Monorail! Monorail! Monorail!

John, of 77002, previously known as Logan Circle Guy, reports that some people will go so far as to complain about their own stupidity:

The NY Times did a piece today on Houston’s record-high rate of collisions between cars and the new light rail trains. Now, if you read this article, and had not been here and seen the places where these accidents are occurring, you might think the drivers had some valid points.

You’d be wrong.


(Via Sullywatch.)


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I feel pretty certain that these people would have hit other cars if the train wasn’t there.

How can you tell native Texans from transplants from other states? The transplants know how to drive. I’ve been in the state 11 years and it amazes me how bad many of the drivers are. The basic problem is the drivers aren’t paying attention.


That gall darn liberal New York Times!
…Picking on all the truebloods in the Greatest State!


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