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Oh. My. God.

National Vanguard adverts like they were some fucking new pill for ED?
I hate these asshats even more now.


Love that greasy funk.


Holy shit are those last two disturbing. Here’s something a little more wholesome.


Thanks guys. I’m going to have nightmares tonight starring that humpty-dumpty egg guy thing.


National Vanguard founder Kevin Alfred Strom.

The SPLC has a blog by the way.


I’ve driven past the Moo and Oink on Stony Island a bunch of times. I’ve always wondered, who the hell does Cluck have to screw to get his name on the marquee?


That Radio Shack computer seems pretty awesome, I have to admit. Is it compatible with Linux?


stickler said,
September 1, 2007 at 6:17
That Radio Shack computer seems pretty awesome, I have to admit. Is it compatible with Linux?

And it’s prolly silent as a dead church mouse, cause that was before the time when computers would require active cooling to not melt themselves.


Are Jews “white”?

Please say yes please say yes please say yes.


That Radio Shack computer seems pretty awesome, I have to admit. Is it compatible with Linux?

It’s doubtful. Linux requires a 32-bit processor or better. There are ports to 16-bit processors and processors without Memory Management Units (MMUs), like some of the old Palm Pilot PDAs, but as far as I know the 16-bit version of Linux ran on IBM PC-compatibles only (e.g. Intel 286 or less). If I remember right the Radio Shack computers used Zilog Z80 CPUs.


…although uClinux (mu-cee-Linux, microcontroller Linux) does support a lot of “dumb” processors*

* Dumb being a relative term of course


Reading the YouTube comments about how “scary” and “disturbing” Humpty Dumpty is in the Kinder commercial it makes more sense how BushCo can get Americans to shit their pants and burn down the world over Musilofacsists. At least they actually look kinda scary with those scraggly beards and their penetrating stares! Come on that Kinder guy is smiling up a storm and the twinkle in his eyes when he finds the surprise is so endearing. Grow up children, there’s nothing under the bed but dust bunnies and dog eared Playboys. As for the Vanguard commercial didn’t SNL do that one already back in the 80s?


Righteous Bubba linked to:
An organizer for a Rudy Giuliani presidential event plans to step down amid revelations of his arrests for allegedly extorting an FSU student in a sex case and his conviction for dealing in stolen state computers.

My god the hits just keep coming.


I especially like this commercial of Steve Balmer selling Windows 1.0

Old windows commercial

Sort of explains a lot.


The Color Computer actually used a 6809 processor and could run a multi-tasking/multi-user OS called OS-9 (not to be confused with Mac OS9). Quite an advanced home computer for its time.


Qetesh the Abyssinian

That National Vanguard thing’s scary, but following your link, J, I found this delightful snippet. It’s a plaintive comment from some devotee on the NV site, bemoaning Strom’s paedophilia bust:

“Why can’t we have so much as one single leader who is just simply NORMAL? Why must there always be these weird little kibbles and bits, these little oddities, these little bits of quirky behavior lurking in the background of everything we do?” the E-mail from “Peter Dromgoole” to Bill White’s website asks plaintively. “Why do we even bother? Is this really, truly, THE BEST WE CAN DO?”

Aside from the “weird little kibbles”, which appeals to me for obvious feline reasons, there’s such a wealth of self-blindness there. Is that, really, the best you can do? Why, yes, boys, that is. Why? Well, because you’re all barking mad, that’s why.


Good news. John Pilger’s documentary “The War on Democracy” is available on-line in its entirety on Youtube. [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to6uNUTf8g4 ]

I’ve also posted the ten segments in order here (as it’s easier than having to dig through the menu to find each one on Youtube).

The Guardian has an intro to the film.


I now imagine Kinder’s Humpty Dumpty going postal on the racists. And it is good.

Big Kahuna Burger

(Cheney–Dumpty, holding a chocolate replica of an aluminum tube)
NUKEY-WUKEY!! (finds quagmire inside)
IRAQ–A-DOOBY!!! (IED inside)
ROADSIDE–BOMBY-WOMBY!! (finds another country inside)!
IRANI-WANI!! (camera pans out to Iran, Syria, North Korea, France action figures set out in a line)


Feline friend Qetesh: Actually, “Kibbles & Bits™” is a brand of American dogfood, although my human servant/roommate, (M. Bouffant) has never offered me any. It may not even be edible by creatures of distinction such as you & myself. Malignant adds that he too enjoyed that quote from Mr. Dromgoole(?). That guy probably really can’t figure it out, he says. Silly humanoids.
[Plays cat cello for a moment, returns to napping.]

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Princess Lillie, pleased to make your acquaintance. In truth, I don’t use the term “kibble” myself: being an antipodean, and a cat of refined tastes (as your good self), I am kept sated by various foody items that the bond slave usually refers to as “crunchies” (the dry stuff) or “slooshy food” (generally catty tuna morsels, although raw meat does make an appearance from time to time). I merely used the term in an attempt to extend a paw to my North American brethren and sistren. I thank you for your correction, and I shall attempt to refrain from the term henceforth.

Currently, I’m sprawled a-thwart the bond slave’s arms as she tries to type. She’s having some trouble keeping up with my dictation, and I’m thinking of replacing her. Do you have similar problems? One just can’t get good help these days.

[Scratching, please. Just behind the ear. Keep going until I tell you to stop.]


It’s worth noting that Richard Jewell has died.

Despite being something of a hero who saved lives with his quick thinking and action during the Centennial Park bombing during the Atlanta Olympics, he was considered a suspect by the FBI for just long enough for it to ruin his life.

As it would turn out, the actual perpetrator was a member of a domestic Christian terrorist organization “Army of God” named Eric Rudolph.

Also frequently forgotten in this story is the concurrent bombings Rudolph committed – of a women’s health clinic and a gay bar, both in Atlanta. You see, Christian terrorists hate America because of its liberal stance on women’s health, extending the right of assembly to all citizens, even gay ones, and godless displays of internationalism like the Olympics.

Of course, no media outlet will ever refer to Rudolph as a “terrorist”. He’s always called “an extremist” – because to call someone who simply takes views held by many, many Americans to their logical extension a “terrorist” would be to force them all to stop seeing through a glass darkly for just a moment.

Considering the violence he used to spread fear to force conformity to his views, however, I think the tag “terrorist” fits just fine.

You can read more about Eric Rudolph here, although I would not suggest clicking on that link from a work computer, as employers can be notably touchy about employees cruising hate sites at work.

Not that we have any Christian terrorists in this country, mind. And not that there’s any reason for ordinary people to fear them. It’s only the Muslamonazis we have to worry about.



Barry S. Edwards is “a principal in Gravitas LLC.”



Howdy my hippie friends! Totally missed ya.


When that Vanguard commercial began i thought it was a clip from “CSA: The Confederate States of America”. It’s a neat little independent film; a “what if the south had won the civil war” psuedodocumentary.



Gavin, You my main meat.


Speaking of our sponsors…

Americans don’t want to pay more for safe products
Thu Aug 30, 2007 6:06PM EDT
By Paul Eckert and Nicole Maestri -Analysis

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) – The “made-in-China” scare has sparked toy recalls and U.S. Senate investigations, but getting America’s bargain-minded masses to spend more for safety remains a tall order, experts said.


When you actually go to Moo & Oink’s website (www.moo-oink.com!), you can hear someone sing “Moo-oo-ooo & Oyyyynk” in a voice which makes them sound like they are being sodomized with a hot dog and not quite sure how they feel about it.

Is that the winner of the jingle contest?!?!.


Hi Jillian, I did notice that. Pointing out that Timothy McVeigh, Ann Coulter (I wish McVeigh had gone to the NY Times), and Eric Rudolph are terrorists does not serve the Straussian agenda, so it doesn’t happen.

You are all supposed to cower under your beds from the terrorist threat. But that threat is from the officially sanctioned ‘other’, and in in this day and age that is brown skinned islamofasciterrorcommiehomos who live in Halliburton opportunity zones.


My old Timex Sinclair 1000 could run rings around that Radio Shack piece of shit any day.

As for the Balmer commercial – why didn’t I just buy 1,000 shares of MSFT instead?


@big kahuna burger

funniest thing I’ve read all week!


Thanks, thunder.

Some days I wonder if I’m losing my mind. There’s this completely obvious stuff going on that NOBODY ever seems to notice is happening – like the co-opting of the word “terrorist” to refer ONLY to Muslims – and on some days, it’s enough to make you wonder if you’re having a psychotic break.


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