So far so good

The New York Times reports on the first day of the New Iraq?:

Already security forces, responding to today’s announcement, were locking down sections of the capital. Several hotels refused to let guests go in or out, thousands of police stepped into the streets and American fighter jets cut arcs in the sky over Baghdad. Both American and Iraqi officials said they were expecting the handover to be marred by significant terrorist attacks.

In related Total Sovereignty? developments:

The new Iraqi government, consisting of many wealthy exiles who spent years away from Iraq, is barred from making long-term policy decisions and will not control the 160,000 foreign troops remaining in the country. The government has the right to ask them to leave ? but has made clear it has no intention of doing so. The government also cannot reverse any of the laws passed by American administrators during the occupation.

[Emphasis added]

Thanks to Blair for the link.


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Sounds like the Iraqi “government” has sovereignty over Iraq sort of the way our dog has sovereignty over our house.


Your dog probably has more sovereignty over your house than New Iraq (R) has over Iraq.

I suspect that, beginning now, the US “media” will largely ignore Iraq. After all, Americans aren’t in charge there 😉


As Bush might ask, Total Sovereignty or Subjugation, what’s the difference?


It’s worth mentioning that the CPA’s website hasn’t been updated to reflect this wonderful and historic moment.

The site does have a nice pep-talk by Wolfowitz that’s kind of close to the “fear is the mindkiller” chant from Dune.


We’re Gonna Have An Iraqi Sovereignty Party To-nite!

We’re gonna have an Iraqi sovereignty party, alright! Don’t talk about anything else, we don’t wanna know! A new Get Your War On, special sovereignty edition, added bonus Rumsfeldian cartoons and $25 billion PayPal pledge drive. A teaser: BTW, this…


What’s the latest update on the quagmire, or hasn’t it started yet?


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