Poor Andrew, reading what you link to is just so hard

In his continuing quest to call Michael Moore names, Andrew Sullivan writes:

JACKASS BEAT FAHRENHEIT: Yep, the movie with all those hot young straight dudes shoving toy cars up their posteriors actually beat out Michael Moore at the box office. F9/11 wasn’t the biggest grossing documentary. Jackass was. It was non-fiction, and about as informative as Mr Moore. And a lot more to look at.

Andrew posted this on June 30 at 12:17 am. Had he actually read the comments on the post he linked to, he would have noticed that (leaving aside the ultra lame premise) the assertion is, in fact, inaccurate. A commenter pointed out on June 29 at 6:42 pm:

The estimate may not have beaten Jackass [$22.8 million,] but when the actual numbers came in it turns out it actually pulled in $23,920,637.

Box office results

Andrew linked two days late to a story that had turned out to be bogus a day later. Good luck with your fundraising. [For bonus entertainment, F9/11 managed to outsell Jackass while the latter was shown on 2,509 screens, compared to 868 for Moore’s movie.]

Is there anything the angry right won’t stoop to?

Update: Sadly, No! gets results:

JACKASS UPDATE: The initial returns of “Fahrenheit 9/11” were less than “Jackass.” But the adjusted returns show F9/11 inching ahead of the boys with the toys. Let’s see if Moore’s propaganda beats out “Jackass’s” total $64.2 million.

Yeah, let’s see Andrew. Will you shut the fuck up when it does? Isn’t it great how when Jackass was thought the winner (by $1.0 million) it was just a win, but F9/11 winning by $1.1 million is called “inching ahead?”


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Is there anything the angry right won’t stoop to?



if Chimpus Maximus were caught on live TV boinking a goat, fright-wingers would exclaim, “Oh YEAH? What about Clinton?”

Rush would bellow, “He was just blowing off a little steam!”

Coulter would cackle about the hypocrisy of the left – they think gay marriage is OK but not bestiality.


Is there anything the angry right won’t stoop to?

Not Bareback Andy, evidently.


Actually, no.


Ha ha ha!! Nothing but sour grapes as far as the eye can see. Boy, how the wingnuts’ entrails are churning with bile these days.


Andrew Sullivan is an idiot (includes extra swearing for being so much of a fucking idiot)

Sadly, No! caught Andrew Sullivan this morning creating new and exciting ways to make Fahrenheit 9/11 look like it’s not a success. As you know, there were prior attempts with Bowling for Columbine to discredit the film by claiming that…


No time to read when he’s got toy cars to shove up his posterior….


Will he shut the fuck up even then? Sadly, no.


I wish bareback Andy would mount Chris Hitchens and give him the reaming he richly deserves.


Maybe Sully should go to Hollywood and try his hand at writing for money there.


Andy doesn’t need to shove toy cars up his posterior to prove he’s a jackass. He does it every time he sits down to write something.


Do you suppose Andy gets wood every time he thinks about Jackass? Do you suppose Knoxville and his buddies had Andy in mind when they made the film?


That “number of screens” distinction raised by “Sadly No” is key to understanding the phenomena of “Fahrenheit 911” — it resulted in a huge earnings-per-screen average during the opening weekend, which is the real figure that Hollywood watches. As for the question of whether or not Fahrenheit’s ultimate gross will overtake that of Jackass, the answer is already obvious: Hell yes. As of Wednesday, Fahrenheit’s haul was 32 million, and this weekend and next will see bumps in distribution as exhibitors are screaming to get in on the action (this from Variety, the show biz bible). In the end, I think the ultimate gross is sure to be something over the 100 million mark — and that’s just domestic. Worldwide could push the gross up to a quarter of a billion — for a documentary (!) that cost 6 million to make (!!). The rightwingers are therefore stuck with two unsavory possibilities — either the movie is being seen by a lot more people than just “Bush haters,” or there are a hell of a lot of “Bush haters” out there.


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