pink banner

Now what’s interesting here isn’t just that people are trying to claim, against all evidence, that the fake banner is real. There’s also sort of a metastory in that these are the same people who were invited to the White House and met President Bush, Laura Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Condi Rice last week, three days after they attacked protesters at an anti-war demonstration in DC.

Above: Gathering of Eagles assaults Gold Star father Carlos Arredondo, 9/15/07

US: The Code Pink banner in this Gathering of Eagles post is Photoshopped

SNOOPER: “Dear ass hole…I was there in DC with the Gathering of Eagles and Vets For Freedom. I saw the damn thing myself.”

Above: Snooper (left, in Vets For Freedom signature brown shirt) invited to White House, 9/18/07

SNOOPER: “I saw the shredding of it. UPDATE: I have been informed that the picture in question was not the one we saw shredded in DC. My bad. The banner was displayed in CA at a separate rally.”

Above: Gathering of Eagles harassing Code Pink and ‘shredding’ their banner, 9/15/07

US: This guy here from the Two Malcontents blog says he Photoshopped it.

TWO MALCONTENTS GUY: “I created the graphic, and those exact words are from Code Pink’s website”

US: Actually, he claims to have quoted and linked to those words at their site, but he’s totally just making that up.

TWO MALCONTENTS GUY: “We photo-shopped with the message we did, because it is true.” [Posts the following video]

Above: Freepers harass Code Pink members until someone provides them with a gotcha-quote

US: Say, isn’t that Kristinn Taylor in that video, standing to the right of the camera?

Above: Free Republic spokesman Taylor harassing Code Pink members, 4/20/07

Above: Gathering of Eagles spokesman Taylor invited to White House, 9/18/07

[Stay tuned for Foto Funnies Pt. II, non-Code-Pink edition]

* J- points out this comment, which seems to be ‘the vileness.’ The commenter’s IP shows no other comments here, but is geographically identical with LindaSOG’s. We’re not saying it’s her, or a friend of hers, but it’s also not anyone else we’re familiar with. Update: Nope, after a second look, it’s definitely not her or anyone in her area. Whoever left the comment, please follow ancient practice in leaving fake comments by using the link field, as thus: Jonah Goldberg –>


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LindaSOG needs more 9/11 truth commenters at her site. Lots more.


The only sad thing about this site’s constant pwnership of wingnuts is that the wingnuts are simply too stupid and dishonest to understand that they’ve been pwned.


Jesus Christ, I NEVER wrote that diabtribe she’s got up there today. I never even asked her to remove my IP address in the one email I sent to her on the matter. For some reason she’s decided to craft her own emails from me.

She’s starting to piss me off. Is there anything I can do?


The Stupid!! It burns!!!


Lesley, what’s she saying? I can’t access her site.


Oh okay, she posted this at the bottom (which I didn’t see right away because I didn’t click “continue reading [my slanderous entry])

Yes, the above is “fake but accurate,” and a well deserved exaggeration of the views of the looney leftist who is responsible for posting this vile comment and attributing it to my friend Beth, who would never, ever say or think such things.

This is the last bit of attention they’ll get here. Life is too short and I don’t have the patience for people who consider name calling and personal attacks debate tactics and who believe that whoever says the most vile thing wins.

For the record, I never called her or any of her friends a cunt either. That was someone else driven to the brink by these idiots when they were in here calling Mikey names. Further, these idiots swarmed into SadlyNo. I don’t see any “debating” by SadlyNosians in any of their comment threads.


Never mind; I saw it (the text, anyway). WTF?!


Is there an image posted with it?


WTF, indeed.

That was like every horrible thing ever said by anyone ever rolled up into one.


Lesley, what’s she saying? I can’t access her site.
Here’s LindaSoG’s latest:

September 26, 2007
Love notes from the left

BDS at its finest from my friends at Sadly, No.

Dear SoggyBottom:

I don’t understand why you refuse to take down the post that has my IP in it after I’ve asked you NICELY, and Gavin has ASKED YOU NICELY and all of the commentors from Sadly, No came and posted here to you and you REFUSED to let them have free speech here and you BANNED them and your stupid excuse about hotlink protection is crap because EVERYONE knows that being banned doesn’t mean you can’t access the site it just means they can only see the words and not the pictures and using an ananonymous proxy site doesn’t trip the hotlink protection because banned doesn’t mean access to the site is denied because they can see the words but not the pictures, even in firefox and they never hotlinked anything ever. You liar!

Just because we called you a vindictive cunt is no reason to be so mean, and its just like a RIGHTWING HATE MONGER to do something like that with no consideration for anyone else’s feelings just becasue they called you names when you post youir opinions which were STUPID anyway. Its all part of internet DEBATE and you should know that.

The long term effects of what your doing is TERRIBLE for ME. Have you thought about what might HAPPEN to ME because of you and your post? First of all, if they know MY ip address then they can send ME weird private emails and if I get any weird private emails it will be all your fault for giving away MY ip address. with MY IP out there everyone will know MY ip and now the FBI will know who I am and they’ll comea and tap MY phones and listen to ME talking and read MY emails and DON’T say they won’t just because I live in CANADA because they do it all the time every day someone DISAPPEARS and probably one day they’ll come and arrest ME as a dissedent and it will be your FAULT because that’s what they do to those of us who are AGAINST this racist facist administration of the United States led by george bush who is worse than President Ahmadinejad and DON’T you DARE say he’s not just because President Ahmadinejad hangs gay people and jails people who speak out against him and lashes people because their beard is too long, I happen to LIKE beards anyways and just because he says he want to kill the jews doesn’t mean hes really going to kill the jews just because he says he will and israel should be wiped off the map anyway because teh jews stole land and kill innocent people who have rights and they are resisting and should be helped. At least the Hamas ones should be helped and not the Fatah ones because george bush supports the Fatah ones and not the freedom fighters of Hamas who were ELECTED not like bush who STOLE the election. And wiping them off the face of the earth doesn’t mean killing them stupid, and anyway Iran has a right to have nukes and george bush is worse than him and whats wrong with a burka anyway you stupid cunt.

You support an ILLEGAL war for OIL and the raping and killing of INNOCENT children and innnocent people in iraq and YOU talk about killing teh brave freedom fighters who are RESISITING OCCUPATION and the troops raping and killing and innocent children being killed and you say you support the trooops but you don’t because if you did you would want them to COME HOME and STOP raping and killing innocent iraqis. Thats right, they are killing innocent people and children but I SUPPORT THEM and don’t you forget it. The troops are dying in iraq getting killed by the brave freedom fighters of the resistence and its all you’re fault and I don’t see you volunteering for a ride in a hummer down a street in bagdad because you’re a coward and a chicken hawk and if your going to support it you should stand side by side with those troops and get shot at same as them because thats what support means and don’t you tell ME that if I support the Palestinian freedom fighters who are fight the evil Zionists in Israel then I should go over and fight for peace with the peaceful Palestinians side by side and maybe strap on a suicide belt because that’s DIFFERENT. You don’t understand the difference between supporting the troops and supporting the Palestinians and you don’t support the troops like I do, thats right I support them and you should too and start fighting to bring them home where they won’t kill any innocent people anymore.

So why don’t you take MY ip down off your site, what you are doing is hate speech and evil and your a warmonger and a bitch and because your so stupid your stupid god is dead and its all your fault. I asked you NICELY you fucking cow so do it already. Do it or you’ll have to atone for it, because your a jew and I’m not, but I know all about atonement because I don’t believe in god or the devil and I know about RIGHT and wrong and calling you a ugly hatemongering cunt is right AND posting my ip is wrong oh and that the devil is george bush and all you evil rightwingers who post other people’s ip addresses.

You should look up the word IMPERIALIST because I did and I saw your UGLY picture right there next your god george bush and his vile and disgusting administration, who is raping and killing and pillaging iraq for its oil and you help him do that by trying to hide it behind about schools and fresh water and electricity as if that matters in iraq. It does’nt matter, they don’t want your imperialist schools and electricity and water and how dare you send troops in there and keep them from controlling their country they way they want to, and keep a puppet administration instead of letting leaders fight their way to the top like they always do and if that means blowing people up well, that’s their business and not yours. They can run their country any way they want and if you understood the culture you would understand that. your way is not the best way you know and they should be able to run their country anyway they want and if they want to blow up schools and hospitals and shopping malls to take power well that’s their culture and who are you to change it that’s their business and not yours and you have no right to send your baby killing troops to force them to do anything.

I know why you refuse to take my ip down, its because your mean and cruel and if any of my commentors commit suicide its all your fault for being a hatemonger and rasict, thats right, you’re a rascist and your precious george bush is a rascist and his stupid racist voucher program proves it, what could be worse and more RACIST than giving poor blacks vouchers so they can get their kids out of the ghetto and into private schools with smaller classes, poor blacks belong in the ghetto, its their culture and if you were’nt so RACIST you would’nt be trying to FORCE them out of the ghetto and into places where they will be at the BOTTOM of the class and out of their regular element and confused and shit. we see you for what you are your’e just trying to get black kids where they will fail. and did it ever occur to you that if you reduce the size of the classes in the public school, then the TEACHERS would lost their per student pay and what do you have against teachers anyway? keep the poor man poor, thats your motto.

And another thing, just because I insinuated that your friend Vinnie is gay by posting on your site with the handle “My dick in Vinnies Ass” doesn’t mean that I think that gay people are BAD or that putting a dick in someone’s ass is an insult and using derogatory gay slurs doesn’t mean that I think being gay or having a dick in your ass or putting a dick in someone’s ass is BAD Or insulting. We like gays.

What is it going to take to make you see reason and take down my ip from your site. your doing it because you lost the debate on my site you know you did and everyone KNOWS you did because you got called a cunt and once you get called a cunt that means you LOST and you lost the argument and your a loser and now your mad. You rightwing nutjobs are ALWAYS holding a grudge about something. heres a friendly piece of advice, you should learn how to DEBATE better and get your facts in order and if you weren’t so ugly and such a cunt you won’t LOSE all the time and then you might be a nicer person and not post the ips of people who are SMARTER than you.

Please take my ip off your site.



Yes, the above is “fake but accurate,” and a well deserved exaggeration of the views of the looney leftist who is responsible for posting this vile comment and attributing it to my friend Beth, who would never, ever say or think such things.

This is the last bit of attention they’ll get here. Life is too short and I don’t have the patience for people who consider name calling and personal attacks debate tactics and who believe that whoever says the most vile thing wins.

Posted by LindaSoG at September 26, 2007 08:47 PM

Below this she’s still posting an image of the email I did send her on September 24th – very brief, calling her out on her Palestinians=garbage graphic. This has my IP address on it.


rats, italics left on.


I’d just like to say that I WAS THERE! and I ACTUALLY SAW LINDASOG!! and her eyes REALLY LOOK LIKE THAT!



Jesus christs tits in a mason jar! She actually sat down and wrote that whole diatribe pretending to be Lesley? Isn’t there some kind of diagnosis indicated here? Munchausens syndrome by blogger or something?

If I knew she was in my neighborhood, I’d order up about a dozen rolls of concertina…



I sent some screen caps to you, Gavin, in the unlikely event that the Internet might break down and her “fake but accurate” post should disappear.

And yeah, that’s some seriously crazy stuff there. It’s like when a 10-year-old has a breakdown and curse words come flowing out all hot-eyed and raggedy. That woman’s got a lot of anger stored up inside.


Dear LindSoG,

The only real question is this: are you in fact the stupidest cunt on the face of the planet, or are you merely pretending to be the stupidest cunt on the face of the planet in order to make a point? Please pick one – there is no third option.


I’m not certain anybody should say anything more about this. The truth has been told and it makes these folks look like the Whitehouse-funded, new Brownshirts that they are.

I think that staying on this actually is giving these crazies the attention they crave. They hope the media will pick up this story because of all the attention it is getting in cyberspace. The media, being the propaganda wing of neo-fascists, can be counted on to spin this mess in favor of Teh New Brownshirts.

Just leave it alone and watch them try another stunt that you can mock, deride, and dismiss.


there are no images.

What pisses me off is she came here and stirred things up. All of the name calling back and forth occurred in SadlyNo threads, and she initiated it.

Yesterday, Vinnie trackbacked Mikey’s comments from SadlyNo to his and other web sites in an attempt to start a row. I suggested he was after attention and that we should ignore him (his site gets very little traffic).


these folks certainly are – what did you call them? – “pickle juice in the dirt” conservatives.


“Up the Provocations” must have been the new instructions…


Hmmm… does this make it time for a Sadlynaut writing contest to see who can come up with the best “fake but accurate” LindaSoG?

I’ll buy the winner a Harpoon at the People’s Republik, if that’s any incentive.


Wow! I’m like a Right-Wing Posterboy for all that is treasonous, traitorous and un-american.

I just can’t stop smiling…


Sadly, Cambridgeport

Those thugs make me sick, absolutely sick. Imagine if it weren’t the middle of a major street in broad daylight with police everywhere. Would they have stopped at calling women peace activists “sluts, bitches, and skanks”, silencing them, shredding their signs, and trying to tear off their hats and shirts?

Now I see why they don’t need to enlist to prove that they support the war; they have shown that they are far braver, right here at home. I shudder to think what would have happened to our brave, pure fatherland if women were allowed to walk the streets unmolested, fearlessly expressing their opinions.


Any video of them harassing ‘vote vets’ walking down the street?


We think she’s talking about the Moran pic, although we’re not totally sure what the ‘vileness’ is.

I think she’s talking about this. You’ll notice Pinko calls the person on it in the very next comment.


For the record, Linda penned the following on Yom Kippur:

September 21, 2007
Yom Kippur
In my quest for truth and justice, I can sometimes be harsh and relentless. Please accept my most sincere apologies for any words written here, or anywhere, which may have caused you hurt.

This Yom Kippur, may all our prayers be favorably heard and answered, and may we be granted forgiveness from each other and from G-d. May we all be sealed in the Books of Life, Good Health, and Prosperity.

Linda, the quintessential religious hypocrite.


I think Linda Soggy’s fake email is quite possibly some of the craziest shit I’ve ever seen. Scary, too.

Her whole personality shows on her face. I’m actually thankful I can’t see her real eyes. I bet they just spit hate. An ugly, ugly person in every sense of the word.

Wow! I’m like a Right-Wing Posterboy for all that is treasonous, traitorous and un-american

Mikey, I think you deserve a promotion in Kommander Kos’s Revolutionary Force.


Mikey, I think you deserve a promotion in Kommander Kos’s Revolutionary Force.

Damn right. I’m gonna lead the Shock Troops.

Are you shocked?



I’m just amazed by “fake but accurate”.

This is what the wingnuts have been going for all along. They tried to Ward (“who the fuck is that?) Churchill us, but it didn’t really take. With FBA now apparently now the benchmark for truth in wingnuttia, it’s a license to post any damn thing. They know we’re absolutely evil. Now they can prove it, facts be damned.

It’s like that “Bat Boy” tabloid suddenly got very interested in politics.

I’m not a shrink, but I’m pretty sure this eagerness to manufacture and accept facts in preference to, you know, reality, represents a significant signpost on the road to total insanity.

I predict a psychotic break in wingnuttia sometime before the next election.


See the update re: the ‘vileness’ comment. I think we’ve been punk’d.


I’m shocked and awed, mikey!


I predict a psychotic break in wingnuttia sometime before the next election.

Me too, and several zillion of them after.


Can someone please drop a rope ladder down into this rabbit hole? I want out. thx


It’s too bad I’m not an Iranian. That would be the icing on the cake of their ridiculous outrage.

Shorter Linda: I’m entitled to call Iranians cockroaches. You’re not entitled to call me a racist for it. If you call me a racist I will put words in your mouth and post them on my web site.


best comment so far:

I’d just like to say that I WAS THERE! and I ACTUALLY SAW LINDASOG!! and her eyes REALLY LOOK LIKE THAT!


ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha.


in case anyone’s interested in what she looks like, here’s Linda’s I am Islamophobic myspace page


A similar thing happened to me at a right wing hate blog. It simply isn’t a good idea to ever post at those sites or to send them emails. With people this desperate and pyschotic, there is just no predicting what they will do. This brand of bedwetter can’t be counted on to behave rationally, honestly, or with any regard for decency once they feel like they’ve been horribly slighted.


Lesley, did not-you have to use so many caps in that not-yours post? That’s really tacky.

Man, that is just one big smoldering pile of crazy sitting up there. The former psych student in me wants to look, but on the other hand I don’t want to ruin the rest of my day.


Wow. They really were providing their own fake BS to get off of. Maybe Gavmo can double check the fake “beth” comment and see where that was coming from.


From her myspace page:

///My first vote ever cast in a presidential election was for Ronald Reagan. I’m a hardcore Conservative and I have no tolerance for liberals.

I do all I can to support our Veterans and our active Military. Don’t diss our troops or I will come after you with everything I have and I will do my best to destroy you.///

The face of derangement.


I think it’s time you guys sprayed the basement with Troll-B-Gone again. This is almost as bad as the time the neo-Nazis got in here and slimed the place (Note to newbies: search for “Prussian Blue” in the S,N! archives for more – I’m too lazy to link.)

LindaSog, Beth, Vinnie et al: Issues much?


Ah, for the good old days, when it was the left that was constantly accused of airbrushing history.

Doctoring photographs has always been the mark of the fanatic, the political fundamentalist who need reality, even the past, to bend to the truth of The War.

I’m just spooked as shit to see it happening right in front of me, like I’m stuck in the Soviet Union or something.



Dammit, Lesley! You beat me to it. I was going to point that out!


Couldn’t help myself, and got through the first two paragraphs of the smoldering pile of not-Lesley crazy.

It’s a funny thing. The not-Lesley projection creation of Soggy Linda – she’s crazy too. The crazy person has created a crazy persona to respond to. It’s a feedback loop of crazy!


I mean, who wears their fear like a badge to be proud of? Very strange.


I downloaded the larger version of the pic (above) of Linda from her myspace account. In the original she’s wearing sunglasses. If you look closely you can glimpse the huge eyeballs underneath and they do look deranged. haha.


I try to stay away from teh looksism but man does Soggy Linda ever have the face she deserves. That woman is uglier than two dogs fucking. I’m going to add a couple of extra miles to my biking route so I can stay sexy enough not to have to ever settle for the likes of her.

The first video made me too sad to watch the second. When did criminal harassment become something the cops just ignore? Have the laws been updated to state that anyone in a pink shirt is fair game?


Lesley, you look at her over there so I don’t have to look at her over here. 🙂


The metaphor in that picture is pretty obvious: Palestinian participation in peace talks is considered useless in the same way as garbage is considered useless. And the photographer’s plea for viewers to consider what the laundry detergent represents – I’m sure he couldn’t have meant ethnic cleansing, because that would be just too ironic.

I understand full well the importance of Israel. And if I had any doubt about it at all, this powerful video – – removed that doubt and replaced it with certainty: Israel has a right to exist, and the governments there could do a lot for regional stability.

But the Palestinians have legitimate concerns, even if their chosen government isn’t very good at representing those concerns. How on earth could you repost such an image while at the same time bowing out of any responsibility for its contents?

The photographer is no longer solely responsible for that image: you posted and endorsed it. If someone is offended by that picture, you played a part in creating that condition.

Don’t get me wrong; my entire website has been described as an affront to human decency, but I don’t claim clean hands when someone comes to me and vents his disgust at what I’ve posted.

I’m serious; I want to know: How could you post something like that and yet disclaim responsibility for it?

Oh, and Beth, I was amused by your endorsement of cannibalism.

I attempted to post the above comment on Linda’s blog a few days ago, in the thread that featured a screen-cap of Lesley’s e-mail. For some reason, this comment never made it out of moderation.

Note to Linda: You can post or refuse to post whichever comments you like; it’s your blog. But mine was a serious question, and you’re dishonest for failing to address it even while bitching about how “the left” won’t engage you in earnest.


All we need now is LindSOG to write another bizarre rant including Ayn Rand, and she will definitely have a lock in the internet award for “most likely to live in their own twisted reality.”


I know I am just echoing previous commenters, but that fake-Leslie email is just really crazy. I admit to “wasting” time poking around the internets and commenting here and there, but who in their right mind would spend that much time crafting a fake rant at that length? honestly.

and she says ‘life is short’ – well she got that one right, but apparently doesn’t understand what it means.


Dear mikey,
Plz send me tunz of gunz so I can be safe when these people lose their shit next year.

It’s going to get violent, soon, isn’t it?
I don’t have enough cash to run for Canada yet, wingnuts.
Give us 9 months or so, please.


Well, I can clearly tell that wasn’t Lesley because Lesley can spell. And use a comma on occasion.


Lame Man @September 27, 2007 at 19:44

It’s a funny thing. The not-Lesley projection creation of Soggy Linda – she’s crazy too. The crazy person has created a crazy persona to respond to. It’s a feedback loop of crazy!

Kathleen @ September 27, 2007 at 20:20

…Who in their right mind would spend that much time crafting a fake rant at that length? honestly.

My thoughts exactly. Also, sorry, Lesley, for the experience.


Linda sans sunglasses (with a little help from Mary Feldman). Fake but accurate!


I’d like to know what has changed in greater Left Blogistan in the last couple weeks that has brought so many deranged crazy unfunny lunatics washing up on the backwater shores of Sadly, No. Did Gavin leave the gate open? Did Brad leave half a case of microbrew on the back porch? Maybe Travis let his distant cousin crash on the couch with a couple of his “friends”?

It is a bit annoying when so much that’s really important, like condemning is getting short shrift while we have to swat these flies away…


Insufferable Grammarian

I would comment on the many, many grammatical outrages to be found in the fake-Lesley post, but their very egregiousnesses make me so woozy that I must retire to my fainting couch.

At least there was no ellipsis abuse, thank heavens!


“Mikey, I think you deserve a promotion in Kommander Kos’s Revolutionary Force.”

Ahem. Please use my correct title.

And the crack squad in question is now officially known as Teh Flying Monkeys, en homage to Sadly, No!

I hereby anoint all present and willing as honored members of Teh Flying Monkeys of The Dark Lord Kos. A grateful country thanks you.

You may rise. Now, I must away.


My conscience is bothering me. I have to confess: I think I was the one who originally used the word “cunt” during the previous unpleasantness. Someone else had said “ignorant twats,” and then someone else called mikey a “fucking idiot,” so I guess I thought it was okay to bring out the “c” word (a decision I do not make lightly, as I explained at the time).

In any event, I didn’t call LindaSoggyBottom a cunt; I called darlene one. So let me take this opportunity to tell Linda that she too is in fact a cunt.

Thanks! I feel better now.


That fake letter is 1550 words. A bit over 4 pages. Even allowing that it wasn’t edited in any way, shape, or form, that has to be at least a few hours of work right there.
You know what’s going to be the scariest period? After Hillary or Obama has been elected, but before Cheney/Bush are out of the White House.
Who wants to chip in on buying a safe house just over the Quebec border to run to?


A FAKE but accurate response to SadlyNo from LindaSOG:

I secretly hate and fear Arabs not because I’ve ever been hurt by one personally, but because my friends and family have been exposed to the worst side of Palestinian politics through acts of violence by suicide bombers.

Instead of working to build bridges between the Israeli and Palestinian communities, however, I would prefer that the bloodshed go on until long after I’ve returned to the Earth as dust. That way, my great-great-great grandchildren can have a bogeyman of their own to hate – assuming we haven’t implemented a final solution to the Palestinian problem by then.

Yes, I know that I have co-opted both the language and the symbolism used by Nazis against Jews during the Holocaust, but I am not a Nazi. The Nazis were wrong and evil, whereas I am right and my cause is noble.

Let me explain further: The Nazis were uniquely evil in a way that can only rarely be duplicated, you see, and so their acts of genocide were likewise unique – until now. The Nazi mentality died with Hitler’s regime everywhere but among the Arabs, who are precisely like Nazis because a relatively small percentage of those freedom-hating ragheads – a loosely knit group of them that bear no real resemblance to the Third Reich except to those of us with special mail-order x-ray specs – have expressed an open hatred towards Jews.

We should wall them off and kill them all with pesticide before they and their leftist enablers come after us in the hope of perpetrating a second Holocaust.

One People! One Israel! One Leader!


Somebody pointed out this from Soggy Linda’s Myspace page, that I noticed myself a day or so ago:

Don’t diss our troops or I will come after you with everything I have and I will do my best to destroy you

And I noted that this is rightwingnuttery in a…er…nutshell – “Those who say what I don’t like deserve destruction.”


diff brad, please count me in on a stupidcaust retreat. Personally I think we’ll have to move to the dark side of the moon to be safe, or at least below the equator. I just foraged for $3.24 in my couch, and I’m going to bury it in the yard. Just let me know when you’ve found a place.


I would comment on the many, many grammatical outrages to be found in the fake-Lesley post… At least there was no ellipsis abuse, thank heavens!

A heads up to Linda for future fakery: I am a chronic ellipsis abuser. Also when I never use “your” when I mean “you’re.”

LindaSoG: Fake and inaccurate shrew.


“a right-wing blogger who recently posted the IP and email address of one of our commenters out of sheer bwahaha pettiness”

This is why you have and use several dummy accounts. The one I use hasn’t been checked in… two years?

“:Now, Confederate Yankee stopped by a couple days ago (in a rare visit) and said something similar,”

But did he direct link, or manually input the URL?


I’d just like to say that I WAS THERE! and I ACTUALLY SAW LINDASOG!! and her eyes REALLY LOOK LIKE THAT!

Check that. It was actually Darlene, and I saw her in California. And her eyes were really like that until the lieberals pulled them out of her head and shredded them. Ass holes.

Damn you, Scott Beauchamp!



I officially want to apologize for every uncomplimentary thing I ever said or thought about you. If there’s anything my humble self can do for you, especially as relates to this insanity, you have but to call.


Well, I’m certainly glad that I missed this brouhaha.

I want to say how proud the families of those brave Americans– immortalized on video in the process of physically assaulting, spitting on and vilifying Code Pink peace demonstrators–must be! Almost as proud as this LindaSOG’s family must be of her particularly vicious and dishonest tactics. I hope she has no children old enough (or young enough) to read her blog and want to die of humiliation. If she were my parent I would be ashamed to admit it.

We really do have some truly vile fellow citizens, people. It makes me sad.


According to Linda’s myspace page she’s childless and single, so there’s no family to set an example for.


I just wanted to put a word in for Snooper: he’s just a tad testy since he’s obviously 9 months pregnant.

And you guys have been focusing so hard on LindaSOG that he probably feels a little neglected to boot.

Some compassionate liebruhls you are!


I forgot to say I was sorry that this happened to you, Lesley. I hope there are no more ill effects from her posting your IP.

At least when they post under someone else’s name here, it’s funny. That thing of Linda’s was just deranged.


Wow…American really is just like an episode of Cops.


Ahem. Please use my correct title.
I thought George Soros was Teh Dark Lord.


I’m calling this LindaSog person. I want my face back.


If we all annoy Linda enough, she might just sue us!

Although I suspect the complaint might look like this

(PDF warning for the link).


According to Linda’s myspace page she’s childless and single

Wow. There’s a shocker.


Childish and single?

Huh. So am I.

See how much we actually have in common?

‘Course there is that little thing where I don’t want to kill anyone….



I almost miss Annie Angel.


I almost miss Annie Angel.

Let’s don’t get crazy, now.


It’s sad, isn’t it, when you realize how great the trolls of yesterday are compared to these modern trolls.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

According to Linda’s myspace page she’s childless and single

I had some children. I et ’em.


Lesley, I know this is a little after the fact, but I just read about them blaming you for that fake comment. I have taken the responsabily for it, as I was the one that posted it. I’m sorry I didn’t do so sooner.


Fake but accurate aint new. Rush has been doing it all along. Al Franken once played a tape of Rush saying something like, “No Democrat has ever stood up and denounced terrorism.” He pointed out to his Republican friend that that is just plain not true. His friend said, Welllll, all right, maybe it isn’t literally true, but we all know what he means, and what he means is true.


For every conservative that actually believed that Code Pink would carry a banner saying “WE SUPPORT THE MURDER OF AMERICAN TROOPS,” I intend to consensually deflower one Abstinence-Pledging Young Republican co-ed from the university of my choosing.*

*includes Liberty University.


Snooper also saw: OJ catching the real killer, George W. Bush reacting to an attack on our country in less than 5 minutes, Saddam flying those planes into the towers, Larry Craig being elected President. Snooper see LOTS and LOTS of things.


[…] less than a minute on Google, I found the following at Sadly No, which located the original photo and even exposed the people who photoshopped […]


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