My Undying Hatred

Dear Red Sox,

All you had to do was not get swept by the Yankees this week. That’s all you had to do. And now you’re going to get swept. Jesus Christ, I hate you. I hate you all.



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Could be even worse. You could be in Seattle…



Dear Major League Baseball,

Please become Major League Cricket. I would appreciate it a lot.



Cano sure has Schilling’s number anyway.

It’s not over, hell the Galaxy scored in the 90th minute in the Super Lige final. (yes, I am just showing off my soccer fandom).


Your hatred will die and then you’ll have to summon the zombie hatred.



Ease your suffering and come into Cambridge tonight to watch some college football with me. I know you don’t care about college football, but there will be beer there, and other stuff on other TVs, and it may be your only opportunity to repeatedly yell “BEAVERS!!!” in a bar in a socially appropriate context.


i was at that galaxy game–it was phenomenal. the idea of having mexican teams play US teams is brilliant–it was real euro atmosphere last night.

donovan choked with a million dollars on his foot on the last pk. incredible stuff.

as for the sox, let me introduce them to my balls. you know, for the sucking on.


and it may be your only opportunity to repeatedly yell “BEAVERS!!!” in a bar in a socially appropriate context.

I was at a wedding once where the priest got us all to raise our right hand out and forward in some kinda hi-there to god. There we were, 300 people giving the Nazi salute. I still can’t figure out what was up with that priest, what with his “…Monty Python, in his film ‘Life of Brian’…”


Dammit, I always forget about the afternoon games. Jeter, 4-4? Guess that knee is better.


Could be even worse. You could be in Seattle…

Hey! I resemble that statement!


update: doh, sorry Brad.


it’s true though, being in Seattle is worse when it comes to baseball. They bring all that traffic right into the middle of town and don’t even have the decency to kick ass.


Sorry, we in Baltimore have no sympathy. None.


If it’s any consolation, the Yankees’ mini-surge will dwindle to pathetic collapse soon enough. Plus Steinbrenner will wander onto the outfield grass during a homegame, in his bathrobe, asking pathetically for Scooter to come give him a backrub.

That’s ’cause when they beat us in the 2000 Series, I put a curse on ’em.

So I guess the real message is don’t fuck with me. Oh, and the Yankees suck.


How can this be possible when the Yankees have the worst, most senile, manager EVAR???!1? Does not compute, bzzz, frkle, sgoinggg, (clouds of acrid smoke)…


Robert Green said,
August 30, 2007 at 21:38
i was at that galaxy game

awesome. I am so jealous. That was the king of all chokes. I still kind-of can’t believe it.


Double whammy – I’m a freaking Mets fan so there can be nothing worse than this harmonic convergence of a baseball disaster. This is so bad I want Gilliard to return to scorch these results with some of his classic commentary. Guess there’s as much chance of that happening as of the Mets or Red Sox actually playing competitively when the season is on the line. Thankfully there’s the tennis here in NY so I’ll now go into a baseball free-zone for the next week and a half.


J Drew fouled out to first.

No comment.


Just shoot me now.


yes, I am just showing off my soccer fandom

Speaking of which … the little charmer in the pic at the top is a Feyenoord fan. The Red Sox logos were ‘shopped in.


I have some free these days, I can help with their stances and signals.


A fortnight ago I left Rhode Island, which had been my home for the last sixteen years, and moved here to Galway. Tonight I finally got broadband and immediately headed over here to Sadly No!, lack of which has made me a sad puppy. It’s good to be back here, and it’s also good to be a long way away from the cruciatus curse of following the Red Sox.


Davis said,
August 30, 2007 at 22:02

Sorry, we in Baltimore have no sympathy. None.

What Davis said.



Is it football yet?


Yes, kingubu, as of today it is!



Dear Curt Schilling:

Suck it.

Respectfully yours,


p.s. Joba Chaimberlain for Rookie of teh Decade!!1111onee111!


you must be patient, you only have another 84 years to go til another title.

remember: the yankees are the greatest team in the history of organized sports.

now back to hating



It’s teh curse of Manneh.

Now that he’s hurt, all he can do is sit in the dugout and confound everyone. No-one can think straight. They try to bear down, but, when they need their faculties the most, a memory of something Manneh just said/did percolates up, they think “What the —-?” and the ball just SCOOTS on by.




kingubu said,

August 30, 2007 at 23:07

Is it football yet?

yes. it is always football. everywhere on this earth it is football. it’s a game played with one’s feet yes? i mean, given the name and all.

OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh, right. i see what you mean. you mean the game where pituitary cases wearing massive amounts of armor smash into each other repeatedly in between bouts of standing still so that consumers can catch up on new products? the game that has 60 minutes of play time (much of that spent standing around, mind) but takes 3 and 1/2 hours to play, for some reason? the one which often feature 8 minutes of said consumer info sandwiched around a play where a guy kicks the ball out of the endzone for some reason?

sounds fucking great. and hey, since the average lifespan of players of said game (now that i get what you mean) is around 50, and where concussive impacts to the brain have caused boxer-like damage to numerous players (the ones who aren’t on steroids), where torn ligaments and broken bones are a weekly feature? the game where owners make customers buy tix to pre-season games if they want to see the real thing? at full price?

yes. it is possible that my hatred for all this pathetic shit (and the even more pathetic acceptance it garners from my countrymen and women) comes from an incident involving joe pisarchik, larry csonka and a certain herman edwards circa 1978. it’s not out of the question. but still, real football is really being played always everywhere, and there aren’t any helmets or commercial breaks.


Baseball is only worth getting mad about for the next 3 hours or so until college football starts up. Then baseball can be safely forgotten for the next month.

Fishbone McGonigle

Yeah, what Robert just said. The NFL is so fucking boring, not to mention filled with repressed homosexuality (not that there’s anything wrong with that, though repressing it never does anyone any good). Why people waste entire Sundays on that nonsense is beyond me.


Sorry about the Sawx, but forget about that. Phillies scored two in the ninth to beat the Mets, 11-10, completing the four game sweep and closing to only two games back of the hated New Yorkers. And bonus: the Phightin’ Phils scored three runs in two innings off of that Philly-hating gasbag Billy Wagner, making it all the sweeter.

Given the long, sad history of my beloved Phils, however, they’ll probably find a way to spit the bit between now and the end of September. But for today, I’s a happy camper!


Don’t worry. The Halos will pimp-slap Baron Von Steingrabber’s mercenaries out of the playoffs for you. The ‘Gels have won 21 of the last 32 and are 2-0 in playoff series against the Evil Empire. But hey Yanks’ fan, you were a dynasty before they let Black guys play. No one can take that from you.


Sharon said,
August 30, 2007 at 22:53
Davis said,
August 30, 2007 at 22:02
Sorry, we in Baltimore have no sympathy. None.
What Davis said.

What Sharon said.







Baseball’s not the only sport. It’s just the only interesting one.


Come on down and become a Devil Rays fan. Plenty of room for you on the bandwagon.

Over the last 80+ years, the Sox have exactly 1 more WS title than the Rays.


Fuckin’ A, Brad. I’ve never seen a team with an offense that can disappear so suddenly.


Sorry, EK, when it comes to years of futility, seasons of greatness when there was just ONE greater team, punctuated by significant portions of decades of Teh Suck, the Rays are pimply teenagers.

Try it as a Giants fan. ’62. ’87. ’89. Fucking ’93, 103 wins, second place. 2002, Dusty pisses it all away. Nope. Devil Rays fans know pain. They are decades away from knowing agony…



um — babe ruth was black


I’m a RS fan and not only called for a sweep, but bet cash on it.

They’ll still win the division.


Ha! PWNED!!! We’re in yer face thrown’ at y00r d00ds!!!!!!!1!11!!


Speaking of which … the little charmer in the pic at the top is a Feyenoord fan. The Red Sox logos were ’shopped in.

Little charmers like that were not so unusual down at Te Kuip, Feyenoord’s home ground. Forget all you heard about the Dutch and their tolerance if you ever get a chance to go to a football game there. Most games were OK, but some, like Feyenoord vrs Ajax, or ADO Den Haag vrs anyone could be a bit hairy. An under 14’s game between Feyenoord and Ajax was even attacked by some of the more extreme elements a couple of years ago.


Where they throw stones at buses taking black children to school.
Fuck Boston.

a different brad


a different brad

a dynasty before black peopl….
like, the 50s and the early 60s
or the late 70
or 96-00
bernie williams just had a tan
reggie too

a different brad

If you wanna talk trash, have at least a vague clue of what you speak, kthxbai.


At the rational level, the Red Sox still have the best record in baseball. If they play .500 ball the rest of the way out, the Yankees have to play .700 ball to take the division by 1 game. Therefore, there’s every reason to remain confident.

Why, then, do I have this knot in my stomach?

And when, when are the Red Sox EVER going to take the opportunity to drive a stake through the hearts of those bastards?! Just once, step up and make it unexciting. Which would be exciting !



But isn’t much more fun to raise hope in the hearts of Yankees fans and then snatch it away when they come to Fenway for the final series? Just think of the Schadenfreude.

But J.D. Drew still sucks.


I was greatly heartened before this latest Sox-Evil Empire series to realize that even if they swept Boston, they would end the series five games back.

So suck on that, Yankees fans. Your team swept the reigning MLB leader, and they are still five games back. (Man, I like saying that.)

Oh, and King Quaker: You might want to have your TV checked. I think it’s stuck on the news from 30 years ago.


That poor little kid is like the evil little brother of the “everywhere girl”! I’ve seen that image modified for so many teams, I hope that he’s not recognizable from that image in real life.


Awww. Did I touch a nerve Yankee fan? Don’t worry. Your suffering will be over soon. BTW, since your bandwagon of overpaid mercenaries is such a shining beacon of diversity, maybe you’d like to tell everyone how many years after Jackie Robinson it took before The Bandwagon signed its first black player? Unless of course, you’re ashamed. Enjoy getting punked by the Angels again.


The Red Sox were the LAST team in the majors to sign a black player.
Fuck Boston.


Specialist G, not to defend the hated Yankees, but at least they beat the Sawx as far as signing a black player.


Clarification: I’m not a Sox fan. The point of my last post is that Rudy!’s Team won 17 of its 26 rings before it let a single black player on the team. Yankees fans are the baseball equivalent of Cowboy fans, so I don’t blame them for being ignorant of their own history. Those who follow the game know that the Yankees organization passed over talented black players right through the 60’s. Anyway, it’s always fun to see a Bandwagon fan tugging and splashing at the end of the line, and they’ll be going into hibernation soon…


The Yanks are also Spike Lee’s team.
Fuck Boston.


why don’t we just agree that neither Boston nor New York are worth cheering for in any sense of the term, as they are both filled with what is known on the internets as “the suck.”


But J.D. Drew still sucks.

thanks again for taking that $33 million off our hands.


Dear Major League Baseball,

Please become Major League Cricket. I would appreciate it a lot.

I’ll bring the tea and cake. Bring it on.


Now that I have had 24 hours to recover. It wasn’t so bad. All the Sox did was completely suck.


Fuck you, specialist G. I was born and raised a Yankee fan in New York state. The Yanks integrated in the 50s, the Sox, as mentioned, were the last team in the majors to integrate, well over a decade after Jackie Robinson broke in. If you’re going to blame the Yanks for an industry-wide mistake, at least have, as I requested, the vaguest fuckin clue what you’re talking about.
Touching a nerve as in selective, and ignorant, application of racism? Yeah, that’s an achievement.
It’s fine not to like the Yankees. But pretending everyone who does like them is a poseur or closet Rudy supporter makes you look like an asshole. Well done.


Oh, by the way, you’re wrong. 10 post Elston Howard joining the club in 55 titles, 16 pre. Meaning that in post integration titles alone they’re tied for most titles ever, with the Cards, who integrated 3 years later, a decade after trying to boycott games against Brooklyn. (Only 4 of the Card’s titles have come since they integrated, by the by.)
All in all, fuck you, Specialist G.


Oops. Apparently Curt Flood wasn’t the Card’s first black player, as I thought. Tom Alston was a part timer at first for 3 seasons before that. My bad. Doesn’t change their adjusted titles total, tho.


Seriously, who gives a flying fuck when this or that team integrated? That has nothing to do with why the Yankees suck.


Really. Sheesh.

DiffBrad, you are a smart fellow. You KNOW why we all hate the yankees in the way we do. A lot of it IS the titles. A lot of it is Steinbrenner. Some of it is jealousy, as in “goddam, if our ownership would spend 200 million we’d win every fuckin year”. But mostly, it’s the perceived arrogance, the hubris, the lockstep haircuts, the turning ballplayers into clock-punching lunchbox carrying employees.

I mean, I know you know this. All the things you love about them, the rest of the country hates. You can’t change that. And I’m not sure why you’d want to. There’s no other team with that kind of mystique. When an NL fan in northern california, who’s team has nearly the worst record in either league, gets a smile on his face just because the yankees lose, man, if the yanks are your team? That’s pretty fucking cool…



Joba shoulda put it in his ear!


Bill White


the Sox, as mentioned, were the last team in the majors to integrate,

The Sux also Willie Fucking Mays in their farm system and refused to bring him to the Bigs.


Fuckin’ A, Brad. I’ve never seen a team with an offense that can disappear so suddenly.

Cf, 1978 Red Sox


I’ve no problem with good natured banter, mikey, but accusing every fan of the Yanks of being a bandwagon jumper and calling them any more racist than baseball itself was are two moves that are past the line of good natured in my book.
Also, turning envy of the Yank’s success into blind hatred of their fans seems to me like, I dunno, Confederate Yankee hatin on liberal guys for actually getting laid. Not a move that speaks well of the person makin it. Anyhow….


Hey Different Brad, don’t hurt yourself hitting the “submit” button over and over again. A simple “waaah waah waah! My pussy hurts” would have been sufficient. Enjoy watching your team get punked by The Angels again this year, Bandwagon.


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