Oh I’ll play your game you rogue *

Over at the always excellent Elementropy, Retardo (who, in an attempt to be called the anti-skippy, signs his comments RETARDO,) tries to get our attention:

I confess that I want to be like Seb when I grow up. I wish to excel at digging out from the bottom of the gooey and fly-ridden dumpster of the net the most retarded “conservative sensations” possible, and fuel their rise to stardom in my own especial way. Seb is a showman, brandishing before the camera of the blogosphere his golden needle of wit with which he deflates the most distended of fucktards whose rapid contractions, though doubtlessly causing flight, morbidly delight the room with a flatulent demise so like that of an untied balloon sculpture.

See you at the bottom of the dumpster, shall we say 17h?


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skippy is already the anti-skippy.


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