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G’s elderly Malamute, Kotsie, died last Tuesday, and she gave us a picture to post in memoriam.

Above: A Good Dog

[Open dogs-allowed thread, no leashes.]


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My sincere condolences. A good dog, indeed.


That is one fine looking animal.


Malamutes are big cuddly sweeties. My thoughts are with you and yours G.


Sorry to hear about the doggie; my 15 year-old yellow lab has had ‘episodes’ for the last 6 months, so I am awaiting the inevitable. Tough times, tough times indeed.

My thoughts are with you. . .


Rest in peace, Kotsie; and my most earnest condolences, G.

We said goodbye to our 16-year-old Papillon, Mousie, last Thursday. She died as she had lived with us for the past 12 years, gracefully and with a smile on her face. She was always the “spare auxilliary dog”, our little retired chorus girl, third dancer from the left in the line behind the Big Star, forever content with the smallest chewie, the least-interesting toy, and whichever pouf the two bigger Paps weren’t arguing over. She was literally too dumb to walk and chew biscuit, but her whole existence was an argument in favor of fully appreciating every moment. No matter what the provocation she greeted every new experience, and every new person, joyfully. And for a five-pound dog who lived in perfect Zen, never wishing for more than exactly the space she had in her present moment, she’s left an *awfully* big hole in our lives.

If there is a Rainbow Bridge — and right now even my hardened skeptic of a partner doesn’t want to reject the possibility — I hope that she & Kotsie get the chance to touch noses while they’re crossing over to join all the other much-loved and much-missed animal companions.


Ohhh, sucky sucky sucky!!
Looks like a good feller, or gal. I see a happy doggie smile there. Did you get back from the Big Apple before the grimness? Though sometimes it’s better (for us humanoids, at least) not to be there.
Thoughts w/ you.


Oh, & now another!
Remember, 15 (if I recollect correctly) for Kotsie & 16 for Mousie are great, long lives for our domesticated friends, & I know both of you & your families were the best possible wolf-packs for your friends.
And a tip of the Bouffant chapeau to all our sisters & brothers who are no longer here.


Someone sent this to me and I wanted to pass it on:

“We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own live within a fragile circle easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan.”
Irving Townsend


what a beautiful dog. thank you for sharing the photograph, and i’m thinking of y’all.


Damn. Sorry about that, g.

Herr Doktor Bimler

Missing the geriatric-Malamute updates already.


I’m so sorry g. What a beautiful pup.

Jillian, that Irving Townsend quote was beautiful.


Beautiful dog, G. I’ll be keeping a thought for you.


My condolences. Today is my cat’s birthday and I will be sure to poor out some extra treats on the sidewalk in memory of this pretty pup.


Sorry to hear about your furry friend.


Oh, Gavin, how wonderful to wake up this morning and see this. Thank you.

thanks, Sadly-ites,for the many kindnesses

Yes, it happened while we were in NYC, and we are cherishing our casual affectionate goodbye pats and hugs from the day we left.

He was with our friend, who was caring for him with great compassion and skill. But he was so ill he could not withstand the LA heatwave, and his poor body just gave out.

The geriatric Rottweiller is still with us, and wonders where That Other Dog went.

thanks again, Gavin.

Charles Giacometti

Sorry for your loss.


It’s never fair that the good ones go so quickly. Our sympathies – Jim, Kirsten, Eli (12 y/o Golden), and Toby (8 y/o Golden)


More proof, as if we needed it, that the world sucks. It’s beautiful and has beautiful dogs but then this happens. I miss every one of my old dog friends. My current Golden has entered the lie-around-the-house-all-day phase of his life. With luck we’ll have a couple more years and then, more suckage…


He looks like a darling, and it sounds like he was treasured.


Old dogs are always good dogs. The best.

Our thoughts are with you and your beautiful dog.


I’m very sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved, beautiful, beautiful dog with the sweet face.

It hurts a lot, I know. Geez, it hurts.


Very sorry about your dog, g. Yours too Anne. Two 1/2 years ago my 6 year old Scottie, Pretty Boy Floyd had to be put to sleep when his lymphoma came back. I was fucking devastated. A big part of his charm was that he was the least affectionate furry critter ever (playing ball with him for an hour might earn you the right to pet him for about 30 seconds but then he was on to the next mark) but in his final couple of days he didn’t want to be anyplace but my lap. He knew. Then two days later I get served with divorce papers. Did not want. So there’s my tale of woe. Thanks for listening. I guess it’s high time I got over both sad events.


Ahh, hell.

Hard goddam world.

The joys seem so short. The loves brief. The pain eternal.

Thoughts are with you, g.



Anne Laurie, that’s beautiful. g, I’m sorry. I hope I’m reincarnated as a dog with an owner like one of you.


We have a malamute, and a friendlier, cuddlier dog I’ve never met. The breed is highly recommended.


I bet he was a joy to watch run!

Now you will just have to close your eyes to see him run
(just not while operating heavy equipment, please.)


Don’t dwell on the sadness, lovey – dwell on the years of constant, mutual affection. We give our animal friends sweet lives. When your heart heals, sweeten the life of another animal that needs you.

Plus, you know, dogs are comedians, just testing out their new material, and you want to laugh, right?


so very sorry, g.



Condolences from LA, too. We put my fox terrier down last year. Completely heartbreaking, to show up at the vet and see her in that special care cage after not seeing her for a week. I sobbed.


I’m sorry for your loss. Kotsie is a very hansome woolie.

I have two Malamutes myself.


So sorry g – you too Anne Laurie. We’re at the shor t end of time with our geriatric greyhound Cleo- counting the months/years. We were lucky enough to move out to the country with her so she is truly getting a golden end to her life – the joy of just being. I don’t know what we’ll do when she goes. We actually had to put her in quarantine for six months when we moved to the UK a couple of years back (loooooong story – the job offer/move came too quick to prepare the animals in advance). I truly thought it would kill her – she hates HATES the kennel (and this was a really good place with wonderful people). Then there was the plane trip – and the 7 hour drive home. But she persevered and now enjoys her doggie days here in rural Scotland. But every so often when she stands up her legs lock up – and I get that stabbing anxiety in my gut. But at least she’s still in good health, just the cataracts and arthritis coming on.

Again, my condolences…


Sorry to hear that. In Dog Heaven, they never lose the ball and every place that needs scratchin’ is always reachable.


🙁 what a sweetheart – sorry, g. extra hugs to the rottweiler!


Hi, Silver Owl. Is “woolie” a term used about the breed? Kotsie was a shelter-adopted dog, so we don’t know anything about his pedigree. I always assumed he was a malamute mix. I once had someone say that Kotsie’s coat was considered a “collie coat” in malamute circles.

Mals are funny – not territorial; need to be with people, smart as heck, escape artists, and not interested in “fetching” – no chasing balls or frisbees for Kotsie!

He was a true alpha team-dog – my DH used to mess with him by walking IN FRONT of him when we went on walks. Kotsie always wanted to be lead dog! In his youth he was a walking machine!

celtic, hugs to your greyhound.

And to the others – i feel the love! thanks.

And let me be the first to say – Maybe it’s time to visit some wingnuts and get back to some righteous snark?


Sad news, read by me on the day I was told good pet news — the Finnish Spitz who is the momma of our future pup had her litter, and now it’s just a matter of time before our little fella comes to join our family. And so the circle goes. My condolences for your loss.


Beautiful dog, g.

The partner and I are considering getting a dog sooner or later (probably over his mother’s vehement objections), and a malamute is definitely one we would consider.


There are two malumutes in my neighbourhood, a mom and her son. The mom is elderly, has mange, creaking arthritis and looks a tad worse for wear, and the son is a giant puff ball of charm and mischief. He’s twice the size of mom but she is alpha. When they approach I always cuddle her first (and wonder at the people who recoil because of her appearance…I can never understand that).

They are never apart and the most friendly, loveable dogs in the world. I keep hoping she’ll hang on. I don’t know what he’d do without her.


g and Anne, I am so sorry that you lost your companions. I think the only consolation we have at such times is knowing that we gave our friends the best lives we possibly could, and I am sure that you both did that.


I’m so sorry G.


I have nothing better to say than “Doggy!”


Kotsie looks like a lambkin. All condolences, g.


I learned the meaning of unconditional love from my dog Venus, a purebred collie given to me as a wee pup on my 4th birthday. To this day, the best birthday present I’ve ever received, and I’ve received some great ones.

She died when I was 17, to this day one of the worst in my life. She asked for very little, just some love and affection, which I was always most happy to give her, and was incredibly smart and grateful and never didn’t have time for me when I needed her.

Dogs are God’s (or Nature’s, take your pick) hint to mankind about loyalty and love and respect and the equivalence of same.

K was a beautiful dog. My heartfelt condolences. The wonderful snark you all provide can wait for a while.

I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs.

I’m really sorry. For what it is worth, if there IS a heaven, there are a lot of dogs there keeping sad souls good company…


Aw, what a sweet thing – hugs to you, g!


I’m sorry for your losses. I’d be more articulate, but I don’t have flowery words for an occasion like this one.


Had a suspicion it was the fucking heatwave here. Killed a few humanoids too, & I’ll bet a lot of our (too) furry friends whose deaths don’t make the tee vee news.
Maybe that’s why certain people seem to be in favor of climate change: Fewer old, sick parasites sucking up their precious tax dollars.


So sorry. I have been through this a few times in the last few years – with cats – and it is really freaking painful. Our beautiful loved ones are temporary – as are we all, but I never really get used to it.


lawnguy, yikes, that sounds pretty awful too. sorry everybody.


g, condolences on your loss.
Our “part Aussie shepherd/possibly part blue heeler/possibly part catahoula leopard dog” passed away last December after 11 years; he was with us before our daughter was born, and it was pretty hard on her. He went to sleep under her desk, and we were afraid that would upset her. No, instead she decided that makes her desk a special place, because Wiley chose there when he needed a comforting, peaceful place.

Like yours, he was a shelter dog, and like yours, he was a tribute to the species.


Dog Heaven,where the smells are that much more acute.Sorry for you loss.


Many condolences to you. She seems like such a sweetheart. I think dogs may be the only companions that can give us unconditional love. Remember that she loved you that way. It’s never easy – my sister’s family has lost two dogs recently, and the family get-togethers aren’t the same with 7 dogs instead of the 9 that should be there.


I am so sorry- my old guy ( 14 and a shelter baby) is barely hanging on and I dread the day I lose him. I have to believe that he will go on to have fine times and meet up with old and new buddies. Love is both joyful and painful, my thoughts are with you and yours.


Here’s a toast: to g’s dog, and a life well lived.


Cool things about Dog Heaven:

(1) Every butt has that “new-and-different-butt” smell.

(2) Squirrels are really slow and don’t pay a lot of attention to things around them.

(3) There’s always a carcass of something rotting in the yard (to roll around in).


We are blessed to have dogs with us. We animals could have evolved without the love that dogs give people, and people give dogs. I’m very glad for that. Sorry your best friend died.


She looks like a good woofer, as are they all.

Farewell and please put in a good word.


I’m deeply sorry for your loss. My own beautiful German Shepherd dog died 3 months ago and the pain that arose from that event is the single-most powerful emotion that I’ve ever had to cope with. People often have trouble grasping just how “connected” they can be to an animal of a different species and their well-meaning friends frequently fail to recognize the depth of this connection also. Cherish your memories of your friend and celebrate the joy he took in life.


g — I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like. Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry for your loss.

There is a Dog Heaven. It’s located just three inchesbelow Cat Heaven. Saint Peter hands out carpet sweepers to the opposable thumbs crowd.

…and thank you for helping to demonstrate the Truth about Sadly No!: That only wingnuts could feel threatened by people who are kind to dumb animals.

I’d like to leave an open tag in your honor.


I’m so sorry for your loss, g. That is a sweet photo of a very happy looking dog. You can see he had a wonderful life.
Arlington Acid is exactly right when he describes how hard it is to lose a pet, combined with the fact that you’re often surrounded by well-meaning people who just can’t “get it”.
My condolences to everyone on this thread who’s lost a pet. And gosh, Lawnguylander! What a horrible time you must have had! Hope things are getting better.


I’m sorry to hear that g. Kotsie looks adorable- Chewbaccaesque.

And condolences to lawnguylander too.


Hi g,

A Woolie is a term used for Malamutes who’s coat is long and soft. It’s not weather resistant like the standard coat.

There is also a long coated Malamute but again the texture of coat is where the guard hairs are stiffer and more rough feeling providing the resistance to wetness.

There is the standard coated Malamute.

Here’s a pic of a woolie.

Here’s a pic of Mals with standard coat.

Wildpaw is where a bunch of us Malamute owners hang out.


Lucy, my granddoggy, died about 3 weeks ago. My son and his wife found her lying in the creek by their house and she died shortly after they got her inside. The cats came in one by one to pay their respects, and Heller, the other dog, has been trying to act grown up since then. Lulu, however, was the ultimate alpha female, and her pawprints will be hard to fill. I miss her greatly, and I feel for you in your loss. Sincere condolences.


Please accept my condolences. It’s hard to lose these good friends.


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