Finally, we link to intelligent commentary

Via Hairy Fish Nuts, Juan Cole offers his thoughts on Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11:

So, I think the second half the the film, on Bush’s Iraq policy, has virtues. He turns out to have been prescient about how fictitious the reasons for the war were. But some of the innuendo about the Saudis and Afghans just seems an attempt to damn by association, and seem to me to be based on faulty logic and inaccurate assertions.

Frederick from Beat Bush Blog finds out that the New York Times’ math skills are even worse than those of David Frum.

August J. Pollack wonders if The Smoking Gun’s Michael Moore voter registration find is as big a deal as some would believe.

No More Mister Nice Blog looks at a liberal hawk who is good at stating the obvious and missing the obviouser (yes, we coined that phrase!:)

I’m happy to learn from the article that Ignatieff believes torture is bad, even when it’s done by the government he trusted to bring freedom and human rights to Iraq. But now that Ignatieff has had to acknowledge an unpleasant truth about George W. Bush, he seems ready to canonize … Ronald Reagan:

And while we’re too lazy to comment, Robert at My Blahg has lots of good posts on the Canadian election results.


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Maybe if Juan Cole didn’t jump to his own conspiratorial conclusions about the meaning of the Bush-Saud ties, he wouldn’t tie himself into such incoherent knots arguing against things that Moore never says.


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