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Gee, you know, one of these days I’m going to go on a road trip only to come back and find that nobody has posted anything.


Erhm, let’s get the projector from the AV closet. How about a short educational film?

Heh-heh. ‘Toilet practices.’


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So now we just to pad it with a couple of car chases and a love scene and we’re gold!


Oh a few things need to get blown up too.


Life is dirty. Clean it up!

I remember watching films like these in the 70s, in good old home ec class. Some of them were updated, but a surprising number of them were holdovers from the 50s, which must have been the golden age of the personal hygiene flick. We used to sit there and snicker.

This would have been a good one for MST3K to mock.


Just remember.

An engine can’t run when the exhaust is stopped up.

Is your exhaust stopped up?

Oh, and if some really loud, obnoxious dude in a green outfit tries to make you crap outside?

Kill him.

All I’m saying….



If your exhaust is stopped up don’t take a wide stance. That would be a big mistake.


This would have been a good one for MST3K to mock.
Mr. Be Natural!

Great film, Gavin, but I must take exception to the claim that a car’s exhaust pipe is for venting waste. It is, in fact, for sticking one’s dick into.


That flick reminds me of the nuns.

Uh, thanks.


Those kids grew up to be hippies.


Hey, what sister ever kissed her brother on the lips good night.



couple things, jim runs like iggy pop on the beach, and judy is sort of hot, with all that bathing and brushing and staring out the window…she’s gotta be what, 75 now?
and an apple in the tailpipe can definitely stop things up.


Lookit this Yglesysiysyissss thread. There’s a wonderful troll called Will Allen saying the most unbelievable things, among them

“I dunno, Thomas, I actually was writing in 2000 that I expected Bush to be a terrible President, a yet I still voted for him twice, and might do so again if the alternative was still Gore or Kerrey…”


Okay, I can think of 30% of voting Americans who stopped this movie when it went “Eating – Cleanliness -Toi -whuuuudthefuckizz tha…”


Hey, y’all.

Pavarotti died today.



“Laugh, Pagliaccio,
for your love is broken!
Laugh of the pain, that poisons your heart! “


Laugh of the pain, that poisons your heart!

And then he chokes on a banana peel.


I thought it was kinda sweet.
It’s sad but there are a lot of people who could use this advice.


You can’t fool me, you guys dubbed the sound track.

Like, I skip some of that boring stuff about food, I land at the end of that section, and the narrator is saying “And fruit [He said fruit!] helps you to follow good toilet practices” precisely as the nice little girl bites into a banana. This is just too good.

Don’t tell me sometimes a banana is just a banana, you vulgarians.


Pavarotti dead. As of now, the authorities claim that there’s no suspicion of terrorism, but I want to be the first here and now to sya that there’s no doubt in my mind al Qaeda is behind this. But don’t expect the Liebral Media to tell you that.


Talk about a snail’s pace! The editing on that was beyond belief. What was the shot of all the food wrappers being put back in the pick-a-nick basket? Shouldn’t that have been in the “Don’t Be a Litter Bug” short?

My guess is that Judy ended up a barfly or skid row resident (too old to be a crack whore) & Jim has a cabin in the woods or desert somewhere, next to a pit filled w/ the bodies of motorists who took the wrong turn ’cause Jim changed the road signs.

And not to sound like an advocate of home schooling (Look what it did to me!) but I don’t need the gov’t., the school system or anybody the hell else telling me when to go to the bathroom. How conflicted Judy & Jim must have been if they couldn’t produce at the required times!

Indeed, isn’t this all stuff that should be learned @ home, preferably before starting kindergarten?


Isn’t he a little young for her?


“Don’t be bashful or silly about toilet habits!”

That may require a t-shirt.


Perhaps the “toiliet habits” section ought to be shown to all newly elected GOPers since they seem to be confused about what ought to be going on in public bathrooms. I hope they all at least remember to wash up after.


Indeed, isn’t this all stuff that should be learned @ home, preferably before starting kindergarten?

You would hope. It’s important to remember that public sanitation is a very new (relatively) phenomenon.


“Be sure to wash your hands after touching any part of yourself.”


Remember kids: don’t start right off with trying to put apples up your tailpipe; begin slowly with kumquats and plums, moving up to your peaches and pears.

Pineapples are




I started watching but saw it was almost 10 minutes long and quit, so tell me, did they get to the jello bowl or upper decker?


I have to admit, I would like to show this to my own kids. They don’t listen to me when I tell them to wash up or rest after lunch. Maybe they’ll listen to 50’s Voice Over Guy instead.


what did we ever do before youtube?


‘Jim’ kinda looks like a young Al Franken.
Look for the Coleman campaign to hit him hard for doing child porn.


I think the sloooooooow editing is time purposely long enough for teachers to nip down to the teacher’s lounge for a smoke and a couple o’ belts. Maybe even a squat (wash those hands!).

better health advice

don’t eat bananas to keep you regular – they have no fiber. really any other fruit would have been a better example.

bananas do, however, prove that God designed you to love penis-shaped things. mmmm… fits so nice


You can’t fool me. This is obviously an early NAMBLA recruitment video.


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