What do you mean we could lose?

Some things must be read to be believed:

Pentagon and Justice Department officials said they were considering moving all the prisoners from the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to a conservative judicial district within the United States, according to the [LA Times.] […]

“They really didn’t have a specific plan for what to do, case by case, if we lost,” a senior Defense Department official was quoted as saying in the report. “The Justice Department didn’t have a plan. State didn’t have a plan.

“It’s astounding to me that these cases have been pending for so long and nobody came up with a contingency plan.” [Emphasis added]

Yeah, it’s astounding. In other astounding developments:

  • It’s astounding that Sadly, No! is filled with profanity.
  • It’s astounding that Jerry Falwell doesn’t support same-sex marriage.
  • It’s astounding that the Pope is catholic.

    Have you been astounded lately?

    PS: It’s astounding that we say thanks to Blair for the link.

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    I’m astounded that bears crap in the woods.

    Also that I had a banana for breakfast.

    Do those qualify?


    I am constantly astounded and amazed by the fact that my government acts the way it does and then sits there with straight faces almost daring us to stand and shout ‘LIAR’.

    I am also astounded that web sites like hannity’s. o’really’s and rush are not included with other hate sites. Oh yeah, lets not forget ALL of fox.


    FLG: The first, yes. The second — it’s one of those “you had to be there” kind of things we think.


    As the hottest young conservative writer on the internet, I find it astounding that i’m not a conservative, a writer, or on the internet.


    I’m glad you asked. I was absolutely astounded to see statistics used dishonestly by John Lott in his LA times op-ed column today. While arguing for fireworks legalization, he and his coworker decided to compare the ~9000 injuries due to fireworks each year to the ~200K due to falls and burns in bathtubs, while neglecting to mention that people perhaps bathe more often than they set off fireworks.


    while neglecting to mention that people perhaps bathe more often than they set off fireworks

    Well that settles it, we’re not about to accept John Lott’s dinner invitation now.


    i’m astounded that time and again, the bush administration doesn’t plan for anything other than roses and flowers and lines around the block to fellate them for their ingenious schemes. you’d think just once–JUST ONCE–they’d say, you know, maybe, just maybe we should get some idea of what to do if this doesn’t break our way.

    but no. they just keep on repeating the same basic mistake. it’s like me buying a bunch of shit on my credit card saying, well, hell, i’m going to win the lottery this weekend, i just am.


    People bathe more often than they set off fireworks??? In what country?

    Personally, it seems to me that all their plans follow the “Slashdot Business Plan” model, eg.:

    1. Start a war
    2. ????
    3. Profit!!!!

    morganna the kissing bandit

    I’m astounded my dick got frostbite while screwing Ann Coulter.


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