Creative Writing with Buddy Swing

Two weeks ago, we looked at the insect-metaphor-filled writing of Shane Arthur Swing. Swing p?re et fils are back this week, and their new adventures are titled “Better Fixed Now Then Later” and “Politics and Poetry.” Shane’s essay is a kind of Whose Line Is It Anyway take on creative writing, and we salute him for his efforts. Buddy’s work, well, we wonder about a little. We were tempted to do a shorter version (Saddam Hussein is a lot like a poorly built garage that George Bush decided to level,) but realized that just didn’t do justice to the last two paragraphs:

Finally, I installed the vinyl siding. The last, and top, piece was noticeably larger under the facer and soffit assembly that inclined dramatically upward at the end where it was attached to the upward slanting roof that was nailed to the end truss that rocked because of the exaggerated hump in the top of the wall that was caused by the hump in the base where it was attached to the bolt that had a small concrete buildup around its base. Now, it was too late to solve the problem.

President Bush was right. He fixed Saddam Hussein while he was still a small buildup around the base of a bolt.

Which leads us to conclude the following:

  • vinyl siding –> 101st Keyboard Brigadiers
  • facer and soffit assembly –> Richard Perle
  • upward slanting roof –> Defense Policy Board
  • end truss –> Ahmad Chalabi
  • bolt –> Dick Cheney
  • hump –> Project for a New American Century
  • small concrete buildup –> American Enterprise Institute
  • base –> Judith Miller

    So logically:

    Finally, I installed the 101st Keyboard Brigadiers. That last, and top, piece was noticeably larger under the Richard Perle that influenced dramatically at the end where it was attached to the Defense Policy Board that was nailed to the end of Ahmad Chalabi that peddled because of the exaggerated Dick Cheney at the top of the administration that was caused by the Project for a New Century in the base where it was attached to the American Enterprise Institute that had a small Judith Miller around its base.

    This concludes Creative Writing with Buddy Swing? for this week.

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    vinyl siding –> 101st Keyboard Brigadiers –> Bandwidth of Brothers

    Nuts –> Gen. Anthony McAuliffe


    You’ve got Cheney as a hump and a bolt, the wall/administration is unaccounted for in your legend, concrete buildup is supposed to be American Enterprise Institute, but instead you’ve got Miller instead of base. Whew!

    I think you missed a button.


    I like this kind of logic.

    I say we kill all the neo-cons before they institute a fascist dictatorship. Better to fix it now when they are just a small build-up.


    I think Buddy Swing needs to take a breath once in a while, or at least a break for punctuation. He’s starving his fragile little mind for oxygen.


    Frum correct? Sadly, no! Actually, not so sadly…

    Mustafa Hirji and I had a big argument about David Frum’s typical misrepresentations and Brad DeLong’s response to them. Now David Frum has responded to DeLong on lines somewhat similar to those used by Mr. Hirji….


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