Secret Bremer Man!

Picture of L. Paul Bremer sent by the CPA earlier today, titled Ambassador Bremer Departs Iraq. Isn’t he way too kewl for skewl?


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And he was all, like, “later skaters!”


This cut-and-run reminds me of the helicopter evacuation of Viet Nam.


“I’m too sexy for my .. uh .. bullet proof vest?”


I see he was able to find an armored vest. I am sure he is on his way to a Marine outpost to help defend freedom.

And what do you want to wager he is sitting on another vest?

I am so ashamed of my government


LOL. Glad I could get one good laugh out of this hideous war.


he looks like a sk8er dewd 2 me.


how come he can get hair dye but the Iraqis can’t even get electricity??


It appears someone is trying to go incognito there.


“Secret Bremer Man, Secret Bremer Man, odds are he won’t will live to see tomorrow . . .”


Hmm, I was trying to have “won’t” struck through there, but it didn’t work.


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