Moonbat Traitors Attack Polish Radio Station

Oily Substance Found on the Wall
By Michael E. Ruane
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, September 12, 2007; Page B03

The National Park Service was trying to determine whether an oily substance found late last week on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was the result of vandalism or an accident.

The material, which appeared to be gone yesterday, was noticed along the paving stones and the bottom of some of the panels and reported to U.S. Park Police on Friday evening, Park Service spokesman Bill Line said.

He said that cleaning crews worked over the weekend to remove the substance and that the Park Service is trying to determine what it was. “Until this investigation is completed, it is premature to speculate whether any intentional act was committed,” Line said.

I wonder if we know anyone who spews oily substances. Oh wait:

So the substance is now “potent and corrosive,” such that “huge swaths of the wall have been defaced” [if you photographed them at such an angle that patches of the now-removed oil were, before being wiped off, able to reflect light differently than the bare stone]? This must be the work of those anti-war radicals who are always trying to destroy our national monuments just in time for Gathering of Eagles demonstrations.

Oh wait:


1madpittbull Said:
September 10th, 2007 at 1:35 pm

Oh dear G_D!

Those Bastards!

They KNEW that they could deface it when we weren’t there!

But how could someone stoop so low…

I have no words to describe my anger at this moment!

We need this story to hit the airwaves big time! Call up your TV and Talk Radio Stations….

Make it known to the world the extent of the vitriolic bile that spews from the left! See how the sacrifice of brave men and women for their freedom means nothing to them!

And if the Park Service has known about this since Friday and are covering it up…they know who did it…they must be trying to keep this situation mum cause they know the reaction they will get.

I will not tolerate these insolent whelps any more…I am bringing everyone I know to the 15th and telling everyone I know about what happened!



Attendance figures will be wildly falsified, so bring reversible jackets, extra hats, and removable facial hair.


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insolent whelps

You can’t make this up!


How do we know that the oily substance wasn’t from a member of John Ashcroft’s congregation, anointing himself with Crisco while praying?


“1madpittbull” is one het-up Confederate cavalry officer.


From the GOE comments:

“I believe that they are backing off the “cleaning accident” story and now saying it was some type of penetrant that may be permanent. I’ve even heard guesses of WD-40. I still believe we can have a presence at the wall 24/7 if we put our collective minds to work and are willing to devote the time needed. No one person or group can organize such coverage but as patriots we can find a solution.

Whatever did this is not human and has now forfeited thier right to breathe.”

Those fools. We know several obsese wingnuts who discharge WD-40.



This will not stand. We will fight back with WD-50 and beyond if necessary.


Here’s a fine Young Republican leader who would love to make it to the Rally but will be busy for the next 5 years:

Ahhh! The party of Family Values!


Whelps are one thing (and downright tasty with a light dressing of salt and pepper and eaten on the seafront out of a paper cone) but a fellow has to draw the line at the insolent variety.

Oh, that’s whelks.


The Vietnam memorial is a pretty eloquent anti-war statement, so I’m not sure why any sane person would deface it. Let alone in such a subtle way as with oil, as opposed to paint or feces or a sledgehammer.


What Jon H said. Why are these jingobots getting upset about this? Didn’t they and their forerunners piss and moan about the memorial in the first place because it was insufficiently rah-rah-America-USA-Freedom-Freedomy?


Betty Sue from the Parks Service has informed me that the Service anticipates over eleventy-billion totally heterosexual heros at the event this weekend.

Take THAT, weenie, liberal losers!!!!!


Wait a minute.

“Oh dear G_D!”

Is this guy an Orthodox Jew? Oy. And you can quote me.


The tools are a sad lot. Foaming at the mouth on cue. (Did Pavlov work with rabid dogs?) They are polite in person, I’ll give them that, though their signs may be a bit, well, uncivil.

I don’t know why they need a map, the sheep gravitational force of so much leather and flags in one place will pull half of DC to the Wall. Their aesthetic follows the “bring two flags per tooth” algorithm.

I await someone to call the undamaged Wall’s kerning into question. “They fixed it just like it was so we wouldn’t know, but they can’t fool us!!1!”

The “desecration” thing kills me. As if there’s any strategic or symbolic advantage to actual lefties such a thing (as opposed to, say, a statue of Karl Rove). But to understand that, you have to have A) logic and B) a modicum of understanding of what the left is actually about.

The left wants to prevent more names from having to go up on such walls. The presence of those names is, to any feeling, living, true human, a powerful testament to why these things should be prevented. There’s no glory in lost, wasted lives.

That’s one difference between us and them. We want to honor the dead by promising them “never again,” while they use the dead to whip themselves up into murderous frenzies. It doesn’t matter that such spasms end up adding youthful names to walls; they just add more justification to their anger and hate, since no matter what, it’s All The Enemy’s Fault.

I’ll stop rambling now.


Make that SHEER gravitational force. But it still works.


That wasn’t rambling, MCH. Not in the least.


Someone on the left needs to be there to do an actual head count. Maybe we could send someone in, leathered up to the neck beard and sans deoderant, ala Acepalooka.

O/T: They just released the latest chart depicting Craptain Codpiece’s New Way Forward. HA!!!


Oh yeah. If you want to advance your cause here in america, the FIRST thing I’d recommend you do is go out and deface a war memorial. That’ll get you a respectful listen, fer sure.

On the other hand, these idiots will never understand it’s a symbol. Ultimately, in reality, it’s a granite wall. The flag is a piece of colored cloth. Nobody went overseas and fought, suffered and died for a fucking brick wall or a colored piece of cloth. If these assclowns had any understanding of what real patriotism means, they’d understand it’s not about defending or perpetuating symbols. It’s about who we are, what we believe, our constitution and our belief in our system.

I wouldn’t even put a round in the chamber to defend a piece of stone. But at the same time, they fall all over themselves to help turn america into a police state. And lack even enough self-awareness to recognize they are the terrorists…



I’ve always been curious about why there weren’t a lot of pictures from the last Flock of Seagulls event – neither on the Flock’s site or Malkin’s site. Usually when there is a large number of people gathered in one spot, there are lots of pictures depicting, well, lots of people gathered in one spot. I’ve been to a number of gatherings and took dozens of pictures. Did the Seagulls just forget to bring theirs? Were they simply too lathered up with Freedomy goodness to think about it? Curious.


So … I guess no tourist in history has ever spilled any liquid accidentally, huh?


” I still believe we can have a presence at the wall 24/7 if we put our collective minds to work and are willing to devote the time needed. No one person or group can organize such coverage but as patriots we can find a solution.”


At least until the new season premiere of Dallas Swat.


At first I seriously read “1madpitbull”‘s comment as a snarky S,N comment No. 1.


Wait, neither of the attending “Eagles” could stop this awful atrocity. What kind of girly men belong to this organization? If only M & M weren’t so busy fighting off the islamomexibrownhordefascists, she’d show them what kind of man she is.


Liberal’s dont make sense.

You are against war and against war momunents but then want to clean the earth of humans by not having babies (global warming and abortion-murderings).

Why then don’t they just want as many people as possible to die? War is good then, right (assuming lots of causalties)? We don’t need to spend valuable resources fighting diseases around the world, let those die! Charge mightily onto that slippery slope.

China the other day was bragging about their one-child policy helping the environment. Yeah, we know, totalitarian communism and the environmental movement share much.


Hmm, I’m not sure if that is a Fake Gary. This post is more rambling and utilizes more specious reasoning than usual …. I’m going with Fake Gary.


“The material, which appeared to be gone yesterday…”

Some defacing. Must have been kool-aide.


I may just be strolling by those two locations, round about noonish tomorrow.

I’ll be sure to bring a camera.


No idea what it is or who did it? It must be the work of treacherous LIBERALS!!

No, wait! I’ll bet the Wall was shedding tears as it contemplated the hordes of evil liberals who have overtly threatened to desecrate it (yet somehow have not been charged with conspiracy to destroy Federal property). Or possibly, tears of patriotic joy at the thought of the mighty Fistful of Cheetos who’d sworn to protect it from the overt threat of desecration by treacherous liberals (who still haven’t been charged with conspiracy to destroy Federal property).

I don’t recall, but was there any outrage when Bush signed a flag with a Sharpie?


I’m going with Fake Gary.

Me too. Attempts to reason instead of simple assertion raise the red flag. RED I TELL YOU!



heh heh. heheh.


Conservative don’t make sense.

They love babbies and childrens because are against abortion-murderings but want to clean the earth of humans for more wars and more war-manuments.

So why then don’t they want more abortions, which are much cheaper than war and manuments (think about it – how much cost a bomb vs. abortion-murder esp. if goverment subsidize). Into the Valley of Death, 300! Rage, rage against the dyeing of the Right!

China make me sad, So much nice capitolism but not enough wars manuments!


” I still believe we can have a presence at the wall 24/7 if we put our collective minds to work…

I think we know what we’re up against: teh Borg Queen.

(Of course, you’d think a Borg Queen would be more coordinated than this.)


Oily Substance Found on the Wall

[squats, pokes leather-gloved finger into oily substance, tastes grimly]

Looks like we have a disgruntled puma on our hands.


Maybe the “potent and corrosive” liquid that seems to have been wiped clean rather easily was spilled by an Eagle in hopes to up their numbers from 30,000 (reality number = 350) to 57,000 (reality number = 382) this tiime????

Just asking. I know it’s treason to do so.


Shouldn’t a skilled hazmat crew weilding a bucket of water and a brush understand that this method of cleaning potent and corrosive substances just might not work?

Was there a backup plan to the bucket of water and brush, maybe some windex or a bottle of Oxyclean with bleach alternative nearby, incase all went wrong and potent and corrosive substance remained after a thourogh brushing with the water held in the bucket?

And the yellow ribbon, was it enough to protect the public from wind wafted potent and corrosive substances? Why was the entire area not encased in a plastic tent so as not to endanger weeping Americans from the potent and corrosive materials as it’s particles were being methodically cleaned with the bucket of water and the brush?

I believe many Americans lives were endangered due to the haphazard manner in which the brush and a bucket of water method was used to clean this potent and corrosive substance.

This should concern all Americans and I believe Homeland security owes us an explanation as to why the lives of the weeping were put in danger.


Republicans love China. See, WMT, e.g.


Every criticism I have ever heard of the Vietnam War Memorial is from right wing freaks who despise its anti-war message.

While an “oily substance” on the paving stones and bottom of some panels sounds more like “oops, something spilled” then an act of vandalism (wouldn’t vandals do their vandalizing where it would be more visible?) if it was vandalism, there is a 99.999999999999999999% chance that the vandal worships George Bush.


Nice title, Gavin.

Now that Godwin’s law’s been repealed.




I’ve always been curious about why there weren’t a lot of pictures from the last Flock of Seagulls event – neither on the Flock’s site or Malkin’s site. Usually when there is a large number of people gathered in one spot, there are lots of pictures depicting, well, lots of people gathered in one spot.

On March 17, their first big call to arms, there just weren’t all that many of them, and they were obviously outnumbered by the hordes of antiwar folks. The pictures would have been embarassing. Plus, the acres of flapping flaggery would’ve made it hard to see whatever people were in the picture.

When I was there, there was a group of perhaps 200-250 of them, as well as a single-file contingent lining a small part of the march route, which, charitably speaking, might have brought them up to 400, 450 people tops. Not quite enough to outnumber thousands of moonbats.



They went apeshit when Koppel tried to read the names of all of the dead soldiers on Nightline because that was somehow anti-war, now they rally to the defense of a once-controversial wall which has nothing but the names of all the dead soldiers from another war because it is sacrosanct.

Even though said wall is widely admired as a work of subtle protest by anti-war types.

This must be one of those M-instead-of-W things.


Curious – where did the myth of liberals defacing the wall come from. Was there an actual incident at any time?


A Bucket of Water said,

Didn’t you used to be on Super-Friends?


Does anyone else hear Ashcroft’s “Let the Eagles Soar” while you read madpithybull’s rant….

Charles Giacometti

Republicans hated the memorial when it was first proposed. Henry Hyde called it, “a political statement of shame and dishonor” and the National Review editorialized against it. The lunatics at Sinclair tried to sandbag the whole thing and were almost sued because of it and 27 Republican congressmen formally asked the Interior Department to kill it.

For the Gathering of Eagles lunatics to jump to any conclusions about this shows me they are one part stupid, two parts manipulative, three parts desperate, and five parts mentally ill.

Principal Blackman



I don’t think this Flock of Seagulls business will ever stop being funny


I still believe we can have a presence at the wall 24/7 if we put our collective minds to work and are willing to devote the time needed.

Yeah, do that instead of enlisting in the Army and fighting the war you claim is so important that the fate of the world rests on it.

Didn’t you used to be on Super-Friends?



Curious – where did the myth of liberals defacing the wall come from. Was there an actual incident at any time?

I saw this one guy walk up to the wall with a piece of charcoal and start rubbing it, real slow and careful, back and forth! I couldn’t believe it! And then, this other guy, he was carrying some hippie-dippie flowers, and then he put them next to the wall and totally walked away! I was like, someone’s gonna have to clean that up, and my tax dollars will probably end up paying for it! Typical liberals.


“They KNEW that they could deface it when we weren’t there!”

Uh-huh. You should be ashamed of yourself, and stripped of all authority, imaginary or otherwise, for deserting your post, you goddamn traitor to the cause. It is MY opinion that you should also be jailed for the length of time of no fewer then 6 years, as well, but fortunately for you, sir, that is not my call.

My guess? Some kid spilled their juice box. Or whatever the fuck it is kids drink these days.

Holy crap, did you hear that some Liberal pigeons defaced the Korean War Memorial over five hundred times in one day!?!?!


I’m sure their mum’s are looking forward to finally being able to clean out the chickenshit eagles basements

because you can imagine the state their in.


“Sheep gravitational force” is totally apropos. It brings to mind a form of black hole where no cognizant thought can escape.


“Form of … a lion!”

– Jayna turns into a lion and stands in front of the Memorial, growling and confronting the dirty hippies.

“Form of … a bucket of water!”

Zan turns into a bucket of water and Gleek uses the water to undeface the Memorial.

The Gathering of Eagles CHEER until somebody asks about the Wonder Twins’ immigration status, prompting speculation that Gleek is an anchor baby.

Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Superman leap to the defense of the Wonder Twins. All are promptly deported.



“The material, which appeared to be gone yesterday…”

Note the qualifier. It appeared to be gone, but may very well return.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


“The material, which appeared to be gone yesterday…”

That’s how nefarious the Islamoliberals are. They fail to actually injure the monument in any way, knowing full well that we shall soil our diapers, at the mere specualtion of their attempting to injure the monument, thereby making us FEEL less proud of the Freedomness and Jesusness we represent, and of course, the feelings of a gleeful band of entirely heterosexual bed-wetters is the real issue here.


Liberal’s dont make sense.

You are against war and against war momunents but then want to clean the earth of humans by not having babies (global warming and abortion-murderings).

Why then don’t they just want as many people as possible to die? War is good then, right (assuming lots of causalties)? We don’t need to spend valuable resources fighting diseases around the world, let those die! Charge mightily onto that slippery slope.

China the other day was bragging about their one-child policy helping the environment. Yeah, we know, totalitarian communism and the environmental movement share much.

Well, I’ll help you out, Gary.

You see, while war might be an ideal way of reducing the world population, it tends to be perpetrated on brown people of varying hues who don’t really contribute that much to global warming. Plus the transport ships, planes, and trucks are a global warming nightmare with all the CO2 and other greenhouse gases they release.

So, the ideal solution is to sterilize registered Republicans and impose a strict one-child-per-family rule on the rest of us. By sterilizing Republicans, not only do we stand a chance of eliminating the meme, we can do away with the horrendous mental images I get when I contemplate what Limbaugh was up to taking Viagra with him to the Dominican Republic.

The one-child-per-family rule will lead to a lot of abortions, but since we’ve gone and sterlized the Republicans, we’ve eliminated the one group that would be bothered by them. The rest of us can be in and out of abortion clinics all day long. I foresee branches of Planned Parenthood opening up at Walgreens and CVS Pharmacies. Then, after harvesting the embryos for stem cells which we will use to build an army of animal-human hybrid mutants to keep the dwindling Republicans in line, we’ll grind up the rest of the fetus and start composting. It’ll be all green solutions in our new Republican-free paradise, let me tell you!


Ruppert would be there, but he might have to meet with his probation officer or something:



That is SO the lead story on the Factor tonight.


After reading “The Road” by that guy who wrote the Horses book, I think we can put Republicans to good use – I can’t really say much more about that ….

Uh, go Chargers!


Just how fast does wonder twin power propagate through monkey flesh?

And Flock of Seagulls fits these guys to a ‘t’ since their theme song goes “and i ran, I ran so far away…” all the way back to mom’s basement.


No way, DJ. That is just too funny!


“The material, which appeared to be gone yesterday…”

This means nothing. Those crafty libruls might have been using Acme Disappearing Reappearing Ink!


Robert Winter of Human Events is all over this one:

Many vets speculated that the media near-blackout was caused by a lack of trust and confidence in us by the very people who are supposed to be our staunchest supporters. Fearing an outbreak of violence for which we, and thus they, would be blamed, they were silent.

That wily MSM, up to its dirty tricks again.

Commenter Tim (the first one at 2:33 PM) knows what needs to be done (sics throughout):

The punishment for vandalizing our war Hero’s Monumnets should be either life in prison or banashment from America. I would love to deport those ANSWER scum to be starving wage slaves in China or Cuba and let them see just how wonderful life is in a communist paradise. The “paradise” that we would be living in if not for the Heroes on that wall.


Robert Ronald.



“Wage slaves”? America would be Communist if not for the Vietnam War?



“Acme Disappearing Reappearing Ink!”

SamfromUtah: I think you mean Acme Disappearing/Reappearing Oily Substance®, now with added potency and corrosiveness—perfect for all your national-monument desecration needs!

Man, the Flock is gonna feel awful foolish when some poor slob from East Jesus, Arkansas, fesses up that his kid got hold of the sunscreen and emptied the whole bottle while they were walking around DC last weekend.


For all you insolent whelps that wanted a picture of the last GOE, here it is. And it’s absolutely authentic.


Why, there are approximately 300,000 Eagles in that pic! This proves that they can not be stopped and that us dirty Islamohippies should get in line and support Teh Surge! (which is working!)!


jacob Singer: I really liked the “Sheep gravitational force”.


Incidentally, here’s what the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund has to say about it.

It was the only non-“ZOMG LIBERALZ DE|=AC3D!!!” Link I found on the front page of Google with “Vietnam Memorial, Oil”

But this Freeper quote is pretty damn funny, “Eyewitnesses to the damage, Concretebob, Mr. and Mrs. Trooprally…”

Some of the comments are pretty funny. In that, “We need to kill more people” sort of way. We’re asking for “it”. Thought what “it” is is murky. Possible concentration camps, maybe just summery executions in the streets. Whichever.


Flock of Smeagols is more like it…


So it was just assumed that Liberals were responsible, although almost all of us were suportive ofthe Wall when first proposed, and remain as much, if not MORE pleased with it today.

I think it was some witless Bush supporter who felt like defiling the soldiers who got killed in place of Bush and Cheney, and the Eagles and other associated jingoistic bastards can go eat it becasue it was one of their own.

bastards are trying to cover it up by objectingTOO strenuously.


Maybe someone was just trying to polish the wall.


Aren’t these the same people who object when someone puts up a memorial to the Americans who have died in the current stupid war?

And didn’t the wingnuts of the day denounce the memorial when it was being designed and built? And now they act like they own it?

In terms of assessing what this substance is, it’s pretty damn easy to tell if a something is caustic or corrosive. As someone pointed out upthread, this is probably a three-year-old with a squeeze bottle of sunscreen. It’s at the right height for it.

The furor is just another example of wingnuts acting out. They’re building the Dolchstosslegende in their sick little minds.

Some people just aren’t happy unless they have a victim class to persecute. The victims used to be irish, chinese, italians, blacks, jews, and chinese. We almost all grown beyond that now, so all they have left is liberals. They need to make us into traitors and backstabbers, both to rationalize the horrendous policy failures of the conservative movement in general, and to justify the frustrated rage and ugliness that comes bobbing up out of them personally like turds in the kiddie pool.


MCH said, No Sir,Not ranting a bit.Well said.


I also think the right hated the memorial cause like an actual”gook”designed it.My head hurts…


That’s right! Pai-Mei, from Kill Bill, deigned it! I forgot all about that.

Mehitabel the Abyssinian

No, deigning is what cats do. I deign to accept your homage. You may stroke me now.


DEMIZE!: My head hurts when you use that word. You know which one. Even in snark. Lose it, please.


Ruppert would be there, but he might have to meet with his probation officer or something…

He was *not* masturbating into that American flag while standing outside the playground. He was, uhhhh, y’see, there was a nest of illegal-immigrant fire ants…

No, wait, he was, like, some DFHs had just set the flag on fire, and his can of Red Bull was empty, so…

Jeez, what patriotic American *doesn’t* get aroused when they consider the globalizing glory that is our National Symbol?


Stick a flag on it, and this maroons will rally around it. Even if it is a memorial that has a well-known history of being an anti-war statement. Cognative dissonance much?


Per g’s comment, don’t certain religions use oils for the anointing of sacred objects? Did they check the oil for traces of myrrh or residual Wicca-ness?

Likely perps:

1) Religious dummy with a jar of oil and a brush to fling it with
2) Stupid, weeping, recently-dumped undergrad muttering “No blood for oil”
3) Parks Service staff got high, watched “Fight Club” and fertilized the Mall with used motor oil
4) That petroleum based blob monster from Dean Koontz’s “Phantoms”
5) Roger and Nydia Stone


I remember standing by the wall. The gathering of eagles shouted above our heads. And we kissed, as their world fell.


(The shame, it was on the other side.)


Lighten up guy.If you can’t get the spirit in which the post was written than I ‘m sorry for you.I’m not gonna be PC’d.


But since you said please.I’ll be civil and censor myself.I wasn’t trying to be abrasive.But there was controversy over the designers ethnicity.And I for one don’t get uptight over words as such,more so in the context in which they’re used.


Ya know what,on third thought since you have a “I heart Nancy Pelosi” avatar on your site I’m gonna have to recant.DEAL WITH IT!1!1


Mr. Somebody-or-another, tear down this wall!!


I heard the Polish radio station was attacked because they were threatening to play Dr BLT’s new song.


Krauthammer did it – he hates the Vietnam Memorial.

“Washington Diarist: Memorials,” by Charles Krauthammer, New Republic, 05/23/81: 43. “This memorial says one thing: only the dead, nothing besides, remain. Its purpose is to impress upon the visitor the sheer human waste, the utter meaningless of it all. It is an unfortunate choice of memorial. Memorials are built to give context and, possibly, meaning to suffering that is otherwise incomprehensible. We do not memorialize bus accidents, which by nature are contextless, meaningless. To treat the Vietnam dead like the victims of some monstrous traffic accident is more than a disservice to history.”


My mistake – it was the National Review that spat on it.

“Stop That Monument,” National Review, 09/18/81: 1064. “Our objection to this Orwellian glop does not issue from any philistine objection to new conceptions in art. It is based upon the clear political message of this design. The design says that the Vietnam War should be memorialized in black, not in the white marble of Washington. The mode of listing the names makes them individual deaths, not deaths in a cause; they might as well have been traffic accidents.”


I don’t get the reference in the title, and I’m afraid I should, as a history major.


don’t certain religions use oils for the anointing of sacred objects?

OMG! It was Mutt Romney or his staff!


Nullifidian, I think sterilizing wingnuts for purposes of population control is just adding insult to injury.


National Review, 09/18/81: Our objection to this Orwellian glop…

Mystery solved. The stain was just some of the original Orwellian Glop bubbling back to the surface. The Park Service really needs to use a better sealant.


I don’t get the reference in the title, and I’m afraid I should, as a history major.

It must be a reference to the Gleiwitz incident:

The Gleiwitz incident was a staged attack on 31 August 1939 against the German radio station Sender Gleiwitz in Gleiwitz, Upper Silesia, Germany (since 1945: Gliwice, Republic of Poland) on the eve of World War II in Europe.

This provocation was one of several actions in Operation Himmler, a Nazi Germany project to create the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany, which would be used to justify the subsequent invasion of Poland.


“Orwellian Glop”, good name for a thrash band


True enough, lobbey, and “Orwellian Glop” also sounds like the name of a Charles Dickens character.


Well, we got a lot closer to Congress than the red area indicates. I jsut got back to the bston metro, and I learned a few things today about “protest warriors”. ( indicated in light blue in the map above:

1) either they stank like feces, or the park service set them up next to an open sewer. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

2) They think we all need jobs. This goes double for the ones holding “Safe since 9-11” signs when we reminded them that , politely, that the antrax attacks came after 9-11.. so, maybe not so much.

C) The ones with the loudest voices and who would not let you get a word in edgewise, really go quite apeshit when you wink at them suggestively.

I decided not to take photo’s of them. Basically, they, mostly, served our country, mostly well I’ll bet. Really, it’s they’re own generations fault that they’re so fucking damaged.


[…] for those loyal patriots at The Gathering of Eagles! Without them, who would be there to defend to defend our glorious war memorials from unknown people spilling unknown substances on them, doing no noticeable damage that prompts […]


Well that wall was designed by the descendant of an Asian immigrant and wingnuts, from Perot on down hated it and derided it as the ‘black gash of shame’.

It took liberals to make it from conception to memorial.

And besides, why would a liberal oil down a war memorial when we could get some plastic sheets and have a Wesson Oil love-in?


I know this is an old post but I am PISSED!It turns out Hector Arrendando who’s son was Iraq was attacked by some of these pricks.He has been carrying a casket with his son’s picture on it since as a protest.He set himself on fire along with USMC.van on the day he was told of his son’s death.Some pro war scumbags tried to take his son’s photo off the coffin and when he resisted he was wolf packed.


[…] Members of The Gathering of Eagles surround and kick Gold Star father Carlos Arredondo,9/15/07 (photo: Hilsdon […]


Maybe Salt and Pepper are still allive.


Or is it their ghosts


You scum bags who attacked Hector arredondo, the father of a fallen
hero. Why don’t you scum attack a live soldier or Marine returning from
the war and see how you make out. you bastards are nothing but
cowards. Even an old Vietnam marine combat veteran like me could
whup the shit out of you scum.


You scum answer if you have the guts.


[…] it as a deliberate act of vandalism by anti-war groups and liberals. The funniest take on it was at Sadlyno under the headline “Moonbat Traitors Attack Polish Radio […]


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