Sadly, Yes!

Ever so reliable Blair sent us a link to this surreal Bush interview broadcast on Irish TV yesterday.* (Streaming video, 11 minutes and 45MB.) For those lacking the patience, Uppish has an all too accurate summary:

Bush: Guess what? I’m a snide, arrogant, asshole who can’t wipe the smirk off my face because I’m so gosh darned proud of myself for getting through that last sentence without screwing it up.

Reporter: Mr. President, back to the war in Iraq…

Bush: Let me finish! I keep telling you how to do your job and you keep not doing it right. Guess what? I’m not done reciting empty phrases about freedom-loving ‘mericans.


Because we love you, our faithful readers, we’ll try to have an edited, “best of” shorter version up later this weekend.

* Click here and then click on “Carole Anderson Coleman* talks to the President.”

Edit: Full interview in RealMedia format for download. (8MB file.) (No image for the first 5 seconds or so, but on our machine things settle down after that.)

* Thanks to Mimiru for pointing out the error.


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Seb honey, this is nice, but Dad and I have been waiting almost two hours for the “shorter” version.

What exactly are you doing down there in that basement, anyway? It’s awfully quiet.


Thanks mom. I posted the clip now — btw I think dad needs help organizing his Jeff Stryker video collection.


Thanks for hosting the clip. I appreciate it and I’m sure others do as well. Good stuff.


Bush On The Air

Shorter Bush radio address: I’m in Ireland, which is where Irish people come from, terrorism is bad (repeat 5x), and freedom is so powerful it might defeat my ignorance. The President failed to mention that he didn’t like an interview


Several things run through the mind:
1. That’s the perfect summation of the interview you’ve got there
2. Guess what? He’s a complete and total arrogant asshole
3. What in the WORLD must the Irish think about him NOW?
4. Is that what it’s like when the press acts like they have a pair? Golly, what if our “reporters” asked hard questions, and then followed up when the answer was bullshit. Wouldn’t that be SWELL?


The hilarious lead sentence from the Moonie Times:

An Irish reporter threw courtesy aside and repeatedly interrupted President George W. Bush during a television interview at the White House.

Funny. However, anyone who’s ever actually interviewed someone, especially in broadcasting, and had a limited time to do it knows that you have to interrupt when it looks as if an interviewee is taking over and just shoveling the manure. I was lucky enough to interview Noam Chomsky once, but it got to the point where I had to say about 10 versions of “For God’s Sake, let’s get back to the book.”


Uh, Carole Anderson? Sadly, No! Carole Coleman!



“…knows that you have to interrupt when it looks as if an interviewee is taking over and just shoveling the manure”

Which is why Bush doesn’t like to be interrupted. The more he shovels, the less he has to think.

Thanks for the link, Seb.:)


Thanks for the file download; the RTE URL had my mplayer choking (librtsp: server responds: ‘RTSP/1.0 404 Not Found’).


If anyone wants it, I’m sharing it on eDonkey: George W. Bush meltdown RTE (Carole Coleman, irish television) interview.rm.


Bwhahahaha! Oh my. Thank you so much for posting the link. Is it hard to watch our leader act like such a fool in press conferences held in countries other than ours? Sadly, yes. Is it even worse today, knowing that the administration lodged a formal complaint about this interview, claiming it was disrespectful? Sadly, yes. Does it make us feel any better that our vice president has sanctified the use of a certain bromide for feeling better about things? Gladly, yes.

Go fuck yourself, George W.

Ah…. that is much much better.


Gosh, that arrogant asshole Bush babbles like a drunk.

Hmmm. Arrogant asshole. AA. Hmmmm. babbles. drunk…


Hey, thanks for attributing the correction to me! Very polite of you.

As for the interview: Sometimes I just want to cry.


Follow-ups: Bushie complained to the Irish government and asked that the interviewer be censured; cancelled a scheduled interview between RTE and Laura Bush.

Carole Coleman in a follow-up video stated that the questions were submitted to the White House 3 days in advance!


Make Little Green Fascists cry like little girls!

If the Presidential election were held next week, for whom would you vote?

George W. Bush

John F. Kerry

Ralph Nader

None of the above

Bush is up ~75 to ~16 percent with just shy of 11,000 votes cast. Go vote! NOW!


Actually blogged this issue earlier today over at The Thorn Papers.

Carole Coleman should serve as an example to all the bruised-knee American “journalists” still cowed by Bush. Ask the bloody questions!

More important is the revelation that the WH requires questions in advance, despite all the protestation of the American media.


despite all prostestation to the contrary, I should have said.

The Thorn Papers…Y’all come by now


Thanks for the link. The original was horking my machine as well. How much more must the Irish hate Bush after seeing that pathetic interview? Not MY president!


What’s the point to voting in a LGF poll anyway?


Gosh, the interview runs eleven minutes! That’s an eternity on teevee. And Carole Coleman was actually pretty damn patient. She heads him off a few times, but he still manages to make the interview about twice as long as it might have been if he actually answered questions and knew how to be succinct. Too bad she didn’t whack him on the $15 billion for AIDS he mentions, since much of that was taken away from programs for other infectious diseases. President Pickpocket strikes again!


Priceless! Watching Bush, it’s clear that Coleman has had it with his crap within the first 30 seconds and is trying to interject the first of many an “indeed, Mr. President, but–“.

The pained expression on his face near the end of the interview as she succeeds in one of these is great: Man, why can’t she be more like American reporters? Why are questions still coming out of her nag-hole? Stop asking me things!


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