Where All The White Women At?

Debbie Schlussel is a lonely owl in the forest of Islamofascism sometimes, hooting incessantly all through the night even though no one will listen. Lately, she’s been following the story of an innocent young white girl who has been seduced over the computer-box by one of those greasy Mahometans (probably he tortured some Jew into teaching him how it worked, since they lack the intellect to master complicated machinery on their own). And now, she plans to marry him, thus forever diluting the fair-skinned gene pool of our gentle race!

In honor of my last post’s interminable comic-book discussion, I will rate the dumbest sentences from the Costco Coulter’s defense of white ladyhood using an image of Solomon Grundy going “daaaaar”.

18-year-old Katherine Lester is on her way to Jericho in the so-called “West Bank” of Israel.


No longer will anyone see her long, flowing blonde hair.


She furtively corresponded back-and-forth with “Abdullah Psycho” a/k/a Abdullah Jimzawi a/k/a Abdullah Jinzawi, a 25-year-old Palestinian Muslim (who–surprise!–lied about his age online) in the terrorist-dominated, extremist town of Jericho. Yes, what was once the same Biblical Jericho. But this story isn’t Bibilical. It’s tragic.


Abdullah Psycho’s mother–let’s call her Umm Psycho [partial Arabic for “Mother of Psycho”] lamented to the press about this unfortunately dashed situation.


Parents, let that be a lesson to you: “Seventeen” is not your daughter’s friend. Or yours. It’s trash.


Who would ever consider educating their daughter on the real perils of Islam, especially for a young American girl with her whole life ahead of her? Not her stepparents, apparently.


Now, Katherine Lester is lost to Islam and the barbaric Palestinian jungle of a “society,” forever.



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The PLO made my baby their ho.


This really left me cold. I mean where are all the lascivious details about how she was defiled and used by the brutes?


I’ve written a book about Debbie’s insidious attempts to lure me to her crotch.

“Not Without My Wartner” —out December.


Abdullah Psycho: How To Get Your Teen Daughter to Covert to Islam, Marry a Palestinian, and Move to Terroristan

So Ms. Lester is a covert agent? How long until cheneycorp drops a dime on her?

Meanwhile, it’s clear from the oh-so-sane Debbie Schlussel’s accompanying images that the real danger comes from Jabba the Hutt.
Or Dennis the Hutt, as he is known in D.C.


Dennis the Hutt, he replied, full of looksism and hopes for proper html.


Is that a Ramone’s song, Bubba?


I imagine Johnny writing it.


So, a 17-18 year old girl decided to move to another country and marry a man she met on the internet.

Yeah. Lack of a Terrorist Awareness 101 program was the problem with that family. Right.

And while I agree that “Seventeen” magazine is, in fact, trash; I fail to see what it has to do with this instance. Of course, I’m not reading the full thing because I have work* tomorrow. Need to be coherent and sober.

Okay, fine, I”ll skim it.
Christ, does this stupid pump ever link to something that’s NOT her own damn site?

And someone should point out to young Debbie that there’s a difference between a “burka” and a “hijab”. You know. If you’re going to dedicate your life to the genocide of a billion people, you should probably know SOMETHING about them. It’s just good form.

Also, I’m not sure you can have more then one “step-parent.” I could be wrong; maybe the biological one who remarried died, and then the step got remarried.

So, young Osama al Terrorist McJihad there seems to be posing for the camera in front of his computer with what appears to be a World of Warcraft wallpaper. Holy Yowza. They play World of Warcraft. What other evils lurk in the heart of evil Palestinian men? Only the Schlussel knows!

I guess the point of her article, nay, the “Shorter Schlussel” is: “How dare this young adult make her own decisions in life!”


“But this story isn’t Bibilical. It’s tragic.”

(“Bibilical”?) Well, this story has no plagues of locusts, nor wandering madmen speaking in tongues, but Numbers 25 tells us what to do with anyone who defiles the purity of our tribe: kill the polluters. In bed. Whilst they consummate their foul perversion. And God himself will bless the killer. So, there is hope for Debbie and her Crusade — or, at least, “Bibilical” justification for it. And what else could she possibly need?


He plays WoW? What realm?

… uh, I mean, what is this World of Warcraft of which you speak?


Where All The White Women At?

What a great, great movie. I learned more about race relations from that movie than all of my high school years.


I’m on Farstriders, meself. lvl 39 Night Elf Druids in the house!
…anyone got 20 gold they can spare so I can get a kitty to ride?

I’m just assuming it’s a WoW wallpaper. It’s really too small to see for sure.


I thought he looked fairly cute.

BTW, go to Deddie’s main page and then scroll down to the post called “Me in USA Today: Tommy Lee Jones v. Schlussel”. Now look at the pic that she chose to represent herself! My God.

Oh! and she has her own blog listed in her blog roll.

Gah! I need to go back to Deltoid, my brain is about to implode.


I wonder how Debbie feels about the young black woman that was tortured by five white Christians….

That was a rhetorical question, mind you. I know she won’t answer it. That’s how the conservative mind works.


I read Debbie’s story and my eyes couldn’t help but tear up… The depravity of it all, a 25-year old seducing an innocent 17-year old child over the iNternet… And people in this country still doubt how dangerous Islam can be…

Our duty as parents is to educate and show our daughters that there are better choices, better role models. For example, instead of getting married at 17 to a 25-year old Muslim, why not get married at 14 to a 50-year old Christian? Of the same denomination as that handsome guy Mitt Romney (what a role model!) who is runing for President?

Come on people, we owe it to our daughters!


Well at least Katherine Lester’s ” flowing blonde hair” is naturally blond, Debbie.

Ooooooo. Snap!


Schlussel is a heavy-handed pedant, but she’s not wrong here. At 16, Katherine Lester lacked the life experience necessary to make an informed choice about moving to another country to marry a man she’d never met. She knew nothing of the culture there except for what her online beau had told her, and probably couldn’t speak the language either.

For me, this has nothing to do with whether the guy is a Palestinian or not, but with the fact Lester made a choice guided by teenaged emotion rather than adult reason. That Abdullah lied about his age and perhaps encouraged Lester to lie to her family would send up a bunch of red flags for me as a parent.

I would have focused on these warnings signs, and not on some ridiculous fear of the “dark tide of Islam,” in a bid to convince Lester to wait at least a couple more years (beyond her 18th birthday) before stepping into the unknown.

Lester’s parents may have thought they were doing right, but they’ve quite possibly exposed their daughter to a world of hurt by not putting the kibosh on some of this stuff.

They only increased the illusion of romance by permitting her to give media interviews about her dangerous flight.


Oh! and she has her own blog listed in her blog roll.

I declare this the Definitive Shorter Debbie.


I have a sad sinking feeling that neither he nor she has the same definition for the phrase, “Worshiped like a God”.

I hope everyone involved learns the lessons they need to learn.
Funny how that works…


In a way it’s a pity that Der Stürmer isn’t published any more. Schlussel would have been a natural.


You’re not wrong, Breasticle, but this Debbie Schutzstaffel we’re talking about. If the boy in the story was good pure-blooded blond European Protestant she’d be mailing out a wedding gift. Fertility drugs, most likely.

Anyway, Debbie is a crazy racist who has never been right, because her every scribble and utterance is intended to make people want to kill Muslims as much as she does. Lester and her family may have made a horrible mistake but it’s not one that’s so different from the sorts of mistakes made with regularity by the young and lovestruck.


What Jrod said.

Also, Osama al Terrorist McJihad.

Incontinentia Buttocks

For example, instead of getting married at 17 to a 25-year old Muslim, why not get married at 14 to a 50-year old Christian? Of the same denomination as that handsome guy Mitt Romney (what a role model!) who is runing for President?

Not to in any way defend Willard or his religion, but saying that Warren Jeffs is “of the same denomination” as Mitt Romney is like saying that Barack Obama is of the same denomination as Jack Chick.

Both mainstream Mormons (like Romney) and polygamist Mormon “fundamentalists” (like Jeffs) consider the other group to be apostates from the true faith.


My God, Debbie is a racist freak. The comments are, ah, pretty stunning too:

She’s stupid, she will die and the fault will lie with her first, then her parental units.

I just hope that it happens before she reproduces, that way the stupid gene stops with her.

Prediction…she’ll come back and try to run for office…and tell us that islamic men are better than christian ones.

Good riddance, she’s a psychological error, let the muslims have her.

…this girl diving into Islam is EXACTLY the same as joining a cult,…

Every muslim on Earth is engaged in a supremacist plan to dominate the world by force, or by having more babies than anyone else and THEN using force. Muslim men treat women like property, at best. I can’t wait till the muslims pull another 911 and we won’t have to listen to your BLATHER about peaceful freaking muslims anymore.


I would like to plug what I wrote a coupla weeks ago here:

‘Islamophobia’ – The Taste Sensation Sweeping The Nation

‘fear of Islam’ is an excuse; why let them get away with claiming they’re “afraid” of “Muslims”?

In short, Schlussel doesn’t have a discouraging word to say about Islam in this lovely little post. It’s all about how our race-traitorous Jewlywood media refuses to gird our Nordic loins against the Tyrmagantuman sirocco, and slowly but surely we are being mongrelized by the Mahometans. That her bestial little brain has only one track in it and why should be immediately obvious in that she seriously thinks the major issue at stake in both the Virginia Tech massacre and Mexican immigration is the encroachment of fundamentalist Islam.

She is what happens when the reactionaries perfectly internalize the gospel of Filthy Muslim Invaders. The only thing that’s weird about her is that she’s an American; this kind of racialist bullshit usually only takes serious traction in Europe. (The peculiar obsessions of that Danish asshole and Steyn, who went from plus Anglais que les Anglais jusqu’a plus Americain que les ETATS UNIS ETATS UNIS N’OUBLIE JAMAIS (after 9/11 demonstrated where the money in conservative assholery was going) … well, they’re if anything not well-suited to America.)

This is why Schlussel is so weird-sounding and maladroit to our ears. She’s taken the mongrelization narrative to heart, and is only comfortable when dealing with it. Pure Aryan flowers being ravished mercilessly by fecund Araby is what she’s most comfortable shamefully masturbating to. Arabs blowing up our giant skyscraping dicks just terrify her and people like her, and that’s what makes her the odd man out among American reactionaries — who are, without exception, terrified and aroused instead.

The mongrelization narrative, meant to supress natives, has a parallel in America (IF YOU WANT TO COME TO AMERICA LEARN TO SPEAK AMERICAN WETBACKS!!!!), but it’s not particularly coherent for American discourse when aimed against Muslims. So you get eliminationist, Coulter-style bomb-the-mosques-kill-the-leaders-enslave-em-all bullshit, but in the service of a war machine, not the whole economy.

So the explicit race-hate Schlussel pushes? That’s why it’s so bizarre and reality-defying. She doesn’t even have a massive right-wing hate machine to back her up like her European antigastarbite colleagues or her American eliminationist fuck buddies. She’s just a paranoid fucking maniac, a small-time ranter and raver who Fox and company throw bones out of sheer contempt for humanity more than any kind of ideological necessity. The moment she fucks something up and starts becoming a liability to the right-wing narrative, she’s a dead woman.


Meant to suppress immigrants in the service of nativists and those who profit from their being second-class. Whoopsy.


Debbie Schlussel, repulsive racist provocotrix

“The saddest story ever told” (from http://naawpflch.org/index/saddest.html)

When a white girl marries a raghead, her sun of life goes down.
And glaring spots of sin appear on her white wedding gown.
And White and black men stand aghast, while viewing this strange role:
And mutter, “they will wreck themselves, and damn each other’s soul.

We know a carnivorous bug has crept into her brain.
And gnawed away her self-respect, which left her half insane.
Now all her racial pride has flown beyond redemption’s fold.
And she begins life’s saddest tale that ever yet was told.

Three days and nights she felt brownlips press smug against her own.
And on the fourth, her troubled soul, let out a frightful groan.
And so the weeks and months flew by, and then a baby came;
She looked at it with tear filled eyes, and hung her head with shame.

And then she dreamed of other days, sweet girlhood days gone by,
And of the White friends left behind, and so we hear her cry;
“O, could I turn life’s pendulum backwards a few short years.
I would not bear this cross today, nor shed these bitter tears.”

“My baby would be White as snow, and sleep upon my breast.
Like a little fledgling robin that slumbers in its nest.
While now, O God, my mongrel child just, whimpers through the night.
Till in my sleepless dreams I scream, not White, O God, not White!”

And so I stagger through my days far from God’s love and grace,
Till now, I know, no arab lives, can take a white man’s place.
My offsprings shall be mongrel bred, their hue-skin shall remain,
For even God with all his power, cannot remove the stain.

I sold my birthright for a mess, I mixed my White-born blood
With black blood, so I languish here like one bogged down in mud.
Though God may grant a pardon, I never can retrace
My footsteps down life’s narrow road, back to the White man’s race.

So now I groan, “It might have been,” had racial pride been mine.
Today I’d hug a pure White child, and call him half divine
I’d lift him up before the world, and praise his father’s name,
While now, my baby’s mongrel face, reminds me of my shame.

All other crimes may be forgiven when prayer its power fulfills;
The scheming crook may find new hope, and even the man that kills,
but all my prayers can never clear my baby’s mongrel skin,
Nor make him White as driven snow, nor cleanse my soul of sin.

I was my father’s future hope, my mother’s joy and pride
But I got lost on life’s dark road, and there my spirit died.
I smeared my all-White heritage and left the White man’s track,
Now my descendants for all time shall be forever black

I try to hide from all the stars, the moon and the setting sun;
For all mankind of my White race, condemn what I have done;
I tremble and my teardrops flow, I pray, but pray in vain;
For nevermore shall I be one with my White race again.

And so dark clouds above me roll, deep waters crash below,
I sink, and reap what I have sown, and drink my cup of woe.
My mother sleeps deep in her grave, my dad lies at her side,
For both were crushed when I became a haji’s common bride.

Now, should I decide to leave him, where could I choose to go?
My misspent life will follow me like footprints in the snow.
Before me lie dark jungles where paramours seek prey:
Behind me death keeps whispering, “I am the only way.”

This black and White, prenuptial mess, this racial suicide;
Must be forbidden by the law, men must find racial pride!
The, never again, forever, shall tales like mine unfold,
With all its shame, the saddest tale, that ever yet was told.

– Hon. Oliver Allstorm


Incontinentia Buttocks,
exactly correct. To assume that every muslim is a fundamentalist jihadist is the same as to assume that every mormon is a child-raping polygamist… Somehow, though, I don’t see a moderate muslim running for President, while it is perfectly OK for a mainstream Mormon to do it…


What’s even odder is that I’m pretty sure that Dyejob Debbie, for all her blatant white Christian anti-darkie scaremongering, is Jewish. Like Crazy Pammy, she seems to think that once we get rid of all the Muzzies, it’ll be smooth sailing for her people, because when have white Christians ever engaged in anti-Semitism?


Someone did an anlysis of all the media showings, columns and books that Schlussel does over the course of a year and concluded that even after the Wingnut Welfare contribution she loses a few thousand dollars per year in her little media business. So we can just make fun of her and she will eventually run out of money, and then go silent.

Atlas Pam is taking a while, though, since her business went under. We can still hope.


Muslim men treat women like property. And then they steal our women!


Please tell me she did NOT actually write “No longer will anyone see her long, flowing blonde hair.” No way. I’d click to double-check, but contributing to wingnuts’ site counts is against my religion.


Please tell me she did NOT actually write “No longer will anyone see her long, flowing blonde hair.”

Hey, not for nothing did that statement win the coveted quintuple-Grundy for dumbness.


Hysterial Woman: Well, that’s what dark people do, steal white men’s property.


As soon as she starts using the word “bacillus” in reference to Islam it’s all over; she’ll have gone full nazi.

Oh, and a bonus comment:

Check out islam–from the koran–and tell us where you find any basis that is not a cult of hell.


I don’t think she got enough Grundys for this dreck.


Still trading a north american life at 16 for married life in the west bank? That is messed up. What I want to know is what happens 3 years from now when she decides it was all a mistake and tries to come back to the USA.


What I want to know is what happens 3 years from now when she decides it was all a mistake and tries to come back to the USA.

US citizenship is notoriously hard to give up. Still, maybe some waterboarding will be required before they let her on a plane to Disneyland.


Muslim men treat women like property. And then they steal our women!

Hysterical Woman, I love you. Er, I mean, I must have you!


I think that everyone mocking Debbie Schlussel should educate themselves with Jack Chick’s cautionary tale “The Little Bride”:


Oh Lord, I’ve seen the light! Just as I was about to say the words and convert to Islam, Jon saved my soul with a Chick tract. I now know that the only true path to heaven lies in fundamentalist Protestant Christianity. Praise Jesu!


I can’t wait till the muslims pull another 911 and we won’t have to listen to your BLATHER about peaceful freaking muslims anymore.


Nothing like rooting for another terrorist attack to really show how much you love your country. Christ, her commenters are worse than her.


Hey – don’t go hatin’ on Costco. It’s a good progressive organization.

Call her the Wal–Mart Coulter


This woman is so immensely hypocritical. I mean, not that she would ever mention that no one would see her “long flowing blonde hair” if she married an Orthodox Jew, either!


This woman is so immensely hypocritical. I mean, not that she would ever mention that no one would see her “long flowing blonde hair” if she married an Orthodox Jew, either!

But Orthodox Jewish women covering their hair is completely different from Muslim women covering their hair because er…um…I’ll get back to you on that one.

I once saw a news report (or read an article, I can’t remember) about International Solidarity Movement volunteers in the Gaza Strip. One of them was a young Orthodox Jewish woman from the US, who obeyed her religion’s rules on modesty and blended in at the same time by wearing exactly the same kind of headscarf as a local Muslim woman would wear.


P.S. Note that Schlussel believes that the West Bank belongs to Israel (“Jericho in the so-called “West Bank” of Israel”).


Well, at least give her a bullet proof vest for a wedding gift to protect her from that wacky IDF with their zany missles attacks and rampant civilian executin’.


“The Little Bride” is the craziest Jack Chick tract ever. He’s moved on from hating Catholics to hating Islam. Or maybe he’s an equal opportunity hater? You should check out http://www.316now.com; there are 9 short films based on actual Chick tracts. You will get a kick out them, I’m sure!


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