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D.C. Chapter Invited to Meet President Bush at White House Troop Support Event (Photos)

Members of the D.C. Chapter of were invited to the White House today for an event for troop support organizations with President Bush. Other groups included Vets for Freedom (in the beige polo shirts), Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission (in the red polos shirts), Move America Forward, Gathering of Eagles, the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The Gathering of Eagles was only the third-craziest of the interlocking groups at this event, topped by the screechingly dishonest Move America Forward Foundation, and of course the DC Freepers (headed by GoE spokesman Kristinn “Boy Named Sue” Taylor).

Taylor: Meeted teh Preznit

Dai-yee. Snark Armageddon.

Update: Say, apropos that thing that’s been all over the news lately… What sort (I say) what sort of shameless political thugs would fail to denounce a group that only days earlier had assaulted a Gold Star father um, I mean, taken out a strongly-worded newspaper ad?

Double Update: Via the genius of J-, here’s a transcript and more pix of the event, from the White House web site.


THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. When the history books are finally written about this chapter in the war against extremists and radicals, they will recognize certain truths: one, that we recognize that if we were to retreat from the Middle East the enemy would not be content to remain where they are, but they would follow us here. We recognize that the best way to protect our homeland is to defeat an enemy overseas so we do not have to face them here on the streets of America.

The ‘war against extremists and radicals’? Facing them ‘on the streets of America’? It seems like we’re hearing some snappy new locutions in this speech to right-wing street-cloggers and taunters — and that there’s no mistaking what they’re supposed to imply. Just thinking out loud here.


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Truly the bland greeting the bland.


I’m amazed that a sort of critical mass of stupidity wasn’t reached, blasting a hole through the warp and woof of time and dumping them all into an alternate reality where up is down, war is peace, and Bush is a Great Leader.


To: Angelwood
Did you whisper to the V.P. “Run Dick Run”?

94 posted on 09/18/2007 5:57:18 PM PDT by McGruff (If I can’t have Cheney, Fred will have to do.)

Yes freepers, please please encourage him to run.


Wow, I have not seen so much gray hair in one place in my life. It’s a fucking prune fest. Glad to see the conservative movement so young and vibrant. Oldsters sending their young into the meat grinder that is the Middle East.


and he has 15 months left in his presidency folks!!!


and he has 15 months left in his presidency folks!!!

What I like about you is your optimism.



um, that blast occurred something like seven years ago. But it was a quantum-level explosion, and only had a short-term effect on most people. The long-term sufferers posessed a high quantum wingnut potential, and the blast shifted them permanently out of phase with reality.

Alas, only slightly. Just another 1e6 eV, and they might actually have disappeared before our eyes, crying “Rapture!” on their way out.

Then we could have shrugged and gone about our business.


sigh. just sigh.

how awesome would it be if, and bear with me here, 6 or so years from now president obama decided he would meet with bloggers from sadly no, poorman, and so on?

not fucking likely, is it?

i’m pretty sure this website or one like it will get a censure resolution soon enough, even if the dems get a veto proof majority.


i’m pretty sure this website or one like it will get a censure resolution soon enough,

One like it, maybe tbogg or WoC. We’re going to go to the camps.

And not the nice tropical camps with the terrific food like guantanamo bay, neither. More likely uninsulated barracks in Northern Minnesota…



I have a post on my blog about this same subject. But I would never blogwhore



My money’s on Kos getting censured first.

Let me just rant for a second. MoveOn should have had a ready reply the moment they heard about that idiotic Cornyn folderol, to wit:

Any Congress that can fail to immediately impeach an Attorney General who displays the gross incompetence of “The Constitution does not grant the right of habeas corpus” Alberto Gonzales is completely irrelevant, and no further response to idiotic “censure” resolutions is needed until that body shapes up.


I see. MoveOn publishes an ad saying mean old things about that kindly General Petreaus, and the Senate votes to condemn them; an illiterate, bat-shit fringe group called the Flock of Seagulls beats up the father of a man who died fighting the Seagulls’ revenge fantasy in Iraq, and they get invited to the White House.

How difficult would it be for the Pussycrats in Congress to you know, mention something like this from time to time (obviously without my uncivil, unserious, and probably snearing tone)? There’s pictures, guys.


Ah, Snowwy, if it had just been that little bit more . . . I wouldn’t begrudge them Teh Rapture at all, at all. Not as long as they are out of our little corner of reality.


So the SA brownshirts of this era will be sporting variously colored polos & Dockers or Chinese-made Walmart khakis when administering “street justice”?


Did they get tur-kee?


I imagine they got served some of that pork Bush was drooling over at last year’s G8 summit.

After which he molested some willing winger fem. In front of her husband.


What was that old saying?

So the SA brownshirts of this era will be sporting variously colored polos & Dockers or Chinese-made Walmart khakis when administering “street justice”?

History repeats itself … the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce? It would be roundly entertaining to watch that crowd of doughy pantloads and gin-blossom jingoes trying to storm into the red tenements of “the Left.”




From the Freep:

The President spent what seemed like two hours meeting with everyone who wanted to speak with him.

Seemed like two hours, but was only 10 minutes.

“USA! USA! USA!” Chant of the PoloShirt Brigades.


The following is being posted to taunt any wingnuts who happen to drop by:

Employers help Muslims observe Ramadan
Vito Pilieci, CanWest News Service

OTTAWA – During the holy month of Ramadan for people of the Muslim faith, many businesses are making concessions to help accommodate the schedules of those observing the event.

According to Salim Mansur, a practising Muslim and associate professor of political science at the University of Western Ontario, the move to respect the Muslim holy month is a sign of how much Canadians value diversity.

“A lot of people, over time in our multicultural society, have become more and more sensitive to multicultural views,” he said. “There is no demand from Muslims that this should be done. It’s being done out of respect.” [Bolding to hammer point home to wingnuts. Free will prevails!

Over the next month, many companies will be offering flexible work arrangements, shift changes and even initiate workplace education programs to inform fellow employees of non-Christian religious holidays that some co-workers may observe.

The initiative, aimed at making workplaces more sensitive to people of different cultural backgrounds, isn’t something that has always been offered by employers.

As the face of the Canadian workforce has changed over the past decade, employers have moved to be more inclusive.

“If there are accommodations we can make, policies and practices we can implement that allow people to bring their best to work, that is where we want people focused,” said Yasmin Meralli, vice-president of diversity and workplace equity at BMO Financial Group. “We try to remove any barriers and support people as much as possible.”

The federal government, which employs about 120,000 people in Ottawa, has taken similar measures.

Ramadan is an Islamic event that lasts a full month. The event is based on the lunar calendar, which is about 11 days shorter than the 365-day Gregorian calendar. As a result, the month of Ramadan shifts from year to year.

The month marks the time when the Koran was revealed to people of the Muslim faith. It is a month of fasting, prayer and gathering with family. People observing the month are required to fast from sunrise to sundown. They are also asked to clear their minds of evil, malicious or self-serving thoughts.

In Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, business hours are shortened. Rather than opening from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., businesses will only open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. allowing people observing Ramadan to have plenty of time to worship with family.

“It is a soul-cleansing process,” said Alia Sherif, marketing manager for Ottawa survey company Terrapoint Canada Inc. “It’s supposed to bring people together.”

Sherif said that after the sunset, Muslims gather at the homes of friends and family to eat, talk and pray together.

The month also requires people to give up things that are considered frivolous, such as coffee, smoking and soft drinks.

The latter is a big hurdle for Sherif, who has become accustomed to jolts of caffeine from drinking two cans of Pepsi cola every day.

“Abstaining from food and drink are just as difficult as abstaining from bad thoughts,” she said. “But, you get used to it. The more you do it, the more you get accustomed to it.”

While her employer can’t help her get over hunger pangs or overcome her caffeine cravings, she is thankful to work in an environment that gives her the flexibility to observe her religious beliefs.

Her family gatherings often require those observing Ramadan to leave work early. She said Terrapoint has been fully supportive of her during past Ramadan events.

Ahhhhhh, inclusion, harmony, and peace. I like it!


Of course Messrs. Bush and Cheney hunkered on the lawn with certified lunatics. I mean, who else wants to meet with them* at this point?

*”them” = Messrs. Bush and Cheney


Is Krissy Taylor in the photo up there actually in the street wearing his Keyboard Kommando pjs & bathrobe?


What WH criteria determine who gets feted inside and who gets fed on red & white-checkered-tableclothed picnic tables on the back lawn? Oh.


Bush announces a war on extremists to his extremist supporters.

This administration may be deficient in competence, integrity, and human decency, but they’re masters of the surreal.

Innocent Bystander


M. Bouffant said,

September 25, 2007 at 2:44

Is Krissy Taylor in the photo up there actually in the street wearing his Keyboard Kommando pjs & bathrobe?

Poor bastard looks like he waiting for his next dose of electro-shock therapy.


Snark nothing, this is the Orcinus post I always had nightmares about.
Without profound apologies to the slaves, I remain uncertain we should have fought the Civil War.


Oy friggin vey.
With profound apologies….


Is Krissy Taylor in the photo up there actually in the street wearing his Keyboard Kommando pjs & bathrobe?

Any other Jim Gaffigan fans here? “Have you ever worn a robe outside? You look like a crazy person.”


Canadians are EVIL!

EVIL I tells ya!

The Islamofascistliberalmecians have brainwashed them with their PCness and now thay are being noice to people who hate Jesus and baseball.

WHat do you espect from a bunch of people who punt on the third down, just to be safe.



Too bad about ol’ Krissy’s bum knee. He really wants to enlist you know. I wonder if him and Ace took turns kicking each other in the shins?


Or knee caps.


Teh Wingnuts WANT another Civil War, since they are confident that this time the “good guys” will win, which is why they are trying so hard to get the officer corps in bed with them.


RE: call for Cheney to run

Someone I know is in a graduate program in Public Policy at GWU. Most of her classmates are young Hill staffers, employees of lobbying groups, PACs, DNC/RNC etc. So, theoretically, they are politically savvy. Yet, in one class, a group of them was promoting the idea of Cheney running for Preznit, and one actually turned to his classmates and said, “C’mon. Who wouldn’t vote for him?”


“C’mon. Who wouldn’t vote for him?”

Only people whose votes won’t be counted anyway.


Snark nothing, this is the Orcinus post I always had nightmares about.

Book the international election monitors for 2008 already. Bush has his ground team.

But beyond snark, indeed: there’s truly very little humour in these brownshirts getting an audience with the preznit. Still, the fact that they’re kept on the lawn shows what the Deciderer really thinks of them.


Teh Wingnuts WANT another Civil War, since they are confident that this time the “good guys” will win

Oh, I am quite confident the good guys would win….



Isn’t there some kind of law against using the White House as a setting for partisan political rallies?

Not as though the law ever bothered these people of course…..


“Unfit to Report”?

This dude wrote a book about the President’s time in the National Guard? I thought he was conservative. I dongeddit.

Just kidding. Me make joke.


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