Yes, that too is really astounding

WorldNetDaily, as is its wont, is once again at the forefront of critical commentary on all things homosexual:

Could your kids be given to ‘gay’ parents?

Isn’t it possible after all that once the party of the Antichrist is in power the government will kidnap children of heterosexual parents (specifically, Meghan Cox-Gurdon and Michelle Malkin’s) in order to give them to gay parents? Sorry, we mean ‘gay’ parents. Stephen Baskerville opens his article with this:

In the debate over gay marriage, strikingly little attention has been paid to the impact on children.

As long as “strikingly little” means 24/7 non-stop coverage, we’re with Stephen so far.

Almost no attention has been devoted to what may be the more serious political question of who will supply the children of gay “parents,” since obviously they cannot produce children themselves.

Perhaps we can get those children from… The Matrix?:

The matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth.

Having answered this question, let us move on:

…gay couples already seem to enjoy a marked advantage over straight ones in the allocation of supposedly superfluous children.

The supply of superfluous little ones (Mr. Meghan Cox-Gurdon can only get sufficiently drunk so many times after all,) being inherently limited, we shall concede this point to Stephen. Yet we wonder when did all those problems begin?

Ever since the federal government became involved in the child-abuse business some 30 years ago…

Damn liberal nanny state, beating our children!

This is the bureaucratic milieu ? largely hidden from all but those who must endure it ? into which gay marriage advocates want to inject millions of new couples in search of children to adopt.

Millions of gay couple will seek to adopt children? Sadly, No!

The number of truly abused children cannot begin to fill this demand without government help. We know that statistically child abuse in intact two-parent families is rare, and two-thirds of reports are never substantiated. Yet even in those instances of confirmed abuse, a little digging reveals the pernicious hand of the government generating business (and children) for itself.

So even when parents do abuse their children, it’s the government’s fault! Adam Smith’s invisible hand is mistreating Elpatha, Giovanna, Perseus, and Daisy Duke! Is there anything the government won’t do??? :’-(

Child abuse is overwhelmingly a phenomenon of single-parent homes. Government and feminist propaganda suggest that single-parent homes result from paternal abandonment. In fact, they are usually created by family court judges, who have close ties to the social service agencies that need children. By forcibly removing fathers from the home through unilateral or “no-fault” divorce…

Not only will the government steal your children, they will also force millions of mothers to drop their husbands, leaving their kids exposed to the evil influence that is… the single-parent home. Those damn single moms, always abusing their children. We wonder what government statistics show about that:

Among children in single-parent households, those living with only their fathers were approximately one and two-thirds times more likely to be physically abused than those living with only their mothers.

Oh. Well, these men wouldn’t be divorced if it weren’t for that nanny state anyway. What can we do though, oh please do tell us Stephen:

Opponents must bite the bullet and confront the two evils that pose a far more serious and direct threat to the family than gay marriage: the child protection gestapo and the even more formidable “no-fault” divorce machine.

Do you think that goes a bit far? Do you imagine that maybe “bite the bullet” doesn’t mean what Stephen thinks it means? Do you figure that Stephen is a few bullets short of a full revolver? Wait until you see Stephen’s conclusion:

[the public] has been led to view social conservatives, however unjustly, as puritanical bigots who want to deny equal rights to homosexuals ? rights that entail powers of totalitarian dimensions, undreamed of before the sexual revolution

Don’t let gays adopt children — it’s just what Mussolini and Stalin would have done. Saddam Hussein had gay parents adoption chambers for fuck’s sake!


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Oh, my sweet Lordy-Gordy! How many times in one column can someone prove they don’t know WTF they’re talking about?


So finally I understand: The entire point of gay marriage is to justify taking children away from god-fearing parents to supply the homosexuals’ demand for children! I just knew there was something suspicious about this whole Equal Rights scam.

Damn, them Libs is sneaky!


so that’s what happens when you post after huffing.


The government is trying to make your wife divorce you so she’ll take up with some loutish boyfriend who will abuse your kids, thus allowing social services to give your kids to a gay couple — they do all this because there’s apparently $1000 in it for each child they can get into an adoptive family. I think George Bush is behind the plan. He hates you.


Yeah, this makes sense. I thought I head read somewhere about John Kerry’s plan to give child subsidies to the smaller family owned gay couples. I know it may have lloked like crop subsidies for smaller family owned farms, but you have to read between the lines sometimes.

I think there’s such a big demand from the gay couples for these children because they need their blood to live.


Clearly this is the fault of John Kerry. I heard he once shot a man just to watch him die.
And everyone knows how much the state loves taking kids away from their parents. Why just the other day I saw some guy sneeze and he turned at the wrong moment so he sneezed on his kid. Well before you could even shout “conspiracy” government employees had carried off that kid to give to their inhuman gay masters! truly shocking!!


Well, a gay couple I know just up and jetted off to Russia one day and came back with with two kids, undoubtedly provided by the Russian Gestapo. And the lesbian couple I know went off for an idyllic week at the farm and one of them came back pregnant. Maybe it was an immaaculate conception because I don’t think any storm troopers were in the immediate vicinity.


And then when the novelty has worn off they forcibly break up the gay couples and give the children to evil space robots!


Amblongus –

What makes you think that the gay couples aren’t evil space robots?


Nuestra Dona de Guadaloupe! That has got to be one of the craziest things I’ve ever read and I spend way too much time reading crazy things on the net. Thanks for bringing the darkness into the light and brilliantly tearing it to the fucksherds it deserves.


No, no, no. This guy has it all backwards. The reason people adopt a gay lifestyle in the first place is in order to weasel out of having to have kids at all. If he really wants to save marriage as a bullet-biting institution, he should turn his prodigious debating abilities towards the goal of having the marriages of childless couples annulled.


Yosef: You are funny. I can’t match these comments. It’s too late at night.


Oy vey. Reading that madness has made my eyes bleed. The hysteria aroused (and I choose that word purposefully) by gay couples is truly astonishing. And the way it bleeds over into some bizarre anti-government screed here is just amazing.

Meanwhile, by the way, Virginia is enacting anti-gay laws so broad that they also threaten (gasp!) heterosexuals!


Sometimes They Just Beg For Trouble

Update: Sadly, No! took a few potshots at Baskerville, too. Well worth the read. One more thing. I don’t know why that Virginia child support guidelines review panel has had such a hard time finding decent men to represent fathers.


This is a riot. Now Baskerville is claiming that gay people steal kids from straight people? I’m long familiar with Stephen Baskerville. I wrote about his gay/straight nonsense and how he got kicked off of a Virginia child support guidelines review panel a couple of years ago – for bashing the panel in an op-ed. If you want to read it, it’s here.

I see Baskerville hasn’t changed at all in the last couple of years. Same old ranting. 😉


And I’ve had a quick look at that “Howard Center” where he works and the people who provided his fellowship.


Why dont you all just stop dating men who dont want families.


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