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Sadly, No! favorite (sorry Amber) Brian Cherry has a new column out, Our Bodies Ourselves, Kind Of. Sadly, the column is quite unremarkable and, if we did that sort of thing, would likely score quite poorly on the Poor Man’s Kaye Grogan Quotient?. Brian argues that while feminists say the government can’t tell them what to do with their bodies, in fact the government tells lots of people they can’t do certain things with their bodies, which means (logically) that it’s ok to ban abortions. So far, so good. (Well, not really but who cares, this is Brian “Literary Sticks” Cherry, so it’s a sliding scale as they say.)

Yet there was one passage that caught our attention:

For example, my body and all the organs that lay below my warming layers of blubber are theoretically mine to control. Reality would soon come crashing down around me if I tried to sell one of my kidneys to the highest bidder.

Sound familiar? Of course it does! Thomas “Kidneys ‘R ‘Us” Sowell strikes again:

We should let people sell their kidneys if they want to. Damned liberal nanny state!

Brian does add a few interesting details about the federal law that prohibits organ sales:

Under a 1984 federal law the sale of organs is a felony that is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of $50,000.

Gee, we wonder which President signed this bill into law? Could it be… Reagan?

As for the rest: Brian dear, you’re going to have to work a lot harder than that.

In totally unrelated news: Fuck you.


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What an idiot. He uses prostitution laws to prove that women don’t actually have control over their sex lives, then goes on to conclude that it means women shouldn’t be given reproductive rights.

Well, first of all, laws against prostitution have nothing to do with women’s sex lives. Women are still free to have sex with whomever they wish. They just can’t get paid for it (but gifts of fur coats and cars are still, one assumes, a-okay). How this relates to the abortion debate is beyond me.

I’m not even going to touch the selling of vital organs debate.


We’ve been been trying to get a Google Bomb going with Fuck you. Thanks for doing your part to spread that meme 😉


Reality would soon come crashing down around me if I tried to sell one of my kidneys to the highest bidder.

How many more people must wake up in a hotel bathtub full of ice before we take the power away from the back-alley kidney thieves and give it back to the people where it belongs? Legalize organ sale!


Like Kang (or Kodos – I forget which ) said: “Abortions for some, black-market kidney sales for others.”


My, my you are a shrill bunch. I read the article and thought it was great. Like most feminists you seem to have missed the obvious. Reagan signed the law, but he never was part of the “Its our body and we can do what we please” crowd. For Al Gore this was yet another show of the lefts hypocrisy. For Reagan it was consistent with his moral clarity. For the person who said prostitution has nothing to do with a woman’s sex life. I will assume you are still in grade school. Maybe you should let the grown ups debate issues if your going to post insanely stupid statements like that. By the way, if you can be arrested for sexual activity when money is involved then you don?t have full control of your sex life. Of course none of you seemed to address the perjury issue. Seeing as you don?t have an answer for that it is obvious your going to pretend it didn?t exist.

I hope somebody hear has the intelligence to sculpt an answer that goes beyond your normal “I feel” debate.


…it is obvious your going to pretend it didn?t exist.

I hope somebody hear has the intelligence…

Disqualified for excessive stupidity. Thanks for playing, though!


Gee, refusing to answer due to typos. The intellectually challenged left strikes again. The problem is not that you won?t answer but that you can?t answer and you have lost the argument, but thanks for playing.


Debating (and spelling) like a grownup :
Reality wood cum crashing down much faster if he souled both his kidneys.


To address the perjury issue, a little research provides:

“Ms McCorvey first filed the case in 1969. She was pregnant with her third child and claimed that she had been raped. But the case was rejected and she was forced to give birth.”

“However, in 1973 she filed an appeal with the US Supreme Court and was represented by Sarah Weddington, a Dallas attorney.”

“The court’s judgement was based on the decision that a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy came under the freedom of personal choice in family matters as protected by the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.”

Also, from what I can find, the rape testimony was not a factor in the appeal. According to Weddinton, it was not addressed at all.

This link provides an affidavit of Norma McCorvey:

Her testimony in this affidavit reveals much about her during that time, as well as prior to that time. This was her third child, and she put up the first for adoption, the second was raised by her boyfriend/husband, and the third child was also put up for adoption.

Not being a lawyer, not sure how her perjury in the first case, which was rejected, impacts the appeal, in which the rape testimony was not presented.


Gee, refusing to answer due to typos.

A typo is when you accidentally hit the wrong key, usually the one right next to the intended target. Your problem is you’re too drunk and/or dumb to spell correctly.

The problem is not that you won?t answer but that you can?t answer and you have lost the argument,

Ah, but we’re not arguing, therefore I haven’t lost anything. See, what’s happening is: you’re acting like a douchebag and I’m laughing at you. You haven’t proven yourself worthy of my serious attention. You may now kiss my entire ass!

but thanks for playing.

Gee, where’d ya here that one? Bwahahaha!


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